Author Topic: NOW IS THE TIME. (starter tips, advice etc.)  (Read 3961 times)

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NOW IS THE TIME. (starter tips, advice etc.)
« on: January 07, 2012, 09:53:34 am »
Can you guys just please post some tips and advice for someone about to start the zero carb (or close to zero carb) diet. I've tried this before in the past for a little while and my biggest issues were constipation and lack of energy which is why I've always added fruit. But I feel now that the fruit is getting a little out of hand (almost a wai type diet situation) and I find myself often consuming non-organic persimmons, pomegranates, clementines because they are available in the house and so convenient. I know certain foods are more vital to consume organic, so I figure it's not a big deal. But that's not entirely why I'm starting zero carb, even though I know it's bad to consume non-organic fruits, I think I'm still receiving the benefits of the fruit and I personally have no grudge against fructose (even though I'm going zero carb)
The main reason I'm going zero carb is to get leaner and healthier (than I was at least)

I usually count calories (consuming 1800-1900 cals a day) in which I've gotten results and I know they matter to an extent. I realize I'm probably one of the only people that counts calories on this forum, but I believe based on experience that it really helps with losing fat and keeping my body controlled (no overeating that causes drowsiness,sickness etc.) I believe calories matter, but I also believe carbs matter a great deal as well, which is why so many people have lost fat on diets such as atkins. I think limiting both from one's diet would further increase fat loss and prevent aging.  I know I'm gonna run into the same problems with constipation and energy as I did before, what do you guys advise I do? Should I take a probiotic supplement? I don't want to drink any stimulated beverage to give me energy because I'm trying to avoid that for now because of a heart murmur.

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Re: NOW IS THE TIME. (starter tips, advice etc.)
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2012, 11:57:20 am »
Controlling weight is best done by eating instincto-style, eating sufficient fat, and consuming only the highest-quality foods.  Higher-quality foods will create a faster taste change, instincto-style eating will help you be in tune with your body's true need for food, and eating fat will help you feel satiated.

Counting calories is like counting the electrons in your food. Pointless.

I wouldn't advise going zero carb, or even low carb.  Just eat about 35-40% fat, 30-35% carb, and about 25% protein, by total calorie percentage.  Make sure you're eating high-Brix fruit, only mono(instincto)-style, and you're much less likely to overdo fruit.

Eating fat for your first meal, and eating it as the first part of each meal, will help control cravings for fruit and other foods.

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Re: NOW IS THE TIME. (starter tips, advice etc.)
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2012, 06:22:16 pm »
Some rawists find raw, zero-carb to be  a problem. For example, I experienced some benefits re heightened concentration when I started my RZC experiments. I also found that my stamina at the gym dropped quite a bit a few days later, but I didn't mind that at the time. After 3 weeks, though, my health rapidly deteriorated  with my teeth suddenly becoming as loose and thin  as they were pre-rawpalaeodiet and I experienced a lot of fatigue and a drop in concentration-levels etc.

Now, those others who succeed with raw, zero-carb usually describe a weeks-long transitional period in which they feel a little fatigue; a few even report experiencing no symptoms at all(PaleoPhil?). The point being that if things get worse and worse with no relief, then raw, zero-carb is not for you. On the other hand, constipation and lack of energy as symptoms don't seem anywhere near as harmful as what I experienced, so, maybe, if you just stick with it, you'll get through the transitional period after some weeks, and you'll be fine with RZC.

You might also consider going raw, low carb and then raw, very low carb in order to gradually accustom your body to a raw, zero-carb diet.

The main point with raw, zero-carb is that you need enough raw animal fat. I think Lex Rooker recommends something like 75% fat by calorie(?).

Other than health in general, raw zero-carb provides obvious benefits re not having the usual blood-sugar spike or drop due to carb-consumption. Also, not eating carbs means one's appetite goes down so one doesn't need to buy as much raw food, so costs go down. The catch, of course, is that going raw, zero-carb means your food-choices become limited. I mean rawpalaeo omnivores can always buy raw fruits when travelling and not having access to raw animal foods of sufficient quality, which is not really an option for a rwa, zero-carber
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