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Aajonus raw dairy rights bill e-mail
« on: January 23, 2012, 03:46:07 pm »
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Sent:   23 January 2012 06:51:27
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Dear health-food lovers,
    A lot of pressure was put on Senator Dale Shultz and Assemblyman Edward Brooks by your calls. People reported to me that both claimed to have supported the raw milk bills that passed both Wisconsin Senate and Assembly but could do nothing regarding the case against the farmer. Both statements were false. Shultz only supported the raw milk bill in the final day of the final vote and Brooks was against it and voted consistently against it. Both of them could have called the prosecution and ASKED them to retract the charges but they did not.
    We are at a time in history where treason to the Constitution established by our forefathers to protect people from any type of tyrannical and communistic government is at a critical point. Treason stretches from Obama to most government officials, including the courts. The latest and greatest single treasonous act was the passing in the US Senate and House of the bills that ended our Bill of Rights. The combined bills were signed into law by Obama in January. They are all traitors to the US Constitution and the people. Why? The traitorous SB 1867, the latest $662 billion military defense bill, declared the entire USA to be a "battleground" upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate/torture and assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity, without any 4th Amendment rights. Obama has consistently outlawed certain types of weapons which would be necessary to fight a high tech military and police force.
    Several senators say it does not apply to American citizens but University of Texas' Robert Chesney (non-partisan authority on military detention) concluded, “U.S. citizens are included in the grant of detention authority.” Although throughout the bill it states the rules do not apply to American citizens, the clause that contradicts that is at the end of the bill to where politicians are confident we will not read. They never read an entire bill unless it is 2 paragraphs, they hope you will be as negligent, stupid and treasonous as they are.
    American soil is now the same as it was in Nazi Germany of 1936. Why Nazi Germany? Because the greatest hold the Nazis gained on Germans was when they took away the people's right to bear arms to defend themselves and controlled the food. Within a few years, the Nazis declared what food could be grown, who gets the food and how much. After that, Germans allowed anything and everything. Will we? Our governments are working hard to eliminate arms for defense of citizens and our right to choose our food.
    The case against farmers Vernon and Erma Hershberger and their 9 children is following the same treasonous movement by US and States' governments. In the initial hearing on January 11th, in which Vernon was charged with farming without dairy license and permit, and refusing to let God-given good food spoil and rot was an extension of the laws recently made to make the US a fascist government wherein government controls every thing. With the corporate take over of everything in the US government, we have moved beyond fascism and into communism wherein the government owns and controls every thing. Are we going to standby as the German people did with the Nazis and let it happen?
    Wisconsin's Senator Schultz and Assemblyman Brooks reported that some people were angry and insolent when talking about the case against the farmer. They stated that that worked against the farmer rather than for the farmer. Okay, tell me how that works? They both stated that they could not do anything about the case but said that it worked against the farmers' case. Does government speak with forked tongue? Doesn't every politician except Representative Ron Paul? Ron Paul is the only politician who truly works against government control? He was immediately in favor of writing a raw milk bill for us when I lobbied his office in 2007. Together, we wrote a raw milk bill in 2007 and submitted another in 2011, HR1830.  This online petition will send a fax to your U.S. Representative, Senators, and local newspaper, in support of Ron Paul's raw milk bill.
    During the initial hearing of Vernon and family, Judge James Evenson was supposed to discuss and rule on several motions, the primary motion by Vernon was a motion for continuance so that he could properly address the lack of jurisdiction of Wisconsin;s department of agriculture (DATCP) and the courts, plus have time to secure proper representation. In ALL criminal prosecutions, it is the rule to allow time to acquire proper counsel, and secondarily jurisdictional challenges. Judge Evenson completely steamrolled Vernon right through to a Pretrial Conference. First he said he could not rule on the jurisdictional challenges which includes proper probable cause then a few minutes later stated the State and court had probable cause.
    The prosecution presented every contorted falsehood they could on the court for over 5 minutes. The judge listened and ruled that Vernon and his family had to stop farming raw milk or Vernon would be put in jail. He was coerced with deadly force to either sign a bond stipulation that stated he would not farm dairy products or allow anyone else to unless he gained permits and license. He signed it under protest.
    I had written my suggested Jurisdiction Challenged document for him in case the court violated normal procedure, which it did, making up its own rules as it desired. Because many of you do not want attachments, I will not attach the document hereto but allow you to read it at by Tuesday. In the Jurisdiction Challenged, Vernon states that he is not a commercial farmer and co-owns the farm with many other people, and since the requirements of food production are opposed to State regulations, they are not in the jurisdiction of DATCP. Vernon immediately filed the document following his arrest and release on bond. The filing forced a hearing which will occur on January 27th, 3 days prior to the scheduled Pretrial Conference. The court did demand a plea or enter one for Vernon. You cannot have a trial without a crime being established and a plea entered. Judge Stevenson violated many procedures of law.
    The state has planned another way to avoid personal responsibility of public officials, they are changing the judge. An unjust judge has been assigned to advance the case, Judge Guy Reynolds. He was the judge that gave a 1 million dollar default judgement against Vernon because a drunken group claimed that a wondering cow caused them to crash their vehicle. The sheriff said there was no indication that a wondering cow caused the accident but found the groups liquor bottles on Vernon's land.
    I ask you to inundate the Secretary of Agriculture, Governor, Attorney General, Judge, and prosecutor this time with calls and faxes. We went to the lawmakers for help and they refused and were annoyed with us. That is the mentality of tyrants not public servants. They think that they are beyond our reproach. Are they? Is it up to each of us to do something?
    I request that you make multiple calls and faxes daily to the individuals below until this is over. Without pressure that could be as long as end of March. Tell them you are a co-owner of the farm, a member Right To Choose Healthy Food, and you have the right to produce and drink your own milk even if you do not live at the farm. Tell them that you have the right to choose healthy food that is not provided by Wisconsin licenses or permits. Tell them that you, your farm and your food are out of their jurisdiction, and that none of the food is sold, period, or distributed to non-owners. Tell them that there will be a reckoning if they keep trying to deprive us of our healthy food. Tell them that that is how the Nazis started. Take their time because they are trying to take your food rights. Be heard and make them listen.
    I am beyond the Mr. Nice-guy attitude toward tyrannical government agents, so if it is your demeanor to try gently persuade them, wonderful. If it is your outrage that moves you, express it.

Ben Brancel, Secretary of Wisconsin Dept of Ag.
Office Phone: 608-224-5012
Office Fax: 608-224-5045

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor
(608) 266-1212  Will not give fax number; if anyone can get it please notify me.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
(608) 266-1221
Will not give fax number; if anyone can get it please notify me.

Eric DeFort, Asst. Attorney General
WI DOJ, Special Prosecutor for the County of Sauk

Judge Guy Reynolds
(608) 355-3222

Judge James Evenson
(608) 355-3218

"During the last campaign I knew what was happening. You know, they mocked me for my foreign policy and they laughed at my monetary policy. No more. No more.
" Ron Paul.


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