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What I Need To Do
« on: February 20, 2012, 09:00:14 am »
I figured it out. I was really sick the last few days. What I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with is the effects of an over alkaline stomach from hypochlorhydria [very low stomach acid output].  I haven't tolerated HCl capsules too good lately and I think that's because of low magnesium, even though I've been taking Mg.

I also have been having 3 dry heat saunas a week and using weight bearing machines at the gym, both things that may deplete my magnesium. So, I'm going to lay off that for a while and try to improve my Mg levels so I can take HCl with each meal. I was tested twice with the Heidelberg Gastric Analysis test and found both times to be low in HCl.

I'm thinking that if I take HCl with meals, and Mg at that time, that I will absorb more Mg from that meal, because, I think Mg depends on an acid environment to be absorbed.  All the problems I've had with foods is because my gut isn't acidic enough to thwart off the bad bacteria, so it thrives and I get sick.

I always seem to do great with foods like sandwiches with acidic mustard, tomatoes, corn chips with hot salsa,and other acidic foods, so until I can replete my Mg, I might as well eat this stuff and enjoy it. Alkaline soups with lots of vegs raised hell with me, even low carb soups - too alkaline in my gut..

Been reading all day long about how to replete magnesium. Was thinking of going 2 hours away to see if an MD would give me a Meyer's Cocktail IV with Magnesium, but they say Mg Chloride and other supps can do it just as well.
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Re: What I Need To Do
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2012, 09:11:45 am »
Another thing that hasn't helped any is eating tons of yogurt, kefir, raw milk cheese, and taking calcium supps. I was really trying to build bone but I'd bet it was too much Ca and it created less absorption of Mg and probably Zinc as well. Been overdoing it with dairy for sure. I ate 3 cups of whole milk yogurt this morning. I seem to tolerate it but that's too much calcium to eat very often.

The following substances and conditions reduce total body magnesium

    Alcohol- all forms cause significant losses
    Burns- with large surface area
    Calcium- high levels block magnesium absorption
    Carbohydrates- especially white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour
    Chronic pain- any cause
    Coffee- significant losses
    Cyclosporin- extra magnesium can protect from side-effects
    Diabetes- magnesium spills with sugar in the urine
    Diarrhea- any cause
    Dieting- stress plus lowered intake
    Diuretics- even potassium sparing diuretics do not spare magnesium
    Insulin- whether from using insulin or from hyperinsulinemia
    Over-training- extreme athletic physical conditioning/training
    Phentermine / Fenfluramine
    Sodas- especially cola type sodas, both diet and regular
    Sodium- high salt intake
    Stress- physical and mental- anything that gets your fight or flight reaction

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Re: What I Need To Do
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2012, 11:42:23 am »
Here you go as I suggested you in your previous thread practice intermittent fasting food combining ditch all plant foods eat raw protein for a change it digests effortlessly and requires less HCL production.. even Aajonus who can't produce HCL in his Stomach digests Raw Well.. Sleep as much as you can and hit that dude hit-it-raw on high intensity exercise routine this stuff is some serious shit those routines he promote are so brutal but very short so no overtraining.. Anyway they are so brutal it forces your body to function at it's peak!!! In every sense of the word.. Even your digestion will be at it's peak performance only to pick up all nutrients it can to rebuild metabolic damage.


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