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« on: March 17, 2012, 04:50:14 am »
for the prayer, "I trust you," the only intention I can hold these past few days as I re evalutate my health, friends, family, love, body, purpose, goals, plans, feelings, and -what brings me here- consumption.

So many ways I have eaten or not eaten, drank and indulged, deprived and disciplined-
and I haven't had raw meat in over a year, but now, thinking about it today, it is the only thing that sounds like life, the only thing I can imagine taking in and feeling better about right now.
Fancy that.
Thank you, I trust you, Thank you, I trust you...

This is the year for manifesting moreso than any I've lived through, and the evidence of that has been prolific in my life, but now- at this point in wizardry- I relinquish my wants, my forced visions, my over imaginative mind, for the stillness and sureness of what's in my heart and I let the Universe resonate through it, through me, until it is all aligned.
This year I am only manifesting myself, and it is enough.

Thank you for existing, you paleos considerate enough to brave the internet's deceptive terrain, because today you reached through and touched me.


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