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little flyer on how I eat
« on: March 23, 2012, 12:43:20 am »
Prevent all illnesses with a combination of these 3 dietary habits.

Raw meats from fatty cuts of pastured cows. Raw fruits and veggies on
the specific carbohydrate diet (no beans, spice, nuts, or dairy).
Lot's of seeds from fruits. (feel free to try pastured buffalo too).

Check out 1) the specific carbohydrate diet, and the old school SCD
which is called the banana diet. eat everything raw, no beans, dairy,
nuts, or spices (or cooked food obviously). All fruits and veggies

2) raw paleo diet. check out the links that support you can end stds,
mental, cardiovascular, and all illnesses.

3) world without cancer. a website that supports eating high laetrille foods
(laetrille-vitamin b 17-nitrilosides/cancer cure). check out the
youtube documentary

check out this website for cool info on digestive health -

some cool info like this - "The effect of LPS on HIV-1 replication
occurs at picogram per milliliter concentrations
and may be clinically significant in understanding the variability of
the natural history of HIV-1 infection."

hiv prevented by diet!

other interesting articles related to diet - Autism, Mercury,
Behavior, Detox, Brain, Thyroid, GI System, Immunity, Inflammation,
Opioids, Oxidative Stress, Leaky Gut, Candida, Anorexia, NF-?B,
Mitochondria, Liver, Ammonia, Hypoglycemia, Kidney, Allergy and
Bacteria, Copper, Zinc, Glutathione. ---

Check out these links!
------explains how to get healthy and prevent tooons of illness!

like mental, bone degeneration, heart disease, cancer, immune system problems.
--------this explains why any other animal besides human's dairy isn't so good.

Enjoy! Do all the research you want! I don't feel this diet deserves a
price, everyone should have the right to prevent
illness and eat good 24/7 per how they spend their own money!

PS eating like this is cheap considering all the meds you can stop
taking, and docs visits you can stop going to! Make slow
adjustments, detox is harsh. Consider buying 1/4th-full cows and
stocking them in jars (Mason Jars) in a cooler.

Sincerely, Everyone @ Raw Paleo Diet, my forum username is
      - DaBoss88

PS - feel free to come chat with the raw foodists
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