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Re: Taste of raw meat
« Reply #50 on: August 08, 2014, 04:35:08 am »
Eat raw seal, whale or walrus and other fishy meats like Inuit delights?   Not locally available, so what else?   Swordfish tastes like a fishy version of raw pork, tuna is firm and fishy, and there are similar meaty fish to try.   Making ordinary meats taste fishy was a puzzle?    Putting fish on top of meat in the refrigerator with a little downward pressure would allow delicious fishy juices to infuse into the meat.   They could be eaten together as a fish/meat sandwich.   Smothering the meat with raw fermented cod liver oil would impart a cheesy, fishy taste.   For high meat they could be made to rot together in the refrigerator, or quicker at room temperature in frequently aired jars.   When thoroughly rotten, a cheesy, fishy, meaty taste might result!   My experiments continue! 


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