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Vitamin water, the New Coke
« on: May 25, 2012, 05:41:14 pm »
Just listening to "The Coke Machine" an audiobook which is  book about the Coca Cola company which really was initially made with cocaine and cola leaves in it, as it was a medicinal in it's early days, being invented by a druggist.

Now that they have been banned from a lot of schools for their skulldiggery in passing out a few sheckels to schools and getting exclusive, "nothing else in the vending machines' contracts, they have invented a new form of sugar water.

it's called "vitamin water'.

They give the amount of total vitamins in the water, but give the calories in... get this.... per serving size. In other words a bottle may contain 125 calories, but 2.5 servings, so they list it as 50 calories. Scoundrels, selling drugs to kiddies.

The last gambit selling tapwater as really filtered water backfired. Amazing stuff these scoundrels have played with over they years. They are exactly the same as "Big Pharma/Tobacco etc., the legal drug cartels.

I loved the story of how their selling Thames water fizzled in England Tyler.


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