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A few folks seem to be having trouble with their eating habits. I want to remind people that health is synonymous with balance.

If all you are eating is raw beef...and muscles at that, you are out of balance. If all you are eating is beef and lamb, you are out of balance. Etc and so on, regardless of what the particular food is.

Your diet should be rich and varied. You can have staples, like I tend to have raw beef organs in my fridge at all times, any combo of tongue, liver, kidney, suet and heart because they are easy for me to access, are dirt cheap (seriously, $2/lb??? thank you awesome butchers of mine!) and of extremely high quality. However no animal in nature eats just one or two varieties of food UNLESS they are highly specialized and evolved to eat just that one or two foods. We are not those creatures, we are absolutely NOT those creatures. The human diet should be a cornucopia of different foods. I often describe my diet to people who are curious as "RVAF (Raw vegetable (plants in general) and animal foods with an instincto slant). This means that I eat mostly (lately 90%+) raw foods, most of that flesh, eggs, and organs, along with some plants, and I choose my food largely based on what my body wants. I don't eat such and such proportion of proteins, and such portion of fat and such of carbs, I eat whatever whole, raw, clean food my body is asking for. And then I go out of my way to make sure I get the very difficult to get vitamins like K2, but for me that is just a matter of making sure I get some soft organs and I take fermented cod liver oil because it seems to give major benefit and is more or less a whole, raw (enzyme enhanced) food. Yesterday I had cabbage, and sweet peas and stringbeans fresh from the garden, later beef tongue, and a smoothie with our eggs and honey from our bees. The day before I had a salad of kale, raw garlic, tomato, lettuce and onions along with some REAL (holy shit, lucky I had some from uruguay, because the other stuff in the house is NOT even from olives!!!!) stone pressed, small family farm, olive oil and ACV, as well as some beef kidney, and again, tons of our raw free range eggs. The day before that, cantaloupe, berries from our farm, dandelion roots from the eco retreat where I work that I pulled while weeding. 

In other words, I almost never eat the same set of foods in a day. And that is why I'm successful with the way I eat and feel like a million trillion dollars every day and have the health to show for it. I also get tons of sun, cultivate a grateful spirit and THANK the hell out of everything under AND over the sun. Meditation is also a huge part of that, and making sure I contain my stress levels. I also make sure to thank my food, whether plant or animals, the farmers that would have raised it, the soil it was grown in , all the creatures (microbes, predator species that contributed, the fertilizer that was used and the sun and water that went in to it, and of course god (the all, the infinite, whatever you want to call her). And I love myself, which is essential if you're going to love anything else.

I often think fondly of the years that I didn't know another soul in the Raw food paradigm because it allowed me to experiment all on my own without having undue influences from people in a forum setting like this. I'm so grateful now to have this community, but I think sometimes people get so caught up wanting guidance that they fail to realize that they themselves have all the power and everything they need to create a robust, thriving individual.

When you are looking for health, seek balance, cultivate awareness and study lots. Your instincts are enough, but most of us have little faith in them when we've been living mutated modern lifestyles the overwhelming majority of our lives. The more you read, the more you understand, knowledge truly is power and that will compliment your instincts so you can use both to their (your) full advantage. Allow them to guide you in to balance, as above, so below, we find the universe (nature) constantly striving for balance in everything she does.


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