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Aajonus info
« on: August 20, 2012, 12:27:18 am »
      Family Farm Resumes Selling Raw Milk As Usual. Another win for food rights and

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Sent:   19 August 2012 16:56:30
Court Case Resolved; Family Farm Resumes Selling Raw Milk As Usual. Another win for food rights and choices!

5:18 p.m. CDT, August 17, 2012

Conway family settles with state in raw milk controversy
Emily Wood, KY3 News

Conway, Mo. -- The owners of an Ozarks dairy farm are back to business as usual.  They spent the last three years in a battle to resume selling raw milk.  A settlement with the state says they keep selling but with restrictions.

"Before we ran our business on a handshake and take a check without I.D., and your customers become your friends," said Armand Bechard.

Dairy Farmer Armand Bechard and his wife Teddi Bechard spent years producing and selling raw milk.

Raw, unpasteurized milk; we do filter it," said Armand Bechard.

Government regulators claimed the way the family was selling its milk was unsafe and outside state guidelines, specifically the family's practice of selling the raw milk in a Springfield parking lot.  The Bechards fought the lawsuit and eventually reached a settlement.

"We can deliver anywhere we want as long, as it's pre-ordered, so we're really back where we were three and a half years ago," Bechard said.

The Bechards said they are happy with the agreement.  It allows them to continue selling but with restrictions.  All the milk they sell has to be to customers they know, and the orders have to be placed in advance.  According to the settlement, the Bechards cannot sell from parking lots or other public places to strangers.

The FDA has long warned about possible health risks of drinking raw milk, despite its popularity with consumers who demand whole foods.

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