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Re: article on the dangers of raw chicken
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2012, 07:13:06 pm »
A teen has escaped a foul injury thanks to the helmet she was wearing while horse-riding after a foot-long chunk of raw chicken mysteriously fell out of the clear blue sky and hit her on the head.

And in a greater slice of luck, Cassie Bernard was struck by the smallest of three flying poultry parts that crashed out of the sky at Queen Hive Farm at around 6 p.m. last Wednesday as owner Jennifer Cording was conducting a riding lesson.

While no one was hurt by the errant chicken parts, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have said they are investigating, saying that 'We can't have pieces of chicken falling out of the sky.'

However, another theory is that the chicken parts originated from the Tyson Foods Inc. processing plant, which is adjacent to the Queen Hive Farm, after being picked up and dropped by high-flying seagulls.

(…)the birds could have been flying at high altitude, explaining why eyewitnesses did not see them.

Iguana’s theory is the parts were rejected by an UFO, which everybody knows can be invisible when they want to be so. It would be interesting to make sure that this chicken parts were raw, so we would know whether the ETs eat raw or cooked. Jessica, if you live in the area, perhaps you could investigate…  ;)

We'd better wear a helmet every time we go outdoors as we never know what may fall from the sky.  ;D :D
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