Author Topic: Can we do without vegetables/greens?  (Read 80703 times)

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Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« Reply #225 on: June 05, 2013, 06:10:24 pm »
I wasn't suggesting eating hippos or elephants,,, but most likely those are the animals along with water buffaloes and other herd animals that roamed the plains of Africa that primitive hunter gathers feasted on.  Yes the meat of bison is lower in fat, but if you read up on the plains indians and early settlers/bison hunters they chose the older ones, especially at end of summer where they had hundreds of pounds of fat stored on their body for the winter months ahead.   Most of the mammals and animals in the North pole are also fully fat.    This has been a debate for some time with Cordain and others.  You can try to prove a point if you look narrow enough.  However there have been large regions of the world with animals with large fat stores, and in numbers where protein excesses were most likely wasted in favor of foods people wanted.     
     There are only a 'few' people researching and teaching low protein, high fat diets,, Ron Rosedale being one of them.  Eating a high protein diet doesn't show up as detrimental over the short term, just as eating a high fruit diet doesn't.  One thinks everything is fine because it's so hard to note one's health decline since we live in our bodies day to day, and can hardly notice small declines.  That's exactly what happens to heavy  fruit eaters,,, they feel wonderful when first starting out;  all those organic distilled waters in the fruits, so cleansing, so energizing with all the sugars fueling their bodies, and then they have to eat more and more sugar for the same effect, and then the leptin and insulin resistance builds and then a slow downward spiral begins,, with most thinking that they are in some sort of detox, where they need to fast again or they need to move to the tropics because they are now so sensitive to pollutants,  that they are so spiritually sensitive that they need to protect themselves from the rest of us. 
   I'm suggesting  something similar happens when we eat too much protein.  It turns into blood sugar, we feel good, but at the expense of longevity.    Rosedale says something almost unique,,,  we weren't designed to live forever, just long enough to pass along our genes and teach our offspring how to survive.   I believe that's where science can offer something beyond that of simply following what and how much our ancestors ate,, if that's even possible to know.

Interesting. I guess that reinforces what I read from a book on nutrition... our genes find ways to survive (getting us addicted to the SAD, reproducing, than letting our bodies die out)

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Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« Reply #226 on: July 26, 2013, 04:02:50 am »
The acid/alkali theory is nonsense:-

 And besides, raw meats are far less acidic than cooked/processed meats.

Is there a better article?

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Re: Can we do without vegetables/greens?
« Reply #227 on: July 26, 2013, 06:09:00 am »
This video seems relevant for this topic--this vegetarian Shaolin monk is an interesting counterpoint to the stereotype of weak vegetarians, and regardless of one's opinion of this, it's just cool to watch:

Shaolin Monk Balances On 2 Fingers
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