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Blood volume
« on: February 10, 2013, 07:32:47 am »
Hello readers:

I want to talk about connection between salt, blood volume, fat digestion, blood pressure and diabetes.
My experiments:
1) put generous amount (alot)of salt on fatty meat, next day had perfect 1.5 inch easy dark stool, so I thought I figured the secret for good digestion: salt plus fat; HCl+NaHCO3->NaCl + H2CO3(h2o+CO2) where stomach acid meets sodium bicarbonate(pancreatic juice) to create salt(NaCl) for fat digestion. But it lasted only
3 days - then salt with fat produced only small pale stool.
2)I got incarcerated (corrections) for 3 months where all the food without salt plus no coffee, my stools became much better, and when given small amount of cheese(fat) "thier treat" my stools became more darker and longer (I drank about 1litter of water a day), it means I was digesting that small amount of fat and on 3rd month my stools was best i ever remember: very easy, feet long but slightly pale, and every day. When I received freedom I started to eat a lot of fatty pork, chicken and my stools became very greese and small meaning I was not digesting all that fat.

From 1) part:  at first I had less blood volume and all that salt I ate still had a room in my blood but after 3rd day salt with accompanied water filled my blood volume to maximum level and the fat was not absorbed as having higher than blood viscosity( guess even grass fed meat) needs some water to equate the blood viscosity.
It's like when blood volume is normal or low it is able to suck in the nutrients( fat, etc) from intestines; look at pregnant woman that start to have digestive problems( loose stools etc) approaching 35 week that's when their blood reaches maximum volume.

From part 2): not having any amount of sodium made my blood volume less and I was able to digest but only small amount of fat, when I started to eat a lot of fat big portion of it was not digested and cause very greasy and smelly stool. Conclusion - undigested fat worsen the bowel movement a lot. Lex_rooker when started had high bp and possibly high blood volume and fat did not make him gain weight but when eventually his pb was dropped(100/70) and omega 3 to omega 6 ratio improved(omega 3, grassfed meat is less viscous and need less water to equal proper blood viscosity) he started to digest all the fat he ate and as a result gained weight.
Lex_Rooker, Ted Slanker and many others is able to digest 2.5 pound of raw meat which I think is a good measure of health beyond good insulin sensitivity and normal blood pressure.

Because regular diet is rich in omega 6 and similar thick( viscous) fatty acids it takes a lot more sodium+water to dilute it to normal blood viscosity and as a result grain fed people have high blood volume and not able to digest big amounts of fat especially grain fed one.

Look many supercentenarians loved potatoes the richest source of potassium.  K+ thought Na+/K+ ATPase pump replaces sodium thus reducing blood volume - the key to longevity in MO.

About diabetes.
Thick blood ->raised aldosterone hormone -> sodium retension-> potassium excretion
Insulin resistance starts when blood becomes too thick(viscous) - a body response to prevent it from further thickness as insulin drives blood potassium into the cell replacing sodium, meaning less blood volume -->thicker blood. If diabetic will dilute his blood by eating a lot of salt his resistance will greatly improve but blood volume
Increase which is not good. I am not diabetic & I tried to eat 4 big potatoes and after 1.5 hr I measured my blood glucose it was 200. A lot of potassium from potatoes would reduce my blood volume a lot( na/k pump)  making it too thick, my body stopped produce insuline to prevent potassium enter the cells, anybody can try to do this experiment. Potatoes raise diabetic bg more than sugar because of potassium in potatoes.

About the blood pressure monitor numbers .
Most people look at it as the pressure asserted on the blood walls which is wrong I think. Those numbers mostly mean the concentration of avail. nutrients to the cells.
The less the concentration of nutrients combined with thick viscous fatty acids increase the systolic number. Example of it is blood diluted a lot with water(salt) with 50:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3.

At this point I will try to reduce my blood volume and include small amount of grass fed fat until I could digest more and more fat. It should happen when my omega ratios
will improve. Waiting for my first omega 3 ratio test results, my blood pressure 110/75 now.

Thanks, awaiting for replies...

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Re: Blood volume
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2015, 08:38:48 am »
Good post. Today after a hour of running, little dry salt beads were on my chest. I think I am starting to realize that salt is a problem for me. I went on vacation recently and had no access to "good salt" so I avoided it and since coming home have been feeling different..
Eating raw meat probably fills my salt requirements.?


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