Author Topic: The aforementioned "revolution" is at hand  (Read 1895 times)

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The aforementioned "revolution" is at hand
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:22:56 am »
So we were originally carnivores and we were so good at it that we turned most of the world into desert. Now observational and holistic science starting with Andre Voisan and today lead by Allan Savory (the guy who invented holistic management) has shown us the method to feed the world with grass fed animals while rebuilding nature.

I believe that if there is a purpose for humanity by god or fate or nature it is this. At one time there was 6 times the biomass on earth that there was now, before man got here. This is because the soils were new and fully mineralized. Volcanic soils and glacial soils I believe are respectively the best and second best soils on earth. 25 million years ago grass emerged and grass is a truly great thing, truly the forgiveness of nature. If we take care of grass, barring a gigantic volcano or asteroid there should never be again another mass extinction.

If we don't act on this as a species than mankind and everything we have accomplished has truly been in vain. It is the most important thing in the world.

Perhaps as this revolution takes hold, the raw revolution will also take hold and even free humanity from our own insane mental bonds? I don't know if the majority on here agree with me, but I feel the raw meat and dairy has been spiritually and mentally uplifting and takes me out of the cloud of beast of muddy brain that has laid ruins to the majority of my life. It is so easy to flip that switch and soar to new heights. Honestly, keeping my livestock has really held me back in the healing process, because of the hardship it has caused me, but it has also after all my failures, made me about as confident as a baseball bat studded with nails. I'm ready to shred whatever life can chuck at me. I am now up to 28 goats and 6 cows, hoping to get some lambs soon.

Oh yeah and if people weren't aware I am on my third year of rotational grazing and was studying Savory's book before he came out on TED


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