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Aajonus update re trial
« on: June 21, 2013, 05:30:03 pm »
Hi, food-club farmers, members and health-giving-food lovers,
Good news to report but first, I must appeal to you for generous donations. This is my first appeal in 2 years for donations to continue my work to ensure our right to healthy food. Only when funds get low and my work is in jeopardy do I ask for your help.

Help me help you. Some of your generous donations will go to file a lawsuit against Wisconsin State for destroying 2,200 pounds of members raw milk when DATCP (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) raided Vernon Hershberger family farm and members club 3 years ago. We must dissuade government agencies from interfering with our farming and damaging our food. Please donate generously. Thank you.

Please donate through Paypal,com to Paypal account:

or mail donation to:
Right To Choose Healthy Food, Charitable Trust
POB 176
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176

It was a good day yesterday June 13, 2013 for our farmer Vernon Hershberger, family and farmer-food-club members. At Vernon's sentencing for the wrongly imposed guilty verdict (for breaking an invalid holding order), 5 jurors appeared supporting Vernon and protesting Judge Guy Reynolds' withholding exculpable evidence at trial. To read more detail about jurors' revolt, see the link at the bottom.

Also, Judge Reynolds would not allow any witnesses to say that our members were owners of our food even though our contracts state that is stipulated-fact. The judge said that our contracts did not prove ownership and refused to allow us to have contract-experts to testify that they are legally valid.

Vernon's attorney Glenn Reynolds and I discussed the issue prior to my testimony. So, when on the witness stand, I maneuvered around the judge's prejudicial and wrongful orders to tell the whole truth another way. I stated that our contracts provided that members could be farmers with the farmer. All farmers own the food they produce. Therefore farmer-members own the food and there is no sales. From now on, sometimes I will call owner-members "farmer-members".

The fact that five jurors appeared at the sentencing, rallying against their judge-blindered guilty-verdict should be a revelation to the judge and government that people will stand for their rights. It took a jury trial, of course. Had it been a judicial trial, the judge and government would have fast-tract Vernon and family into bankruptcy and poverty as they have been doing to others for at least 50 years.

I encourage any farmer on my lease contracts and any on herdshares to NOT make any contracts or agreements with any governmental agency. Governmental agencies have negotiated with farmers to agree to agency oversight, gaining jurisdiction over their farms, then change the regulations and requirements to untenable. I have seen them bankrupt 23 farmers with that tactic. Those families lost their farms and livelihood.

I REPEAT, FARMERS AND MEMBERS, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY AGREEMENTS OR NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE GOVERNMENT REGARDING OUR FARMS AND FOOD-FARMING CLUBS. If you have begun any negotiations, please write a letter that negotiations have ceased, you decline any oversight and jurisdiction, and thank them for their time.

Wall Street Journal--New Studies Confirm: Raw Milk A Low-Risk Food

Vernon Hershberger Makes Peace With His Jurors

appreciatively and healthfully,
aajonus vonderplanitz, Nutritional Scientist, Author and Lecturer
Right To Choose Healthy Food, Charitable Trust
"During the last campaign I knew what was happening. You know, they mocked me for my foreign policy and they laughed at my monetary policy. No more. No more.
" Ron Paul.

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Re: Aajonus update re trial
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2013, 09:58:24 pm »
How can I e-mail Aajonus? is that the best way?


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