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PrimaD's journal
« on: January 28, 2009, 05:24:46 pm »
I decided to start me a journal after seeing others'.  Well, today I ate two oranges, raw pork loin, and raw pork belly.  (I mentioned in another post that I was going to eat liver but I never made it to the store since I had dance practice...)  This is my first day back in this lifestyle.  I tried it before a couple of times last year but I ate way too much fruits/vegetables.  Now, I'm planning on eating solely raw meats/seafood.  Maybe a bit of vegetables.  I'm not really sure about vegetables but one thing I do know is that when eaten raw, I don't digest them well.  When I eat a lot of fruits, it makes me so hyper and I want to eat soo much more fruits.  Afterward, I feel down.  (kinda like a coaster ride or something) 

I keep a journal at home too and sometimes I tend to ramble a lot since I think about a lot of different random things all the time.  You see, one thing I want to get from this lifestyle is better concentration/focus.  I find it so hard to focus at times.  My mind will just wander from here to there and on and on.

On a different note, I want to post some pics of myself (before/after & progressing photos) but because of the past programming I've received regarding internet security I'm so paranoid that something bad is going to happen if I post an actual picture of myself on the internet.  I know I'm not famous or anything and I keep telling myself to get over it but I don't know....  it's difficult. 

I love soccer and bboying.  Hope my flexibility improves and strength too.  Besides footwork, I'm currently working on getting planches and windmills down.

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Re: PrimaD's journal
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 07:44:00 am »
Day 2:

Man, I feel like crap.  I'm so sick.  I have a runny nose (like a faucet), aching body, I'm sneezing like crazy, very watery eyes, and I have a terrible headache.  I bet this is because the ZC RPD I'm on.  I'm staying strong though.  I'm not very hungry.  I ate a very small bit of pork fat but that's it.  I think what I'm feeling now is withdrawal.  I'm so used to SAD and mostly a butt load of carbs.  Cutting that out is really upsetting my body.  My body will get used to it.  How long will this last?  I don't believe I'm having a ton of cravings unless I smell the foods I so used to eating.  I just want the pain to go away.  :(

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Re: PrimaD's journal
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2009, 01:59:24 pm »
Sounds like symptoms of constipation.
If I had those symptoms I'd drink a good dose of my herbal colon cleanser.
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Re: PrimaD's journal
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2009, 03:53:57 am »
If you want to post an anonymous pictures of your progress just don't include your face in the pictures.

I know what you are saying about fruits.. I feel the same way when I eat them: emotional ups and downs.. And they are VERY addictive.. I lose my sense of logic for a while: The SUGAR HIGH. I have realized that the addictive properties of fruits are similar to those of drugs.. That's why I always just buy 1-2 (preferably low sugar) fruits at a time. That way I can't overeat.

The best source of carbohydrates I have found is vegetable broth/soup. I know it's not RAW paleo, but it's still paleo, and it hydrates your body with minerals and the vegetables are very easy to digest this way. I use onions, celery, zucchini, carrots, garlic, ginger, tomato, cauliflower (just water vegetables I have lying around) boil it all for 30 minutes at medium heat and just eat the soup and some of the vegetables (although I don't eat all the vegetables I have boiled since it's too much fiber for me). I add fat when the soup is no longer hot, such as olive oil, and I eat fat with the soup too (such a raw pork fat). I encourage you to try it. This source of carbohydrates doesn't produce highs/lows/sugar addiction, no digestive discomfort (considering you eat it without other foods such as meat). And believe me it makes more sense than eating raw vegetables. Almost no tribe/traditional population ate any raw vegetables, they always fermented them or made vegetable broth. And no tribe in good health ever ate raw salads, lettuce, etc..

By boiling the vegetables it denatures the vegetable toxins/anti-nutrients, and,, it separate the fiber from the carbs and make it the fiber much easier to pass through. I have also found that drinking water dehydrates you while eating soup (with all the minearls from the vegetables) is much more hydrating than just water... Fruits/fruit juices are also extremely dehydrating for me, always give me dry skin.. Probably because fruits are very strong diuretics.
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