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RAW Paleo pride?
« on: March 24, 2014, 05:04:22 am »
I personally LOVE everything about raw paleo, high meat taste incredibly good to me, I love raw beef heart and I would NEVER wanna go back to my old habits(I still love the taste of the old food but I just prefer the new one). Eating suet is absolutely fun, breaking down all that fat with my saliva, and eating takes me a whole 20-30mins now. Ground beef although it taste good is something I never wanna eat ever again, it would take me 2-3mins to chunk down on pile of ground beef and would leave me totally unsatisfied, having no pleasure from eating it as it would be too quick.

My parents especially my dad is crazy about my new eating habits, he can't stand the smell he keep wondering why the hell I don't cook it even though I explained times and times again. He is so grossed out that he cannot look at me eating, I love the feeling of instincto that comes with eating raw paleo. I only ever use a fork when I eat raw liver since I spice it with turmeric(love the texture but not the taste) but everything else I eat is with my bare hands and my hands get VERY messy, greasy and gross and I LOVE IT. I used to ate using my hands and freak out about dirt, now I have rotten meat and stuff that has touch the ground like it's candy.

I have to hide when eating my food as visitors would go crazy seeing me eat and I take so much pride in eating this way. The irony is that it is also much cheaper, beef heart cost nothing compared to muscle meat, I don't need to waste time cooking and beef fat is so tasty and VERY FREAKING CHEAP. I also absolutely go addicted for beef blood, drinking the blood out of beef heart is just SO good, I wish I could replace water with beef blood, makes me feel like a vampire!

Now I just wish that my body doesn't screw me up and allow me to keep on eating that food, I have so much pleasure eating!

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Re: RAW Paleo pride?
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2014, 01:48:44 pm »
careful with "addicted"... watch out for changes in your appetite and desire for different foods.

I think the pride comes in with obscenely noticeable good health and good looks from the old you.

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