Author Topic: The Zero Carb Myth: Why a zero carb diet is not optimal for human health  (Read 34382 times)

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Re: The Zero Carb Myth: Why a zero carb diet is not optimal for human health
« Reply #100 on: August 17, 2014, 03:51:22 am »
banana(its like eating white sugar)

How is that? Is sugar cane identical to white refined industrial sugar too, according to you??   l)
Cause and effect are distant in time and space in complex systems, while at the same time there’s a tendency to look for causes near the events sought to be explained. Time delays in feedback in systems result in the condition where the long-run response of a system to an action is often different from its short-run response. — Ronald J. Ziegler

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... Speaking of the Bear, the forum where he first spread the word on his version of ZC carnivory and sparked the ZC phase is another example of the decline of ZC - the forum is nearly moribund, with no posts since January:
It seems the Zeroiningonhealth zero carb forum of Charles Washington that was inspired by Bear Stanley has also been defunct since some time before 19 Jan 2014:

It was replaced with a Facebook page:
>"When some one eats an Epi paleo Rx template and follows the rules of circadian biology they get plenty of starches when they are available three out of the four seasons." -Jack Kruse, MD
>"I recommend 20 percent of calories from carbs, depending on the size of the person" -Ron Rosedale, MD (in other words, NOT zero carbs)
>Finding a diet you can tolerate is not the same as fixing what's wrong. -Tim Steele
Beware of problems from chronic Very Low Carb


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