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a little hello and intro/dietary history =)
« on: May 22, 2014, 10:47:19 am »

I just thought I'd give a little dietary history and introduce myself.
When I was 14 I went health food vegan and shortly after I went raw vegan with a tiny bit of "raw" tempeh or locally made tofu here and there. I never really did the high fat raw or gourmet thing. I always ate very simply. Then when I was 16-17 I went 100% 100% 100% raw vegan, mostly fruitarian as I had already eaten mostly green smoothies, fruit, and very simple green salads with occasional sprouted seeds or a fresh coconut. But yeah that was a long time ago now!

Any way I was completely 100% low fat raw for 7 years (age 16-22). I got really ill when I was about 20 and stopped being able to exercise around 21 and thought diet might help and I freaked out after the health scare and started bingeing on raw nuts and seeds and fruit and spirulina and vegetables. Then I tried quinoa and rice one day and never ate them again (enough said). I tried some raw eggs and salmon. I started to have extreme allergic type reactions to everythng I ate. I developed leaky gut, IBS, food allergies and sensitivities, extreme constant bloating, pain, inability to exercise, extreme chronic fatigue, messed up blood sugar, some days could not even get out of bed, heavy periods, severe acne, cellulite for the first time in my life, skin rashes, itching, AND EXTREMe CONSTANT INFLAMMATION etc.. and ultimately gained about 60 pounds of fat. I went from a very low 70 pounds to 130. When I was healthy before getting ill I weighed about 90 lbs.
I spent 6 months in Europe and ate mostly fresh salads, organic steamed vegetables, sardines, cooked seafood and occasional raw dairy and raw chocolate (no agave) and very rarely fruit.

So now I have evened out at about 115 lbs but have a very very small bone structure, so this is still quite big for me. I aim to lose 15-20 lbs of fat and tone up. But either way, I don't feel well eating cooked foods at all. I LOVE steamed vegetables, but I feel better just have fresh and cultured. In about 9 days I'll be coming off a brief fast, and will slowly implement my balanced approach, taking from all the dietary experiences/experiments I have done throughout my life... (keep in mind I have a severely severely disrupted digestion)

Here's what I'm thinking of eating...

-herbs made into tea
-wild greens and flowers I gather
-small amounts fresh baby greens as salads
-pine pollen
-fresh lemon juice (i use it in drinks I make with rooibos, mangosteen, etc)
-Hibiscus flower water
-Green juice (especially celery-lemon-herb)
-Occasional raw cultured grass fed dairy ( Cottage cheese and feta I really enjoy. I may try colostrum once or twice to help reset my digestion...thoughts? do you think the dairy is bad for weight?)
-Cultured vegetables (I'm obsessed, I've loved cultured vegetables since I was a child!)
-Possibly spirulina and chlorella, mostly because I still have a bunch of hawaiian spirulina around
-certain green powders, mostly because I enjoy them and they give me lots of nutrients and I feel really good when I use them...energizing and easy to digest.
-edible flowers
-as much variety of greens/herbs/veggies as I can, trying to focus on more wild varieties
-Fresh young coconut water and meat (I will be living where they will be in season! I LOVE mature coconut meat so so much...but it hurts my stomach...thoughts on this? idk how I'll do with the young meat)
-Acai powder when I can afford it
-Mangosteen powder
-Camu Powder, Acerola Powder, Baobab powder, Maqui Powder when I can afford them (I feel really well with these and the higher vit C ones help reduce my inflammation)
-Grass juice powder when I can afford
-will experiment with Bee Pollen. I used to love it but idk how I'll feel on it these days
-Raw cacao powder occasionally
-Occasionaly yerba mate
-SEAWEED SEAWEED SEAWEED. Dulse is my favorite food ever
-Avocado in season
-Sunflower shoots when I can get them! <3
-herbs/spices like turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla powder
-Raw stone ground love
-Raw green stevia
-Coconut butter occasionally
-Raw olives if ever I can afford
-Durian when I can get it
-Raw seafood (seafood is one of my favorite things! omg cannot wait)
-Occasional grass fed or wild meats raw. Particularly attracted to liver though I've never eaten raw meat.
-Local fruit in season. I have to be careful with this because of my lonngggg fruitarian history. Mamey sapote will be in season in FL. That is danger zone lololol just kidding. dragonfruit will be in season too! oh my. But I am going to stick to occasional fruit for now....pineapple and papaya and cantaloupe are the most attractive to me at this point.
-Kombucha =)


-Greens and shoots, herbs, green juice, fresh middle aged to young coconut water/meat, avocados, durian, certain superfood powders, green powder, raw seafood, raw meat/organ meat on occasion, experimenting with occasional raw dairy, occasional fruit in season, cultured veggies, tea, experiment with bee foods, raw fats. I think that about sums it up. I apologize, I have a tendency toward verbosity but this is me trying to keep it brief.

OHHHH and I really really crave raw egg yolk but I am allergic to chicken eggs. Do you think the allergy could be just because of leaky gut or? should I stay away from them. Should I look for quail and duck eggs to try? AND do you all who eat raw eggs eat only the yolk or the whites too?

Well there's a bit about my dietary history and dietary plans! I do best without tons of animal foods, though, so I'll start with a little!

love and sunshine! <3

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Re: a little hello and intro/dietary history =)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 09:04:25 pm »
Ditch all the powders and processed supplements first!  As soon as possible introduce more raw animal foods into your diet. raq uail eggs and raw goose eggs might be an option.
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Re: a little hello and intro/dietary history =)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2014, 11:12:27 pm »
Hi Tyler!  :)
Thanks for the input! I don't consider dried and ground up vegetables or berries to be  processed supplements, personally, and I find it helps me get good whole food and varied nutrition without feeling bloated and sick all the time. To be clear, the diet I listed is what I am about to begin after I complete my current fast. My digestion has been terrible for far too long no matter what I eat, and through my experimentation I find some superfood powders to really really help me. I only use raw and pure ones without weird added ingredients. And I don't always have all of the ones I listed because of cost. However, the high vitamin C ones such as Camu and baobab added to my rooibos and hibiscus really really help with my inflammation and energy! I don't like to follow any set paradigms anymore, but to utilize the whole raw foods available to me and to create a way of eating that works for me rather than one that fits a set of others' guidelines. I do find that too many animal products does not make me feel well at all. Seafood works well. I'm allergic to eggs but will try other birds' eggs! Do you recommend the whites too? Thank you!!!
A mixture of green juice, liquid/herbal elixirs, raw seafood, occasional organ meats, raw fats, cultured vegetables, greens, maybe eggs and fruit, medicinal mushrooms, possible occasional raw dairy and bee products? And lots of seaweed I think and hope will work quite well for me

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Re: a little hello and intro/dietary history =)
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2014, 11:44:22 pm »
I had the same problem with eggs. I used to cook them over easy to get at the raw yolk without having a reaction. I can eat duck eggs totally raw so give that a shot. I would also agree with Mr. Durden that you should make raw animal foods the focus of your eating, and not just seafood. Include some land animals. Lamb, bison, and duck tend to be much better tolerated than beef, pork, and chicken. That is a long list of plant foods, you may want to consider an elimination diet to figure out what is causing your issues. If you are eating any of that stuff because you think its good for you and not because you like the taste, I would just stop.
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