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Raw Kyle:
Ok first off I'm going to put a disclaimer that I don't really feel like keeping a journal. However I think it would be good for me because it's hard to stay on the straight and narrow when you're on your own and a journal might make me feel differently.

I haven't eaten anything yet today but as it looks now I'm going to eat a beef muscle/suet mixture and possibly some organs. I don't measure my food intake (I'm thinking of getting a scale for that soon) but I put a good amount of beef muscle in my food processor and then put a little less (by volume, more than half but not much) of suet and chop them up together. I don't have any fruits or veggies in the house right now but am planning a possible trip to the hfs for blueberries, honey and a couple of other things to try and make a raw ketchup (from Juliano's Raw recipe book) and also horseradish to blend in (an attempt at raw cocktail sauce which if successful will be eaten with oysters in the near future).

So for today I'll probably eat two meals of beef muscle/suet and some blueberries. I'm going to do a kettlebell workout and then Brazilian jiu jit su class tonight for exercise. I find that going to the gym every day helps me keep on my diet every day, and vice versa. It's easy to eat junk when you're not exercising and taxing your body and it's easy to not want to exercise when you eat junk.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and I'll try and put at least one post a day about what I'm eating and what my exercise regimen is.

Oh one more thing I'll put my weight during the day on here. I think I'd like to gain some weight, right now I'm right around 155 lbs and would probably feel and look better closer to 170. The only thing that makes me question this jump is having to compete (in martial arts) against much bigger guys. But really that's a silly reason to keep my weight lower than I think would be optimum for me.
Today's weight at 12:11 p.m. + = 157.6 lbs

How tall are you?

Raw Kyle:
I just measured because I wasn't really sure and according to a pencil on the wall line measured with a metal measuring tape I'm exactly 5'9".

Raw Kyle:
I did indeed eat beef muscle/suet mixture last night mixed with some blueberries and a spoonful of honey.

Yesterday at around 6 p.m. I did a kettlebell and bodyweight workout and then bjj class. My joints, particularly in my legs, have been feeling a little sore recently. For example it's uncomfortable to sit on my legs with the tops of my feet under me, probably from footlocks, kicks (missing with the shin and hitting with the foot) and being in the sitting on legs position often during grappling.

Weight = 156.2 lbs

Raw Kyle:
I tried spleen for the first time today. Only a few ounces; I'm comfortable with liver at this point but spleen seemed a little more mineral rich. I suppose the facts are that liver is more mineral rich, but I'm definitely tasting something different in spleen.

Then I had a beef muscle/suet mixture with some of the raw ketchup I made last night. I'm going to use it to make cocktail sauce once I get some horseradish, and eat it with oysters. It's pretty good, the recipe is found in Juliano's recipe book "Raw."


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