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Re: Raw pork
« Reply #25 on: May 29, 2015, 02:48:45 am »
Anything to report Edmon?

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Re: Raw pork
« Reply #26 on: April 29, 2016, 01:58:08 pm »
I did some research on bacon, which may be somewhat relevant.

Commercial bacon used to momentarily cause trichinosis outbreaks decades ago, which is a nasty parasite infection mostly making you feel very sick, hospitalized, and rarely kills you (if you're elderly or weak in some way). In the last few decades they changed the way they raise and feed pigs commercially (stopped feeding them literal garbage, perfect example of why animals need to be fed/raised properly to be healthy), which all but prevents the parasite. Furthermore, virtually all commercially sold bacon is put in a blast freezer after it is smoked, which again kills the parasites. The smoking doesn't completely kill them, although it can reduce the number on the outer surface. In conclusion, virtually all commercial bacon in the US and Europe are in all likelihood parasite free - you could safely eat it all the time. If you ever did get trichinosis from this type of bacon, it would likely be in a small amount and not fatal, more like a bad flu, since it's not going to be swarming with it. Microwaving "raw" bacon doesn't even kill it all, and yet people eat microwaved-at-home bacon all of the time. Basically, despite all the hysteria, commercial "raw" bacon is safe to eat uncooked. The catch? Raw bacon in stores isn't actually raw, it's smoked, which is a form of cooking in this case. Furthermore, most of it has stuff added to it either by spraying or injection. It's a shame because bacon is one of the most delicious and fatty (good thing) animal foods there is.