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Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 07:18:53 am »

I recall a recent article, among many others, where a nurse admitted that she avoided the possibility of an operation like the plague, as she remembered a young male patient in his 20s who went in for a very minor operation but died at the operating table due to an allergy to the anaesthetic, and she knew of many other similiar examples where an unnecessary operation led to further problems and death.
General Discussion / Avoiding toxins as a lifeguard
« Last post by primal tyler on Yesterday at 10:45:32 pm »
As a newly certified lifeguard I am now required to go into chlorinated and toxic water, what can I do to make sure I absorb the least amount of toxins and stay safe? What can I do to detox the chemicals from my body? I usually sit in dry sauna for 30 minutes after to sweat anything out that was absorbed, and then I will shower about an hour after that to make sure nothing is reabsorbed. I do not use anything but filtered water to clean my body in shower but would either a. raw, unrefined acv w/ the mother or b. unheated coconut oil be a good option to slather on my body and hair after swimming in pool to make sure no chlorine remains on my skin?
Welcoming Committee / Re: G'Day From Australia!
« Last post by Bec on Yesterday at 08:09:33 am »
Hi! Im from Tas too!

How are you going with your diet?
Science / Re: Permanent sticky thread on the anthropocene era
« Last post by TylerDurden on March 24, 2019, 08:41:23 pm »

This sort of thing may not mean much but it has been predicted that (fresh, clean) water will become a scarce resaource for most Earthlings in the next few decades. Drought combined with  pisspoor water-management by humans will ensure scarcity thereof. Fortunately, Austria has no worries re water for a lot longer than most other countries.
Off Topic / Ray gun?
« Last post by LePatron7 on March 24, 2019, 04:55:29 am »
Hello everyone.

I remember having read some time ago that there is a ray gun of some kind, that can literally make it so if someone tests positive for viruses (say herpes, HPV, etc.) they can use the ray gun to test negative?

Does anyone have any information on this?
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