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Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« Last post by van on Today at 04:37:09 am »
Okay, when I was in touch with a company who produced various probiotics ( the president made his fortune by creating and patenting a strain that was utilized in yogurts all throughout south korea to combat a certain bacteria that caused stomach ulcers and eventually stomach cancer ) I was able to buy one kilo containers of incredibly high count single strains.  Mostly bifida bacteria types.  I bought it at wholesale prices so that I was able to use quite large amounts to make yogurts. The numbers of bacteria were billions of times higher than you could get out of a capsule.  I would use a tablespoon at a time.    But now thinking about it, I could have, you could,,  pasteurize your whey, and then innoculate it to just acid levels and then use that to make your yogurt.  You could start with a relatively low amount of inoculant. Do the math, bacteria can double every ten minutes...With super high counts you basically overwhelm the competing bacteria. 
Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« Last post by norawnofun on Today at 03:43:26 am »
You said the production of raw joghurt is tricky, but I assume you have tried it and succeeded. Mind sharing how?
Science / Re: Bacteria in gut same as in brain....
« Last post by TylerDurden on Today at 03:39:55 am »
Does not compute.... Why did the average brain-size of HG tribes decrease as well in tandem with those of settled peoples since the Neolithic era, if the good-food-bacteria/theory was correct?   One would have expected HGs to be less affected since their diets were better/fattier etc., and less processed/cooked overall. Hmm, the mass dysgenics hypothesis re decrease in average brain-size since the Neolithic era seems also debunked since HG tribes would have been more prone to natural selection that settled counterparts. Then again, Inuit have pretty large skulls(as do Mongolian tribespeople?) etc.? We need more data. Whatever the case, while bacteria have been shown to be very versatile, imo, good food seems to only promote better health, not necessarily enhanced evolution. For example, the meat to brain diet theory re increased brain size seems debunked by the fact that increased hominid brain size occurred before the point where meat-eating increased significantly.
Science / Re: Bacteria in gut same as in brain....
« Last post by van on Today at 03:24:58 am »
specifically I was indicating substituting a sugar for a fat will help the beneficial bacteria in gut.  especially the types of sugars/carbs most eat.   
I am pretty sure the magnesium helped you sleep. I know that some people take mag sprays in order to calm down during the night and have a restful sleep. You can also apply that spray topically for any muscle cramps, spasms and what not. And the indication for your cramps is very common when you lack these minerals. 12 hours seems a lot, last time i slept that long is when i got totally smashed :D Also goat milk seems to help when it comes to back pain. But I guess dairy is out for you. I don´t have much experience with organ meats, except bad ones. Digestion was a disaster when I ate sweetbreads and liver, raw and cooked. I am certain it´s because of the connective tissue. It was too hard for my low HCI to break that tissue down. So I stay away from organ meats. High liver might work though, in one of sv3rige´s videos I saw it became very creamy.
Yes. I think the nuts and vegetables I was eating were preventing me from absorbing the nutrients in meat.

I just got through watching a video that said vegans have significantly smaller brains. The study was done in modern times but the video also noted that modern man's brain size is also a lot smaller than early humans dating all the way back to Neanderthals. Since the advent of modern agriculture our brains have been shrinking!

My high consumption of organ meats gives me plenty of vitamin C. Just a little over half a pound of sweetbreads provides 100% of the RDV, more than any other cut of meat, and since I consume them raw I get 100% of that, not 50% which is what is left after cooking. Still concerned that I'm not getting enough magnesium or potassium on such a diet. Yesterday I supplemented heavy with salt electrolytes, putting them in my drinking water. For some reason I slept 12 hours. Extremely long! Could it be the magnesium? Also skipped going to the gym. Didn't feel like working out. Woke up feeling good though. No back pain in the kidney area like I've been having lately. My current theory is that it was lack of minerals, especially magnesium and potassium that's been causing my ankle and leg cramps and that it has nothing to do with the purines from eating too many organ meats so I'm going to try going with that theory and see how it pans out. I've also read that eating organ meats can put stress on the kidneys but my experience tells me the opposite is true and it seems the more organ meats I eat the better my back seems to feel. Who do you believe?
Science / Re: Bacteria in gut same as in brain....
« Last post by sabertooth on Today at 02:31:45 am »
I agree its a chicken vs egg situation....does exposure to healthy bacteria lead one to seek healthy foods, or does exposure to healthy foods inherently promote the growth of healthy bacteria? 

Such questions are at the hearts crux of this long standing conundrum, where rational science is seemingly willfully ignorant of the spiritual and energetic nature of what makes for a healthy balance, within all biological systems. Foods that are pure and unadulterated will feed the growth of life promoting microbes...but even catabolic microbes which dissolve and decay have a necessary place in maintaining the balance. The synergy of the entirety of lifes symbiosis, cannot be parsed into bits of linear data. False dichotomy between good and bad bacteria does not hold up to the newer discoveries which go beyond the limitations of the defunct Germ Theory of disease hypothesis.

The presences of different strains of bacteria that are prebiotically cultivated in the gut are not the cause in and of themselves of the conditions of health or disease...instead they are more like a symptomatic indication of the holistic synergy...The modern day Priest of the white coat clans, are only beginning to uncover the pervasive interrelationships between the almighty microbes and its human subjects. There is still much room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the data...this is in part due to a deeply and hopelessly ingrained pathos, that these natural and spiritual elements which promote health and vitality, within living symbiotic systems, can somehow be isolated, extracted, patented and then sold as a cure all to people whose own environments are in want of healthy conditions.
Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« Last post by van on Today at 12:30:28 am »
the instructions to heat the whey was only to have a sterile culture medium to innoculate human strains of probiotics. Otherwise I would never suggest heating raw whey.  hope that helps.
Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: What is the concensus on the Sauna?
« Last post by Grey-Cup on Yesterday at 10:07:38 pm »
Saunas are a clear net benefit, effective thermogenesis exposure - Rhonda Patrick has some great podcasts on the hormesis benefits and longevity associations. Finnish or IR, they are different but all good.
General Discussion / Re: Aversion to cooking
« Last post by TylerDurden on Yesterday at 07:16:32 pm »
Same here. Most long-termers seem to. By the time I started going rawpalaeo, I had developed very painful stomach-aches after eating any cooked animal foods, so I was discouraged from eating cooked animal foods 99% of the time for the first few years. I still occasionally ate a cooked omelette or whatever on rare occasions to see how my body responded. After a time, the painful stomach-aches subsided though I still felt indigestion to some extent from cooked animal foods. After c.5 years, I gradually started noticing that if I did ever eat any cooked animal foods, that I would vomit it all up if I ate large amounts. I also resorted to eating rice(ie  as in sushi) if I was expected to eat cooked foods as it seemed "less worse" than other cooked foods. After c.5 years, I noticed that I would get a hangover-like effect the next morning after eating cooked foods as my body needed to detox the resulting poisons afterwards. These days(16-17? years on), I am generally careful to include some raw animal food either before or during consuming anything processed as that avoids the detox.
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