Author Topic: An example of why RVAFers should control their food-supply as much as possible  (Read 586 times)

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My cousin used to work in restaurants as a waitress as a teenager and told how she would try to avoid going to restaurants in the future as she was horrified by her experiences there. Basically, if you are rude to the restaurant staff/don't tip them enough etc., they are likely to put all sorts of disgusting substances in your foods. I myself have gotten sick after eating merely some  so-called " organic" apples from Tesco supermarket, merely because I was too lazy at the time to look for better sources, or just go without. Tesco had thoughtfully added some , er, "delightful" chemicals to the apples which forced me to vomit copiously for some minutes afterwards. Anyway, the more I see articles like the above, the more I feel the need to grow my own food as no one else can really be trusted, it seems.
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