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Hot Topics / Fear or not to fear?
« on: August 21, 2016, 01:34:48 pm »
I wanted to know what you think of infections when you are on this diet.

You are very strict with the quality of food you consume raw?

Or simply believe the immune system is very strong and live carefree, with a clear conscience? (I believe that's it and I think likely)

What to talk about with grain finished beef? totally impractical and dangerous perhaps?

Be smart with consuming (quality), or simply neanderthal superman and nothing affects you in this diet?

I'm not a troll, I imagine that you are already tired of reading about this kind of thing, I'm not here to disrupt, are serious questions even.

I was thinking of introducing raw eggs in my diet, I do a diet 75% - 80% Carnivorous but cooked meat  ;D, the only way to let my mind as well.

On the eggs that I can buy:

Chickens do not receive antibiotics and chemotherapeutics
Food based on corn and soybean
Chickens also receive prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils from plants and herbs such as cinnamon, oregano and lemon grass
FREE RANGE and CAGE FREE, so? Are free to walk and express intrinsic behavior of the species.

So it is good? corn and soybean based food?

I do not think that salmonella is some danger, people who become ill by it, believe it's the other crap they consume.

I on a diet that is not raw, as I notice a big difference between my immune system compared to when I consumed the common foods that people consume the next (grains, sugars, starch), and I seem stronger near them.

General Discussion / Fat Digestion
« on: August 04, 2016, 03:43:49 am »
I do not have a good digestion of fat, resulting in diarrhea when fat consumption, and probably have lots of gallstones blocking
the bile ducts, it would be a problem to switch to the RPD ?, or the diet will cause my body to pass digest properly?

If so, any tips for me to digest fat properly?

I've been trying to eat fat at each meal, try stimulates the flow bile and removes the bile stones on a daily basis, I might have managed to slightly improve my digestion of fat compared to months ago, but I still have diarrhea from time to time.

You consume a lot of fat, and I believe that many of you could not digest it before this diet?

General Discussion / Mental Performance RPD
« on: August 03, 2016, 11:58:34 am »
Hello, I'm Noob here

I would like to clarify a question. How is the mental performance of who does the RPD? Did this diet has any negative effect on cognitive ability? For things like studying, reading, games, learning ..

Please if you can answer me I am grateful.

I already know that this diet free of most mental illnesses.

Welcoming Committee / Newbie From Brazil
« on: August 03, 2016, 08:47:50 am »
Hello I'm from Brazil  :P, i'm new here, and I've been reading about raw paleo, I've been in places like myhealthblog, primal parent ...

4 years ago, I developed a kind of heavy mental illness that broke me, I had many panic attacks, paranoid thoughts, and severe depression, I managed these symptoms for over two years and continued living (without drugs), they decreased slightly. Until two years ago, after a period of stress, they returned 4x worse, and this time I had a brutal fatigue that left me very weak, I was practically a zombie when I began to associate what I ate to my problems, I started to eliminate the food that made me sick ... so I could have a great control of mental health problems (75% I would say), and also quite improved fatigue, but the diet I am currently, although restricted is not enough.

First, I am very thin, since young I could never gain weight, and as I was sick I lost more weight in the past I ate in a very large amount, and I was a slave to food (I should be fat)

This diet I got rid of most of the problems, but I am not healed, I consume cooked meat, eggs, some leafy vegetables, some good fats, and fruits 2 per day. It's been three months and some days I'm on this diet, my weight remains the same.

The meat I consume is of poor quality, I do not have much choice, just want to feel good, my family thinks I'm crazy, they do not understand how this diet helped me out of the hole, although not the ideal yet for get rid 100% of the symptoms.

I can not digest fats, if I consume a significant amount of fat, have almost diarrhea, and also a serious problem with carbohydrates that affect my mind, I can not eat fruits that have a lot of fructose, and only 2 per day in distant periods, but still the ideal would be only 1 per day to feel good.

I think that RPD would be perfect for me, I could finally get rid of 100% of mental problems, fatigue and weight gain and digest food ..
I found that 80% of Brazil's cattle is grass fed, so I could eat the meat I have a good raw consumption even with antibiotics and hormones? I have a source of organic meat and eggs 2 hours from home ... but will hurt in my pocket right now.

Help as you can!

Bonus: Supplements I have ever used or I use:

Probiotics: Lactobacillus GG, Acidophilus, Saccharomyces boulardii and Bacillus clausii

Coconut oil
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Omega 3
Himalayan salt
Rodhiola Rosea
L-Glutamine (I could not take because it gave me horrible symptoms)
And Some anti wormers

Srry for bad english  -[

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