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Primal Diet / Re: About "forced" Detox with mold
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:04:50 pm »
what makes you think it was a detox and not just getting sick from the mold?

you're asking a much deeper question ... you can ask the same thing about any detox on the primal diet, do you believe in what the matrix tells you or not? I don't, I'll go with Aajonus.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw whole coconuts?
« on: November 01, 2019, 01:54:44 pm »
really? hmm... also his "milk substitute" was blended coconut with coconut water...

I like to snack on whole coconuts while following the Primal Diet but still haven't gotten a juicer to do the veg juices or coconut cream.

Primal Diet / Re: Ajanous on chemtrails
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:40:20 pm »
OurLucidDream, it's bad here in Australia too. I have spent time in 3rd world countries and in some I did not notice a single chemtrail in many months of looking at the sky. Yet another reason I am considering moving abroad again. I have heard that the NATO countries are the most heavily sprayed and I have found this to concur with my own observations.

I moved to the third world to escape chemtrails among other reasons. Breathing aluminum is not part of a lifestyle I want to live.

Primal Diet / Re: Question regarding raw butter
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:35:50 pm »
All frozen food is crap, don't eat it and don't support vendors who don't sell fresh.

Primal Diet / Re: Constipation
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:24:12 pm »
Hi guys. I’ve been following a raw primal diet for over a month now, and I must say that I feel much better when compared to the period in which I used to follow a cooked paleo/primal diet. I only eat organ meats, muscle meat, raw eggs, raw dairy, seafood etc. Water intake has drastically been reduced, as I naturally don’t feel the need to drink water. i would say I drink about 250 ml a day, if not less. Similarly, salt intake has dwindled as well to the point that I don’t consume any salt.

I have absolutely no issues, except for constipation. Initially I was looking for a culprit, so I assumed dairy must be the one to blame. But as I’ve stated before, I don’t experience any other issues aside from constipation, so I don’t necessarily think dairy is the problem. I’ve grown taller, I have a clear skin, and I have no mental fog or mucus. No sinusitis, gas or anything.

I thought perhaps because salt intake must be relatively high to produce HCL and other enzymes to break down protein that I must include more sodium in my diet. It turns out that doesn’t happen to be case, as my experiment with 4g of salt hasn’t made much of difference in my bowel movements, and as a result I  ended up retaining some water.

Next, I began to drink more water, 2 liters or more. Didn’t seem to work that much, but then again I am not very inclined to drink as much water as in the past, so I haven’t carried on with that practice for that long to notice any results in the long term.

I thought of eating kimchi, as I have learned that these types of fermented foods aid in digestion. Even though I know plant foods are wreak havoc, given the circumstances I am reconsidering giving it a try. As far as other fermented foods, Raw kefir didn’t quite work, but I only drank a quart of it.

I would like your opinion and I would appreciate any input. This is the only thing that I want to solve, as I’ve only had fantastic experiences with the diet. Thank you

Edit: there’s blood in my stool

"Raw dairy" does not cause constipation however raw cheese can. You're supposed to be eating equal amount of fat (butter or avocado) with your raw cheese but depending on the cheese and how much you eat sometimes this isn't enough. I noticed when I switched from raw cheese I was buying from other people to the raw farmers cheese I was making myself (with NOTHING added) its become much more difficult to get constipated. When I was getting constipated from the raw cheese I was eating before I noticed that eating a small piece of high meat every day prevented the constipation (recommended by Aajonus in his book).

Also you're only supposed to eat a sugar cubed size piece of cheese every half hour MAX (powerful detox method), but I would start with much less frequency and work your way up, monitoring your bowel movements.

Primal Diet / Re: About "forced" Detox with mold
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:14:42 pm »
I ate a bunch of raw bison fat that was really moldy over the course of 4-5 days or so and went into a detox with massive amounts of diarrhea and some nausea for about 4 days. The detox didn't start until the 5th day or so of eating the moldy fat with no change in the food I was eating. When it started I stopped eating the moldy fat and only ate eggs, milk, cream, honey and cheese. I lost my appetite for meat during these 4 days of detox but it came back after the nausea left.

Only after did I learn from Aajonus that you can force a detox this way, very interesting. Eat lots of cheese to help soak up toxins during the detox. Haven't done another forced detox since, I just take the ones that come naturally on this diet.

Primal Diet / Re: Cheese cube train
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:01:52 pm »
Seems to be a lot off have for Aajonus. I have only been reading his stuff since may. I have the whole collection, all audios , all videos books etc.. there is also his 10 year camera man Ibrahim who is on YouTube at the minute doing short videos talking about he has been on the diet 60% of the time (more realistic) as he eats cooked food with his family, he doesn't say a bad word against him. What's the deal?

I'm confused about the haters trolling these threads also. If you don't like him why are you in the Primal Diet forum? Aajonus was just so polarizing because he goes so far against how society has programmed the masses to think since birth, and for some people that makes them angry and they want to defend that programming. Same goes for any red pill knowledge outside of nutrition also, most will want to defend what they've been taught and what is popular in the mainstream. All you can do is giggle at them  ;D

As far as the cheese train goes, I'm really trying to eat more of my homemade raw cheese throughout the day for the powerful detoxing benefits. The problem is I forget to do it.

Primal Diet / Raw whole coconuts?
« on: October 30, 2019, 03:51:11 pm »
What is Aajonus's opinion on eating raw whole coconuts instead of the coconut cream? I've heard him talk about the raw tribe in the Phillipines who lives on raw fish and raw whole coconuts, but was wondering why he never talked about eating raw whole coconuts outside of that and only the coconut cream? Is there some negative aspect to eating the coconuts whole in the context of the Primal Diet?


Just realized I mis-calculated everything. The meat that made me feel uneasy was only 4 days old. The batch before I ate it until 4 days old and felt fine.

I guess somewhere around the 4 day point is when it will start having that effect if I continue storing it like I have been (stacked up in the plastic bag and tied off).

I don't know of any methods to undo rotting, except letting it go high in a well airated glass jar so you can have it much later on. But I would make sure this is good quality meat before doing that.

Much later on, you mean when I can handle higher bacteria counts?

I've cooked meat many times at this stage (1 week old) and I've never had any issues.

If you're new to raw, I suggest eating only fresh, until your body is well used to the higher bacteria count. If you're not 100% or close to 100% raw, or if you're not mainly meat based, I would avoid meat that isn't fresh.

It won't harm you, but it may not be the most pleasant on your digestion.

If possible, try buying smaller amounts so you finish it before it starts to rot.

There are other methods of preserving meat for longer periods without freezing it. Sabertooth, goodsamaritan and others hang it in the fridge so moisture is unable to collect and the surface is always dry. Doing that it should last longer. If your refrigerator can be set to a temperature of around 4C or 2C, or to lower humidity, this may also help.

Also, thicker cuts rot more slowly than thinly sliced pieces, since meat rots from the outside in.

Another method is to dry it out, turning it into raw jerky. Simply slice it thin (or make very thin plates from ground meat), set them on a rack and place a fan blowing air onto them. Sunlight or wind may also help. You might want to do something to keep flies away. This can turn meat into jerky in a matter of hours.

Thanks for your reply. So this may be a common thing which is good to know. I was unaware of these methods to delay the bacteria. The part about the jerky, is that for converting the already "bad" meat I have in my fridge into something I can eat? Or just a method for keeping it longer from when its fresh?

Thanks again

General Discussion / Uneasy feeling after eating 1 week old raw beef
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:05:41 am »
I've been on a 50% raw meat diet (zero carb) for about a month now (breakfast cooked, dinner raw). I have some ribeye steaks in the fridge (never frozen) that I have been eating raw for dinner every night for 8 days or so. Yesterday on day 8 I woke up early in the morning with some stomach uneasiness but then fell back asleep. When I woke up later I thought the feeling was a dream until last night I had the feeling again after dinner (raw steak raw eggs) which lasted for about 5-6 hours until I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning I felt fine.

The feeling isn't very concentrated in my stomach, its mostly an overall uneasy feeling that resonates throughout my body, but its obvious its from food. Its not intense just a general uneasy feeling that's very noticeable.

I noticed the same thing happen before with ground beef from the same butcher. The first week while it was fresh it did not have this negative effect when I ate it raw, then after a week or so it starts to give me this uneasy feeling when I eat it raw. I ate it about 3 times with the negative effect just to confirm. When I cooked the same ground beef I did not have this feeling.

Raw liver from the same butcher I had in the fridge for 3 weeks and I was eating it every night with no such issues.

Not really sure what's happening. Why does eating the raw beef muscle meat give me this uneasy feeling after it sits in the fridge for a week? The first week of eating it raw I have no such feeling.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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