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Raw Weston Price / Re: Only 2 of 12 Tribes Consumed ANY Dairy
« on: September 05, 2010, 04:31:13 pm »
First,  I'm  off dairy, even though I have over 15 goats now for many years.   Half the truth of dairy is that without the right gut flora you won't digest the lactose.  But those bacteria can be built up by eating small amounts and supplementing with probiotics.  I even did implants with extremely high counts of many different forms of probiotics.  Could say more if anyone is interested.   The next half,  is is your milk coming from either cow or preferably goats eating  GREEN grass and weeds, bushes, etc.  And not just grass that may be brown,  cut, processed.   Most dairy consuming cultures almost always culture their milk in some way or another,  hence, cheese, yogurt, kefir etc.....   It is VERY hard to meet all these requirements, yet when milk was used as in Switzerland all the requirements were met routinely.  For example, when winter came and green grass and summer had passed, the mountain people dried up their animals till they gave birth in spring when the grasses were green again.  They relied on their cultured cheeses and butter over the winter. It's only in 'our' attempts to shortcut the process that we've messed with natures formula that has historically built some pretty strong individuals with the milk collected from animals.
I have to tell you that as a Physician, I have tried raw grass fed milk with hundreds of lactose intolerant patients and up to this point every single on eof them had no complaints with raw dairy.  Lactase does occur naturally in raw milk.  I have even had people with so called milk allergies do fine with raw dairy.  That is my experience, I have heard different stories from others. 

Price didn't really recommend any one diet.  He wasn't particularly anti-grain, although he definitely recognized that grains are not a necessary human food. He was pretty pro-dairy.  I'm not sure he really understood the concept of lactose intolerance very well.  That might be cultural, for him. 

It's kind of hard to sum up that diet.  Who cares, anyway?  What matters is the data he found about crooked teeth, cavities, and native diets, not Dr. Price's interpretation of it.

He realized that high-quality animal products like organ meats, fish eggs, shellfish, and seafoods in general are very important for health.  He also realized that animal products are not necessarily the cause of heart disease, strokes, and cardiovascular issues and cancer.

Again, Price's conclusions are not nearly as important as Price's data.

Like this person said, he didn't recommend a diet.  He merely saw that all different indigenous diets were much healthier than modern diets and he found some common denominators in them.  One was that they sought out concentrated sources of nutrients, shellfish, organ meats etc.  He found various groups on different ends of the animal-plant food wpectrums but found that they all ate some animal procucts.  He was expecting to find some vegetarians but found none.  So it is more about principles than a specific diet.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / The complete Paleo Diet
« on: September 05, 2010, 04:17:33 pm »
The only issue with only eating animal priducts is that the Paleolithic people had a complete diet with no deficiencie.  Modern Paleo people do not have the same situation.  Paleo people did eat some non animal foods but even if they didn't they would have a complete diet.  This is becasue they ate organs, blood, bone marrow, bones, extra fat found around the organs(kidneys, intestines) and they ate the stomach and intestinal contents of their prey.  This is partially digested vegatation.  The muscle meat was actually eaten after all these things.  Carnivorous animals take the same approach.  So where are you going to get blood, one of the most nutritious parts of an animal?  You can eat fermented veggies as a replacement for the intestinal contents.  Our ancestors got vitamin C from eating adrenal glands, B12, B6, folate and kinds of other nutrients from eating liver, minerals from bones, all kinds of nutrients from blood etc.  I see some people today thinking that they can just eat muscle meat and be healthy. 

Hot Topics / Jucing in the wild
« on: September 05, 2010, 03:57:57 pm »
You can chew vegetebles to extract the juice in your mouth and then spit out the mainly-indigestable pulp. Aajonus mentions in one of his books that he does this when travelling when he doesn't have access to a juicer.

This is an interesting topic.  Just wanted to add my 2 cents.  Jane Goodall discovered in her expeditions that Chimps actually "juice" leaves.
Chimps are omnivorous frugivores while Gorillas are more herbivores.  Gorillas can handle massive amounts of green plants and are designed to digest it.  Chimps do eat some leaves but can't handle as large amounts as Gorillas.  Apparently at times, they chew on a big wad, suck out the juice and eventually spit out the fiber.  I do supplement my diet with daily juicing and have found it to be immensely helpful for myself and my patients. 
If you want to be all natural, do what the chimps do. 

Welcoming Committee / New Member-Naturopathic Doctor
« on: September 05, 2010, 03:44:29 pm »
Hey Everyone,
I am a new member here and just wanted to introduce myself.  For the most part I eat in line with the principles of Paleolithic, raw foods, fermented foods, native diets etc.
I have helped a lot of patients by using food as medicine.  I practice in the Los Angeles area.  I am interested in discussions, meeting local people, sharing resources and I will gladly answer any questions on medicine or nutrition that I can. 

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