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Hello all. This forum has been a great help, have a question about consuming eggs. I consume raw organs, raw muscle, raw dairy and feel amazing. Best digestion ever, clear skin, etc. Today I decided to try a raw egg. This was from a pastured chicken and the yolk was the same color as my grandparents chicken eggs (hens that roam all day in the yard and get barely any feed). I tried it out and found that I really don't care for them. My body rejected the white immediately, the yolk was okay, but kind of weird and I didn't really care for it. I don't think this is a mental thing, as I love the taste of raw liver and muscle, and don't think of eating a raw egg as taboo or gross. I'm just kind of surprised by this. Everyone seems to love them. I suppose the proper thing to do is to listen to my instincts and simply not consume them anymore unless I crave them or something.
Did you guys enjoy raw eggs when you first tried them? Or did you find that it was something that you eventually started enjoying?

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