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Personals / Re: South Africans?
« on: April 03, 2013, 07:56:19 pm »
Hello! My name is Janelle, I just moved from Manila to Cape Town!  I have been attempting to eat RPD on and off for 2 years now and my main consideration is finding good suppliers.   Andvanwyk, I was drooling when I read all the great stuff you have access to! Is there any way I can get the numbers of your suppliers?  :)  Or would anyone here know of good farmers markets where I can get quality grass fed beef?

General Discussion / Re: Eye color change updates
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:53:45 am »

Whoa, very interesting!  I wonder if this phenomenon applies to Asian people as well?  I'd like to see my dark brown chinese eyes turn a shade lighter  :)

General Discussion / Re: Oysters, Good and Bad Ones?
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:49:17 am »
In the Philippines we have weekly bulletins regarding the monitoring of red tide:

Hey GS, i saw the news too yesterday.  Does red tide affect fish as well?  How can we tell if fish is really clean & safe to eat?  

I plan to go to Farmers Market this week with my maid, i have only a vague idea how to choose fresh seafood.... my maid comes from a fishing village in Iloilo & her uncle was a fisherman so i'm hoping she can help me choose good stuff  :) Do you have a particular stall ( or suki) there that you patronize?

I just had a salad buffet last night at Mandarin hotel,  ate about 20 oysters ( from Roxas City) and lots of raw tuna ( from Gen San) and raw salmon.  The salmon was frozen though... but it still tasted good   :)  The mussels there looked a little pale & dry so i passed on those.  

 assured me that the oysters are fresh bec the shell is clammed shut & they need to open it with a knife.  Is this a reliable way to tell how good/fresh an oyster is?

General Discussion / Re: Raw Egg Yolk and Stomach?
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:35:18 am »

I've been consuming about 2 raw eggs a day as i started to ease into this RPD Diet.
Sometimes i take 1 whole egg & 1 eggyolk, most of the time its 2 eggyolks taken straight.

 Haven't experienced any stomach pains, but what i have experienced is a slight dull heaviness & ache at the back of my head, especially when i started consuming 4 eggs a day.  I thought maybe too much chicken eggs is not that good for me so i got some duck eggs too  -  been taking 2 eggyolks from duck eggs & 2 from chicken eggs.   The heavy achy feeling was still there so i stopped yesterday.

I seem to do fine when i take only 2 eggyolks.  Could i be detoxing? is that why my head feels funny?

By the way i make sure that my eggs are organic & free range and i always get them fresh.

Side note: I just got a blood test yesterday & my cholesterol levels are very good - high HDL & low LDL. (My family has a history of heart disease) Clearly the eggs are having a beneficial effect.  I'm just wondering why i don't feel so good a few hours after eating 4 eggyolks.  Has anyone had the same experience? 

Primal Diet / Re: Raw milk
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:17:37 pm »
I just got some raw goats milk today... But I accidentally left it in the freezer in my mom's house! Is it ok to freeze raw milk or would it make it less digestible once I thaw it?

Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:12:03 pm »
Epsom salt flushes are harsh and not necessary for people on the raw paleo. I did a couple of them in my sad days. I got tons of stones out  and was relieved for a couple of weeks but as long as I was still eatting problem foods the congestion just came back. The egg yoke flush along with a raw paleo diet is about the best remedy for a clogged liver I have yet to discover.

Yeah I do feel the Epsom salts take a toll on my body coz of the strong laxative effect, but I do it bec I have "lazy" bowels... I'd get occasional constipation even when I was vegetarian or 80%raw vegan.  I didn't want to take the risk of the gallstones getting stuck inside my intestines! If I do this egg yolk flush (after a week as GS recommends) I'd better do a lot of enemas.

I've read some articles by skeptics who debunk the healing effects of liver flushes, saying the stones that are passed out are just "soap" stones that formed bec of the olive oil. When I did my 1st flush I was worried this might be true. But after passing out hundreds of green stones, I felt better -more mental clarity and i had more energy and the achy feeling I always had in my neck area greatly diminished. So I thought there must something to this method, and I've been doing it every month
But this time after cleaning my liver out, I plan to nourish it with raw paleo foods. :)   


Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:57:26 am »

I'm doing an Epsom salt Liver flush tonight, after that i want to try this Eggyolk liver flush. Should i wait a couple of days or 1 week before i do this eggyolk flush?  Or can i just do it the next day?  What would yield the best results?  :)


I'm doing my 6th Liver flush tomorrow so i have been drinking a lot of bottled australian apple juice for the past 5days.  I would prefer juicing the raw apple but i'm worried that the apples we have here in the philippines have high pesticide residue bec almost all of them are imported ( and a lot of them come from china!).  When i do eat apples i always peel them first. I'd probably consume more of them if i knew of a reliable way to clean them of any chemicals. Does anyone have any tips?  :)

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Carol Alt talks about being Raw Omni
« on: November 05, 2010, 12:03:18 pm »

This article is great!  :)  Gives a very balanced view of health -  no dogma and it respects the individuality of each person.  Thanks for posting!   :D

Welcoming Committee / Re: In search of Optimum Health!
« on: November 04, 2010, 11:47:32 am »
Hi kurite!  When i was going into raw veganism, i couldn't really stay 100% on raw all the time.  I had cravings for cooked rice, bread, noodles, and the occasional fish & seafood. So that comprised my 20%, the 80% was fruits & greens. So i felt bad for not having "discipline" 20% of the time   :(    Good thing i like sushi, so eating raw fish is easy :)

Thanks tylerdurden! The info there is very useful :)

Hi goodsamaritan & leadahead, does it have to be animal fat like eggyolks or butter?  what about fat from fresh coconut milk or nuts? And where can i get a good source of organic grass fed beef if ever?  :) do you guys have a direct supplier or do you get it from Farmer's Market?  :)

Welcoming Committee / In search of Optimum Health!
« on: November 03, 2010, 01:07:05 pm »

Hi everyone, i want to introduce myself finally after having spent weeks lurking as a Guest reading all the great information you guys have here.  I am 33yrs old, from the philippines.  I found this forum thru the blog of goodsamaritan ( kababayan!)   I have been pesco vegetarian (cooked) since my early 20's and after that 80% raw food vegan for the last 3 years until now.

I admit i got into raw food out of vanity!  I was sold into the idea of having glowing skin, looking younger, staying slim, etc. On the outside, i look pretty healthy & athletic... but for some reason i feel my health on the inside is not that great.   ( well, i did spend a few "lost years" indulging in alcohol & some recreational drug use in my youth... and maybe i'm still paying for it now)   

I get cold hands & feet a lot, even when i exercise & do tai chi & get acupuncture. I get constipated in spite of all the fiber i was eating. And another thing is when i went to get a BioScan last year (they strap electrodes on you to get an electrical reading of the state of your internal organs) the doctor said that i don't have enough "Chi" flowing through me bec the machine wouldnt work at certain points.   What gives?!?  I thought the raw food vegan diet was already the perfect diet.  Maybe i wasn't doing it properly, so i researched a bit more & attended some raw food classes.   

Something was still missing.  I'm not sick, but i certainly wasnt experiencing the great health & vitality & glowing skin that was promised.  And the worst of it is i'm suffering from hormonal androgen related acne now.  I've been taking oral contraceptives to keep it in check even if i know all the negative side effects.  I found the Wai Diet bec of my acne issues ( still vanity) and now i'm seriously considering Raw Paleo.  I'm willing to do whatever works in my search for Optimal Health ( and Beauty!) 

This forum is an awesome resource!  I'm looking forward to connecting with you all as we share information and experiences!   :)

Wai Dieters / Re: Count me in on this Wai Diet thing...
« on: November 03, 2010, 12:35:41 pm »
I came to raw paleo diet via Wai Diet.
My 2 younger kids do wai diet when they are sick.
wai diet for me is fruit and sea food.

Hi i just started researching about Raw Paleo diets after having read Aanjanous' experience a few months ago. I am also transitioning to RPD via the Wai Diet, right now i'm eating 2 - 4 raw organic eggs a day & having sushi 2x a week (on top of the raw fruits & greens i consume regularly). The thought of consuming raw land animals makes me squeamish right now so raw fish is a good place to start  :)  Are there any dangers with mercury poisoning or pesticides or parasites from eating raw fish? 

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