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I was told at the gym the other day that going swimming after lifting weights will waste all the work I have just done. ie. I won't get any bigger becuse the blood has been pumped to different parts of my body when swimming.

Is this true? The guy who told me was just another gym go'er like myself so I don't want to take JUST his word for it.

Any advice appreciated.

Off Topic / Re: Weight loss help
« on: June 08, 2009, 03:12:32 am »
Yeah, everybody says 45 mins a day, but I mean how many miles running/biking, how many jumps with a jumprope, etc. I want to get a specific number.

And like I said, I can't really afford to buy stuff like adjustable weights now, so what is a good weight of dumbells I can start off with.

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