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Is the dog/cat food just ground beef or organs as well? 

I only drink water.  The tongue coating got bad when I went full on no carbs.

I have always had tongue coating, so this is not new.

Butter is temporary till I get sick of it.  doing animal fat.  But I go through phases with what I want.  Eggs really grossed me out previously, and now I can't get enough of them.

The only other way I can explain it is that I can tell my body really NEEDS nutrition.  It is not like I am overeating.  It needs it.  AND GOBS of fat.  I wonder after looking on Bee Wilder's site if it is b/c it heals you.

What is "back fat?"  do I just ask my butcher for it?  why back fat in particular. 

My classes were fabulous today.  The brain is getting SHARPER.  HOORAY.  I'm glad I don't have to wait for this. 

Thanks for answering.  If anyone has other experineces.  The tongue is my fascinating study--I look at it every day and the breath--well, that also tells what my inside is doing.  On a positive note, the last time I did this, it took a long time for my urin not to seem bright yellow and dehydrated no matter how much water I drank.  The first week of this, I was bloating myself uncomfortably with water, but the kidneys were not processign it effecicientyl and I was still dehydrated.  Cut to today.  Drinking barely any--just to taste-I don't overdrink.  And I am not dehydrated. 

Any and all experiences are welcomed and appreciated!!!  I am on this for the long-term.  Now when I look at chocolate at Trader Joe's, I just think "unhappines.." ;)

thank you.  I am feeling a little despondent b/c I just "want to know.." It seems absurd b/c how can anyone tell me what will happen with me, but it would just make me feel better.  Oddly, even though I have been eating TONS of food, and ate more butter in one sitting than I can imagine, my stomach is flatter than ever.  But I feel so "odd" inside.  There is no other way to describe it.  My brain is still working great, but there is a strange feeling inside, like something floating around there.  I have been worrying about not working enough (money), but it is prob better.  Still can't decide if it is better to exercise and sweat or do nothing.  Can't tell.

I am always into moving around.  But I am confused about it.  My whole person feels strange.  I don't know how to say it other than it feels like the "me" that is really me is emerging more and more.  All because of candida leaving???  Is that possible???  Maybe I will stop being so confused about my "career" and will begin to generate more income.

Journals / Re: Lex's Journal
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:36:59 pm »
Hi Lex,

I can't figure out how to PM you and my computer annoyingly does not work with entourage.  There's some sort of problem that won't allow me to send it.  It just says sending and never does.  Can you check my latest post about candida?  Thank you very much!


I have made the transition and am ready to accept health.  I am only eating raw meat/fat and no longer chocolate.  So my body has been feeling very strange lately.  I wonder if anyone can comment on their experience.  What I notice is that I go through states (have been doing it about a week and a half at most) where my breath is rank and awful, then it clears.  The tongue coating is attrocious.  I cannot sleep tonight, but have slept like a rock at other times.  I even have a bit of a sniffle.

Yesterday, I had this need (not craving like for sugar, which actually stoopped pretty much the day I decided to claim my health back-I just eat plenty of meat and it passed) for LOADS of butter.  What is up with that?  I mean I ate a ton of it...I'm wondering if I should venture into the coconut oil territory again or not?

Whenever I do, or have in the past (mind you, I was still eating crap along with my meat) I get sneezy, sniffles, my tongue gets horrid, etc.  Am I allergic or is this helpful.  Is it not necessary to "speed it up?"  sometimes I feel that it is greedy and inadvisable to try and "hurry" nature along.  I took quite a long time messign it up.

Oh, on a good note.  My words are coming to me beautifully now.  I am flyng off the screen with my writing, so this is what excites me.  I know that my potential as a seer (I am a healer-I use hawk energy) and other areas will open wide.  Thank you for any and all experiences you have had.  sometimes, when the candida is angry in there, ticking away as I am burning it out, I need a little bolstering.  This site is helping me with that.

Journals / Re: cbj's change your life
« on: June 29, 2009, 07:17:39 am »
Hi Dave!

Nice to hear from you--yes, I do find that when I eat something that doesn't work for me, it reminds me why I don't partake of it.  Again, what I like about this forum is that there are a variety of people who have their own ideas about what is working and fascinating information and this is interesting to me.  When you are stuck in one mode, it is often too dangerous for you to see outside this.

so about the mat thing.  I may eventually get some sort of mat, but I am fairly lazy so I just use a yoga mat and put a sheet over it.  It feels so much better on my body.  I like feeling full of energy.  People say that it changes as you get older--what I think is that energy is different all the time, but there is a way to optimize this.

I haven't eaten yet today.  I am playing around with eating less and what I notice, is that when I go past a certain point, I am not hungry.  I'm fine with eating as often as I want, but I don't think I need to eat at times.  I don't mind eating for pleasure, but my point is, as for hunger, I  notice that sometimes tired gets mixed up with hungry.  So I like to see which is which.  When I am tired and eat b/c I am tired, this doesn't make me feel better.  Now I am not trying to lose weight.  But I do want to optimize my focus, so it's fun to experiment with these things.

I had a bit of coffee today, (just sipped a little at a small.  had cream and chocolate in it again.) so we will see how that goes.  If it's problematic it's going to get thrown out.  We will see....

Hmm,  Geoff....this is food for thought!   Why is it you think that our friend got mercury poisoning from eating swordfish, and tuna, etc.  and then when he stopped, he was able to reverse it.  He doesn't eat low carb or close to.  This is confusing to me, b/c he did have mercury poisoning.  HOw could it not be right??  I would LOVE if it is not right b/c I really enjoy raw tuna.  this is one of those things that would be very nice for me to be reassured about, but I am not seeing how this could be...I would LOVE to be wrong about this.  It makes me very angry that I can't eat tuna!

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:11:25 am »

What do you do now? I love the analogy, in ref. to what Lex and You were talking about re: trying too hard.  Just chopping wood and being in the village.  I guess this wasn't an analogy, actually, but I like the point you are making.  I keep trying to tell myelf--just relax, and then things go better.  Then you have energy to act when you wish and act with fortitude!

Journals / Re: cbj's change your life
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:08:27 am »

I woke up feeling better than ever!  I am thrilled with this way of eating.  I am naturally very mercurial, effervescent with the type of energy where people just wonder where it comes from.  When I am eatin gclean like this with a touch of pleasure, it gets even better.  I am more hopeful, more in touch with my inner vision.

I am thrilled b/c food is less on my mind.  I am thinking I might be able to balance having a bit of carbs with all the rest meet.  Carbs simply being chocolate and cofee, cream.  And then my raw meat. 

I am loving my new way of exercising--intense and short.  Then lots of rolling out and my yoga, but not spending the whole damn day exercising like I used to.  It's weird b/c I even like my face better lately.  I just feel better. 

Also I find sleeping on the floor is amazing.  I feel my body so well and this is wonderful.  I am feeling more open, too, in my personal relationship.  Things that felt threatening to reveal-my more covert nature (which wasn't covert for any reason of bad goings on but just fear of judgement and disapproval)--well, this seems to be loosening up as well.  With loosening of toxins--inside and out.  So I am feeling very joyful this morning!

Als, I notice I am no longer intolerant to heat, crowds, etc.  And when I exercised this a.m, lunging and running and switching off with weights and then without up these big steps, it was BROILING OUT, and it didn't bother me.  And I am no longer compulsive with exercise which is wonderful. 

ok.  htat's all for now.


Journals / Re: cbj's change your life
« on: June 28, 2009, 12:05:25 pm »
Oh, that is good to know Lex that I can ask people's experience and advice on things. 

I realized when I looked at my journal that it sounded like I was saying eating a bite of cooked food made me feel lighter.  That is not what I meant.  I meant that RAW makes me feel light.  I LOVE this feeling.  I do not like feeling weighed down--by guilt, by anxiety, or by food or intestinal discomfort.  to me, it is all the same thing and clogs the spirit--spirit and body are like half and half of a whole for me.

So I had a little of my mocha and that was it.  It seemed to satisfy me more than tea which makes me feel wired in a way that is unpleasant.  I am not motivated to drink decaffeinated coffee.  I have read that the process makes it not so good for you.  Well, we will see if I go overboard on it, b/c it will end up tossed out the window if I do.  This is generally why I like keeping the diet as plain as possible.

I don't really like clothes very much or furniture.  I sleep on the floor now b/c the bed feels like a pile of mushy oatmeal, and I don't use a bunch of soaps and cosmetics.  This is not b/c I am trying to be "natural."  It feels natural to me to doe these things, just as it feels natural to eat this way.  as for sugar issues, that feels HABITUAL, which is certainly not the same as natural.  Habitual as a way to tune out. this is not the direction I wish to move in.  I would rather "feel" uncomfortable than dull it.

My goal is to find a balance where I can remove scars of my past with food, and be able to have small amounts of what I find pleasurable without ruining it by overdoing.  As for the meat, this feels easy and pleasant.  I never get tired of it.  I love the ease, like not having to cook, feel great eating it.  I don't miss vegetables one bit.  And I was always a "veg" person.  Bread is something I will stay far away from. It makes me feel dull, blocked, and lifeless.

I will be interested to see how my senses sharpen as I improve my health.

Journals / Re: cbj's change your life
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:22:54 am » husband bought me a pricey ribeye.  I am used to getting them very cheap.  I ate the whole thing raw.  It was delicious.  I cooked a tiny bit of one piece just to test the difference.  So what I notice is there is a lightness, as though I am eating but not getting full in the belly when I eat this way.

I am relieved to be on here, b/c I like having the support of others, but also want to be able to be honest about what I eat without being shamed for it.  So I had a mocha today as well.  I hope I can say what I actually eat without people getting bent out of shape or I won't feel so comfortable on here. 

My goal is to feel light in body, sharp in mind, and strong in courage. 

Journals / cbj's change your life
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:19:40 am »
Hope this is the way you start the journal.  I'm going to test and see what happens.

Thank you!  I will start my journal!

thank you!  You are all so helpful on here.  I have been poring over all the material since yesterday.  Lex referred me to this site.  I love it!!!  I notice I am so much "lighter" when not cooking.

so what about the fish and the mercury issue?  I used to LOVE eating raw tuna but I think the mercury is a problem even if you are not eating carbs.  What about this....

so it doesn't seem as if anyone is RAVING about raw pork or chicken.  makes me not motivated to eat it. blech.  but I would be willing if someone had fantastic effects from it. ;)

My tendency is to stick with beef in all its forms.  I am thinking about trying chicken or pork raw.  Can anyone tell me about different benefits they have had on chicken and pork or fish versus just beef?  While I find any form of beef totally appealing in the raw, the thought of raw chicken grosses me out.  Raw pork seems even more unappealing.  But I am wondering if this would add to my overall health and perhaps chicken and pork are more appealing when not cooked.   

I am writing this, too, b/c I do have those fears about "worms" from pork or weird stuff from raw fish.  But this doesn't really match with everything else b/c I am not a frequent hand washer, never worry about "catching" germs, and am not concerned in the slightest about eating raw meat.  Hopefully, listening to some of you can allay this.

What has been your experience with chicken, fish, or pork in raw form?  I wonder if I would like it better b/c chicken is not very appealing to me, nor is pork.  And fish, of course, I have eaten raw, but for some reason, the past two times I have had sashimi, I felt like I was going to throw up later that night.  And this is unusual for me b/c I can eat REALLY old meat and never feel sick. 

I am very inspired reading on this site.  I did raw foods for several years, then went back to regular eating, and am on close to ZC now.  I am finding that raw feels so much lighter, and I need much less to feel satisfied.  This is a great thing!

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