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I have made the transition and am ready to accept health.  I am only eating raw meat/fat and no longer chocolate.  So my body has been feeling very strange lately.  I wonder if anyone can comment on their experience.  What I notice is that I go through states (have been doing it about a week and a half at most) where my breath is rank and awful, then it clears.  The tongue coating is attrocious.  I cannot sleep tonight, but have slept like a rock at other times.  I even have a bit of a sniffle.

Yesterday, I had this need (not craving like for sugar, which actually stoopped pretty much the day I decided to claim my health back-I just eat plenty of meat and it passed) for LOADS of butter.  What is up with that?  I mean I ate a ton of it...I'm wondering if I should venture into the coconut oil territory again or not?

Whenever I do, or have in the past (mind you, I was still eating crap along with my meat) I get sneezy, sniffles, my tongue gets horrid, etc.  Am I allergic or is this helpful.  Is it not necessary to "speed it up?"  sometimes I feel that it is greedy and inadvisable to try and "hurry" nature along.  I took quite a long time messign it up.

Oh, on a good note.  My words are coming to me beautifully now.  I am flyng off the screen with my writing, so this is what excites me.  I know that my potential as a seer (I am a healer-I use hawk energy) and other areas will open wide.  Thank you for any and all experiences you have had.  sometimes, when the candida is angry in there, ticking away as I am burning it out, I need a little bolstering.  This site is helping me with that.

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« on: June 28, 2009, 11:19:40 am »
Hope this is the way you start the journal.  I'm going to test and see what happens.

My tendency is to stick with beef in all its forms.  I am thinking about trying chicken or pork raw.  Can anyone tell me about different benefits they have had on chicken and pork or fish versus just beef?  While I find any form of beef totally appealing in the raw, the thought of raw chicken grosses me out.  Raw pork seems even more unappealing.  But I am wondering if this would add to my overall health and perhaps chicken and pork are more appealing when not cooked.   

I am writing this, too, b/c I do have those fears about "worms" from pork or weird stuff from raw fish.  But this doesn't really match with everything else b/c I am not a frequent hand washer, never worry about "catching" germs, and am not concerned in the slightest about eating raw meat.  Hopefully, listening to some of you can allay this.

What has been your experience with chicken, fish, or pork in raw form?  I wonder if I would like it better b/c chicken is not very appealing to me, nor is pork.  And fish, of course, I have eaten raw, but for some reason, the past two times I have had sashimi, I felt like I was going to throw up later that night.  And this is unusual for me b/c I can eat REALLY old meat and never feel sick. 

I am very inspired reading on this site.  I did raw foods for several years, then went back to regular eating, and am on close to ZC now.  I am finding that raw feels so much lighter, and I need much less to feel satisfied.  This is a great thing!

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