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Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: November 09, 2013, 01:21:00 am »
Simone, how are you doing? Still stick to instinctive eating?

The progresses I've made are:
- I only eat at lunch and dinner and no more throughout the day, as Burger recommend (I realized that after I stopped eating when I was not hungry the problem of mucus is gone)
- As regards the fruit I do only mono meals and as regards the vegetables sometimes mono meals, other times I eat foods together (usually not more than two)
- Unfortunately I have not yet begun to eat animal foods because I can not find it cheap and high quality

I managed to find only: oysters reared in France, sardines fished in the Mediterranean Sea, organic eggs, tuna caught in the Pacific and in the Atlantic. The meat is raised only with cereals (not including antibiotics and synthetic hormones). Regarding the fish, however, fear the parasite anisakis...

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: March 29, 2013, 02:24:48 am »
What's that? AFAIK there's nothing at all of that kind.

The news was spread by the only teacher of anopsology of Italy, you can see the third post at this link:

"There is again the possibility to practice stays in learning the practice dell'istintonutrizione. Also in France, no longer in the Paris region, but in the Deep South, in Perpignan, at the Mas Belric.
To see photos of the place, visit

There are no opening times set, so you can decide when you want your living room. Just book with a little in advance. The cost is about 80 euros per day for one person. If you book for more people, there are reductions in the price. The price is inclusive of accommodation, food and education.

For reservation and more information in Italian / English / French / German please write to the address"

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:03:33 am »
After so long, I finally decided to try the instinctive nutrition.
Today at lunch I put on the table dates, stark delicious apples, kind lettuce, romaine lettuce, carrots and tomatoes and I smell one by one these foods. However I could not figure out if there was salivation and especially I could not understand what had smell better. I could solve these problems by going for 1-2 weeks in Perpignan in Mas Belric in France, home to a new istinctive nutrition center but unfortunately I do not have the economic means...

Can you help me? Thank you

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: December 05, 2012, 03:30:08 am »
However, to start can I always eat organic meat since I cannot find grass fed meat or not?

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: December 04, 2012, 12:43:46 am »
I've tried to buy some cassia fistula on Orkos but is written that there aren't payment methods... It's common?

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: December 02, 2012, 11:26:34 pm »
This site sells grass fed meat preserved in this way:
The meat you order will be vacuum packed and delivered in a special cold box. The addition of frozen gel packs maintain the meat at a safe temperature for up to 36 hours or more. Your meat box will be delivered by express courier within 24 hours. The meat will keep for up to 5-6 days in the refrigerator, but we recommend freezing it the day it arrives.

The problem is always the price

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: How to start
« on: December 02, 2012, 08:12:45 pm »
To TylerDurden, I live in Italy and I'm Italian...  Do you think I am American? So I speak good English  ;D
I am aware of the fact that organic does not mean grass fed,  however, only few farmers in Italy have grass fed meat but they ship it frozen, which deceives the instinctive stop...
I live in a city, Milan where I can find organic farmed fish (which is always better than conventional) and at the supermarket there are clams and mussels vacuum (but I'm not sure they are caught).
In a natural food store I found some certified organic wild salmon but was treated at -40 ° that is good against anisakis but not for the instinct

Instincto / Anopsology / How to start
« on: December 02, 2012, 04:14:33 am »
Hello everyone, my name is Simone, I live in Italy and I am raw vegan but mine is not an ethical choice. My food "journey" started  about two years ago and included various stages in chronological order:
1) standard vegan diet (with fake and refined foods)
2) vegan diet with whole foods in their natural state (only fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, nuts and seeds, cold pressed oil)
3) raw food vegan diet (only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but low fat high carb)

The reason for my dietary change is the desire to achieve the best possible health and boycott the food industry that produces cooked and handled food.
However, despite the enormous improvements that the new diet have brought I became very skinny and my physical performance are not very good. As a result of these problems led me to further research through which I discovered the anopsology. I've read the Italian translation of "Manger Vrai" by Guy Claude Burger.

But I have some problems that I hope you'll solve and some questions that I hope you'll answer or rather:
1)My nose is pretty clogged with mucus in recent times (probably for detoxification from new chemical species), and this does not allow me to fully feel the smell of food
2)Apart from organic plants and organic eggs I cannot buy meat and fish for economic reasons
3)I cannot recognize what food my body needs despite the smell, let me explain, I cannot understand the mechanism of  olfactory and gustatory attraction (I would like you to explain to me how to behave during a meal)
4)The fruit must be cut to be able to smell it? In this case, the instinct would make me throw all the food if I did eat only one and I could not afford this cost
5)As for the eggs you must open them to see if my instincts want? You know I can not make me capable of the fact that an egg will have a good smell from the outside

Thank you for listening, I hope you can help me,
Simone  :)

PS: sorry for my english

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