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Instincto / Anopsology / Instincto Debunker debunking
« on: July 16, 2010, 10:27:43 pm »
I attended during many years the gatherings of instinctos here in France and in particular those instinctos living in the château de Montramé and from Orkos , which had access all year round to the best instincto food ever available and were according to Burger himself in ideal conditions to test his ideas. Most of even these people were emaciated, did'nt look healthy, had to take B12 or other vitamin and complement shots etc.

could you please tell me something more about this cases?

They suffered mainly from deficiencies, emaciation, skin troubles etc. Eating more food of animal origin available didn't cure the deficiencies and B12 shots were indispensable. It is remarkable that this condition takes usually many years on instincto to show up and that these people had access to the "best instincto food" according to Burger himself.

What kind of skin problems?

Vitiligo as far as I can remember is an example.

Instincto doesn't work, never.  

Now that our Great Chief Debunker has been able to thoroughly release his abhorrence of the instinct on a thread especially dedicated to his noble debunking mission, I’ll take his arguments one by one and show that they are either baseless or fallacious. Let’s examine first the "facts" on which Alphagruis claims to build from.

People working at Orkos, the European distribution center of unheated natural foodstuf originally created to supply instinctos, "would be terribly thin and should have resorted to B12 vitamins injections to avoid denutrition".

This issue started from a particular case of someone who remained in Indonesia during approximately five years, where he practically did not consume any animal protein. Very thin at his return, he noticed that his rate of B12 was extremely low. Knowing that an insufficient rate of this vitamin make its further absorption impossible, after some attempts at oyster consumption (rich in B12), he decided to get it by injections. He then found back a standard weight showing that his only deficiency was B12, something perfectly explainable considering the duration and the conditions of his stay in Asia.

Two other guys were then alarmed with the idea they may also lack B12 vitamins: a young guy had decided to try a rather risky experiment by taking a single meal every other day, then a meal every three days. He felt initially perfectly well (that shows that the caloric intakes can be enough even with very spaced meals!). But after more than a year and half, he lost weight in consequence of the exhaustion of his stock of B12 vitamin, stock already weak from start given the psychological rejection of animal proteins in his former vegetarian diet. His weight actually went up after a transitory contribution of B12 and remained stable since.

The same dangerous experiment was continued by another young man, himself skinny since childhood for a lack of animal food due to his education. A very low rate of B12 encouraged him to also try the supplementation experiment. I emphasize that I did not suggest to both of them to try such an experiment and that they did it by personal interest, in order to explore the limits of the body operation and to even counter my advices, which on the opposite recommend more regular meals.

A young woman, vegetarian up to that point, also took B12 supplementation as a preventive measure, in particular because she feared a deficiency during her pregnancy.

Another former vegetarian, who practiced instincto-nutrition since 18 years old, but with a mainly psychological systematic reluctance for animal food, had then his rate of B12 checked: it was at 60µg, hence insufficient. Preferring to avoid injections, he decided to overcome his psychological blockages and simply obey to his instinct with animal foodstuff, just like with other food. Result: his B12 rate raised in a year to 230µg, a completely satisfying rate. His BMI, of 17,5 before eating instincto (mild thinness according to WHO standards), has then been since four years at 20,2 kg/m.

It is on such elements that Alphagruis drew his convictions, by erroneously allotting to the instincto practice itself disorders due to other causes, and by taking care to hide these causes and lead us to believe it would be a general phenomena.

As an example of such biased assertions, he quoted – still about Orkos staff – skin problems as a sign of failure, implying that there would be several cases. Pressed to specify, he could only quote a single case of vitiligo. But he avoided mentioning that vitiligo is a hereditary disease! Therefore, if your nose is too long or your jawbone too narrow, it is due to a (late) practice of instincto… It’s possible that autoimmune mechanisms contributed to this case of vitiligo, but it still should be seen from where these disorder originated from, per example an excessive supply of B12 vitamins injected in large amounts, or an imbalance in proteins intake – result of a psychological blockage to some classes of animal food.

Alphagruis stand is rather faraway from the behavior a professional scientist should stick to. Vis-a-vis a disorder like a too low BMI, the correct attitude is to seek all the relevant factors, then to take a sufficient number of persons chosen randomly so as to determine if the instinctive choice of food leads to disorders. For example, in the case of people concerned above:
•   Stress
•   Insufficient sleeping time
•   Overwork
•   Not enough physical activity (long working days behind a computer screen to care of the company bussiness)
•   Former vegetarism or veganism, per example
•   Medical antecedents  (numerous instinctos are medecine’s and SWD survivors)
•   Psychological blockages to animal food
•   Heredity
•   Congenital or growth malformations due to mother’s diet or diet during childhood
•   The way to practice (food choice limited to unsold company foodstuff, thus difficult balancing)
•   Extreme experiments to eat every other day or even once every 3 days !

Taking account of instinctio-nutrition only as an indisputable cause of some perceived cases of thinness and to draw general conclusions from visual impressions, without even taking the trouble to enquire about the past of the persons nor to collect statistical data, is to take pleasure in a whole series of bias any researcher would be ashamed to.

Following these fallacious charges, we undertook last year a small study consisting in a request from all long term instinctos we know to state their weight and size, as well as the main features of their practice. We had in one week 43 answers, allowing to have a rough idea of the general results of the practice. It isn’t, of course, a statistical research up to the standards, but nevertheless a good indication of concrete reality. The results were: mean BMI: 20,9 kg/m2 with a standard deviation of 1,5 kg/m2 (the normality range according to is WHO and 18,5 to 25 kg/m2 with a standard deviation of 4kg/m2: thus a median value absolutely in the standards for the instinctos and much less deviation). The only cases of extreme thinness (16,2 = moderate thinness according to WHO), were those of people applying a kind of instincto while preserving their vegetarians or vegan principles, contrary to my recommendations and elementary common sense.

Alphagruis immediately disputed these results with his usual vehement insults. I concede that these aren’t obviously statistically sure results, considering possible bias in sampling – for example, the instinctos died of skinniness could not have answered (even that there are none…). The gathered data  nevertheless shows that the long run instinctos we could contact, without prior selection, are not in an alarming state of thinness, as he would like to make us believe. I emphasize that instinctos with vegetarian or vegan tendency were not excluded from the study! Moreover, these figures are to be revised upwards, knowing that the body constitution (quotient of the vital tissues mass compared to the total weight including fat) is definitely better for the instinctos.

The remaining question is then to know whether Alphagruis >: proceeds in this way because of a sincere conviction that instinctive nutrition cannot work, and in this case what are the true reasons of his conviction, or if he does it by a visceral need to destroy something disturbing him, the instincto theory or its application, or perhaps the perception he forged himself -d of my person. It would then be necessary to seek the causes of these destructive impulses. -\

I’ll try to answer these questions in subsequent posts. ;)

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