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General Discussion / Chelation therapy using DMSA / ALA
« on: September 20, 2010, 05:08:36 am »
I've been eating a RAF based diet now for 10 years and have seen hugely significant improvements in my health.  However, I'm still not in as good health as I would like and suspect that underlying problems such as low stomach acid, candida, possible absorption issues etc remain an issue due to previous heavy metal poisoning (primarily due to dental amalgam).

I first read the work of Andy Cutler PhD over 10 years ago following removal of all of my amalgam fillings in Germany (before it was recognised in the UK).  At the time, I spent a brief period 'playing' with chelation following his protocol with the use of DMSA and ALA.  But, suffering extreme health difficulties at the time and unable to afford the supplements due to my inability to work I didn't continue the program.

I think my signifiant health improvements following a RAF diet has been partly due to a natural chelation provided by the diet (muscle meats, liver and heart supply plentiful amounts of ALA as far as I'm aware).  As I'm now much stronger physically, I'm considering resuming a serious attempt at chelation therapy following Andy Cutler's protocol.

Does anyone here have much experience of this before or, even, since following a RAF diet?  I think my diet will cover most bases so am simply considering supplementing with a program of 100mg DMSA / 100mg ALA every 4 every hours  for 3 days of each week (4 days off).  This is to be continued for 12 - 36 months to ensure removal of all mercury and lead.

Any thoughts?

Display Your Culinary Creations / RE: True carpaccio or 'parma' beef
« on: December 06, 2009, 06:21:45 am »
I just thought it may be helpful to share a recent minor discovery regarding food preparation.  I seem to recall Raw Kyle and others previously discussing difficulties in slicing beef wafer thin for genuine carpaccio-style beef - a problem I have always suffered myself.  I've always been aware that most carpaccio has been sliced so thinly by utilising a 30min - 2hour pre-freezing of the meat before slicing.  As someone who does not consume frozen meat, this has always been a stumbling block for me.  It's always seemed to call for expensive cuts of fillet or tenderloin too which is financially not viable!  I've spent many unfulfilled hours searching for industrial quality meat slicers capable of achieving the desired results on fresh meat.  However, I have tonight enjoyed some absolutely wonderful 'parma' beef (as I like to call it in respect of my favourite famous Parma ham). 

This was achieved by, firstly, using a sharp carvery knife on my cheap cuts of raw, fresh, never-frozen beef brisket.  I sliced it as thin as normal which is not acceptable for true carpaccio.  However, the trick then is to take a wooden kitchen spoon and, using the back of the spoon head, firmly roll it over the individual slices for a few minutes gradually pressing and expanding the meat fibres outwards.  Amazingly, this results in the most incredibly thin slices of fresh beef.  I then seasoned these slices and placed them in my Excalibur dehydrator at the lowest possible setting (<95 F) for 2 hours.

The taste of the resultant meat was amazing!  I served a selection of slices on a cheese board as finger food and it tasted like greasy fried bacon!   :-*  If anyone's interested, I'll post some pics when I make my next batch (which will be VERY soon!).

Hi all,

I've recently finished reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.  What a fantastic book about ultra-running, the culture of the Tarahumara indians of the Copper Canyon, anthropology, persistent hunting etc!  I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in running (or not!) and think it would appeal to many here as (despite it's dietary advice & commentary) it sits well with the interests of primal lifestyles.  It's also just a wonderfully gripping adventure true-story.

I've never been interested in running previously but have been inspired by this book and am now looking to take up running as my main mode of transport!!  (rather ambitious I admit!)  :)

At 38yrs old, I realise that I need to do this in an intelligent manner and am now investigating different running techniques, body alignment exercises, barefoot running possibilities etc with a view to avoiding injury.  I know that some of you guys have mentioned some of this stuff in the past so would be extremely interested in any thoughts or experiences in these matters?

I've spent the last 3 months following a daily exercise program utilising the Egoscue method which promises to re-align correct body posture.  I'm seeing definite improvements already!  Has anyone else had experience of the Egoscue method?

More recently, I've been looking into running techniques to prevent injury and increase efficiency.  The methods described in Born To Run of the world's greatest ultra-runners - the Tarahumara indians - along with modern scientific techniques such as Dr Romanov's POSE Method have all piqued my interest.  However, these styles with their fore/mid foot landings seem to conflict with Egoscue which relies on the accepted Heal-Toe method when body alignment has been corrected.

What are your thoughts on Egoscue, POSE, Chi running, barefoot running, Tarahumara style etc???

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Weaning
« on: October 30, 2009, 07:34:11 am »
As many of you know, I have a new 5 month old son and the time will soon be arriving when we'll be weaning him onto solids.  So far, he's purely breast-fed.  His mother is not raw or paleo but has been very co-operative with regards to her own diet and my advice throughout the pregnancy and breast-feeding period.  She's largely been following a Weston Price style diet.  I've also been ensuring that she gets plenty of raw animal foods at least in the form of whole eggs, home-made grass-fed beef jerky, jersey butter, occasional jersey cream/milk and raw fermented blue ice cod liver oil.  Fortunately, she LOVES the jerky I make so has been eating 2-3kgs per week with lots of raw jersey butter.

My son is doing incredibly well and is strong, well developed and seemingly advanced.  Of course, we also decided to eschew all vaccinations (as I did with my now 11 yr old daughter in my pre-raw days).

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for good early weaning foods?  Ideally, I would raise him on RAF but my partner - although accepting that RAF can be a part of his diet - also wants him to eat 'normal' food.  His diet is probably going to end up being a variation of a Price diet too with me emphasising raw meats and fats (I've been RAF for almost 9 years and now zero carb for the last few months).  I am going to be adamant that he is not fed any grains and no dairy (except, perhaps, raw butter). 

I'm thinking raw egg yolks, thinly sliced raw meats & ground suet, chopped lamb liver/heart, cod liver oil, vegetable soups/purees made with homemade bone stock, etc.  What do you guys think of him eating raw meats before he has teeth (still awaiting the 1st!)?  Obviously, I'd slice it thin and chop it up small but choking may be a concern.

Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences?



Hey guys,

I know this has been discussed before but can't find the information I need from the archives.

How much meat and fat are you eating on a daily basis?  Also, what ratio of protein/fat does this constitute?

I'm suddenly thinking that the 1kg of beef/lamb and 250g+ of suet I'm eating daily is way too much bearing in mind 1g protein = 4 cal and 1g fat = 9 cal !!!  Am I right thinking that's over 6000 calories?!?!

As well as enlightening me with your own daily rations - can someone please point me in the direction of Lex's previous calculations on this subject?  Thanks

Hi guys,

I thought it may be a good idea to link this Times article to the group from today's online edition:

As with most newspaper reporting, it's incredibly biased and exaggerated.  The article and the comments it's attracting are also very negative!   l)

Feel free to all go and add to the discussion!!   ;D


Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Ca/Mg on a zero carb or RAF diet?
« on: February 23, 2009, 09:03:42 pm »
Following lifelong problems with candida despite 8 years of RAF, I've decided to implement the anti-candida diet specified by Bee Wilder into my eating plan.  I'll basically be staying with my RAF foods but will be totally excluding high-carb veggies, fruits, honey, dairy (I still had occasional cheese until recently) and probably nuts/seeds as I still have problems digesting them even when I shell/soak/dehydrate them myself.

I'm wondering where I'm going to get my Calcium and Magnesium from.  What do you zero-carbers do in this regard?  I recall various people on here claiming that the body's requirement of Ca/Mg has been overstated and that we get sufficient amounts from meats, organs, seafood etc but I'm not convinced this is the case as any nutritional data I've look at - even on grass-fed meat products - does not suggest this to be the case.  Where did paleo man source these essential nutrients?  Was it purely from chewing bones, bone marrow (negligible) and occasional nuts/seeds?  Magnesium, particularly, seems to be extremely difficult to source.

Nuts, seeds & cacao have been my main sources of these elements besides dairy in the past and I'm contemplating making a sesame/almond milk from soaked un-hulled sesame's and almonds as it shouldn't cause the digestive problems of eating the whole nut/seed.  Has anybody experimented with this?

I'd be very interested to hear any thoughts on these matters.


General Discussion / RE: Seafood parasites
« on: February 23, 2009, 04:32:37 am »
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've logged on here and I've missed keeping up with all the posts.  Unfortunately, my health's taken a turn for the worse over the last couple of months or so which, I believe, has been caused by nearby mobile phone masts following a house move!  I do suffer from electrosensitivity and am now experiencing chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, weakness, etc.  I'm hoping to move in the next week or so thankfully and start rebuilding my health!!

Anyhow, I was just wondering about people's experiences with raw oysters.  Geoff, from what I can recall you consume raw oysters regularly - have you had any problems from them with parasites?  Like you (I think), I've long subscribed to the theory that they pose no danger for people on a healthy diet and serve only as a detox.  However, I bought some fresh wild native oysters from the unpolluted waters of Falmouth Bay this week for my pregnant girlfriend and she's been violently sick from them!!  She doesn't follow a raw diet at all but I have been trying to ensure she gets as much good quality, raw animal food throughout the 5 month pregnancy so far. This has included raw lamb heart & liver (blended into a drink), eggs, butter, milk/cream.  Up until now she's had an amazingly healthy pregnancy.  But, since the oysters, she's looked absolutely awful and has been violently sick!  Have you had any experiences of parasite problems from raw oysters?

As a test, I've now eaten 20 raw oysters myself this morning.  As you know, I've been eating RAF for about 8 years but still they seem to have effected me too!  Today, I've had terrible stomach cramps, sickness etc myself too!

Any thoughts?


General Discussion / New to forum - Hello
« on: September 18, 2008, 04:36:03 am »
Hello to you all!

I've just joined this forum after reading through it over the last week or so.  It seems to be a great group and I'm glad to be a part of it!  I just wanted to introduce myself.

I've been eating RAF for about 7 years now and have still not quite attained the radiant health I seek.  Like many of you I came upon RAF - via Weston Price - after suffering major health problems following years of vegetarianism-veganism-raw veganism.  Up until 2 or 3 years ago I was quite closely eating the Primal Diet way but have since cut out the raw milk/cream, vegetable juices, plentiful honey and some of the other bizarre notions of 'gurus' such as AV.  I do still eat raw organic butter from grass-fed jersey cows but would, ideally, like to replace this with suet and/or marrow.    I think I've been heading towards Raw Paleo for some time so am very pleased to have stumbled upon this group.

As I mentioned, I have been reading through many of the posts on the forum and I'm still a little unclear as to what you guys are actually eating.  It would be great to hear some specific details within this single topic if you care to share with me?  Personally, I'm now looking to eat mainly grass-fed beef and liver, wild venison (when I can afford it!), occasional fish, suet/marrow, limited fresh organic/wild veg (salad greens, herbs, onion, garlic, pepper, tomatoes), limited seasonal tart fruits (raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries etc) and very limited soaked/dehydrated/ground nuts & seeds.  I also use Celtic sea salt.  How does that compare with what you guys are eating?  What kind of quantities/ratios are you eating?

Going beyond raw and beyond organic etc I've long been looking at the 'quality' of the foods I'm eating such as trying to source grass-fed animal foods, high-brix fruit/veg etc.  My main problem at the moment does seem to be finding and sourcing such quality.  If only we had a Slankers here in the UK!

Tyler, am I correct in thinking that you're the same UK Geoff from the Primal Diet yahoo group? I think we communicated a few times years ago on that group.  You seem to have moved on very well and it's been interesting reading about your move to Paleo.  I realise that you probably still largely rely on the London farmers markets for supplies but I'm wondering if you have any sources of grass-fed suet or marrow as I'm finding it very difficult to find!? The best grass-fed farmers I can seem to find are Fordhall Farm and the Well Hung Meat Co who both seem genuine in their grain-free feeding.  Unfortunately, I cannot obtain anything but cuts of meat from them.  Are you managing to obtain your paleo fats sufficiently? Any suggestions?

Best wishes,


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