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Health / Broken bone
« on: February 14, 2010, 04:48:55 pm »
Five days ago, I went hiking with my two kids, the youngest on my back in a carrier, and I slipped and fractured the fibula bone near the wrist. I heard it snap like a twig, when my foot bended sideways ( I instinctively tried not to fall on my back, where my son where sitting). I used flip flops (not the best shoes for hiking, but it was a spontaneous hike!) and the hillside was full of round shaped gravel. Bad combination. I have had a fracture once before in my life, 18 years ago, and it´s the same bone in the same place as this time. Can it bee that I didn´t heal properly that time (it was in my vegetarian days) and the bone was already weaker there then the rest? Or maybe I just used the same way of bending my right foot when I lost my balance, and thats why I fractured it in the same manner. I don´t think I have brittle bones in general.
It is healing remarkably quick, though. I started putting weight on it two days ago, and I am walking without crutches. I refused casting (is it called that in engl?), I want full blood circulation for optimal healing and I need to be able to move the foot as much as I can.
I just eat the same as usual but I drink more milk, I crave it at the moment. I love bonemarrow, but I can´t get organic meat here, in Goa where I am at the moment, and I dare not eat marrow full of toxins so I stay off it.
Does anybody have any input on what might be good food for me for healing this? I still have a bit of swelling and bruising around the ankle.

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