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Health / Teeth keep getting worse (2 years raw primal)
« on: April 27, 2020, 10:26:11 pm »
Hi fellow life experimenters :)

22 months of raw primal diet - teeth worse, wounds heal slow - what's up?

I'm a 27 year old male, 195cm/90kg (6'4/200lbs). For my entire life I was extremely healthy, strong and fit. Never sick. No surgeries or drugs.

I messed myself up by getting into vegetarianism from 2015-2017. Then in July 2017 I did 6 weeks waterfasting (and sauna daily) followed by 10months fruitarianism until I finally woke up in July 2018 when I could sometimes barely walk, weighed 64kg (140lbs), and had massive erosion of the roots of my teeth. The first 3 months of recovery I had mainly raw dairy, eggs and berries, gained my 30kg (60lbs) back, and my weight has stayed there since. Since then I have eaten 'raw primal diet' which is high fat all raw, mainly animal foods (meat, fish, chicken, organs, eggs, dairy), vegetable juice (mainly celery, fennel, cabbage) and some berries and honey.

I source the absolute highest imaginable food quality, never eat junk, and I never drink or smoke. I use blue blocker glasses before bed, and spend the wintertime in tropical climate, and the summertime in Switzerland, so I get lots of sun, grounding, activity.

Symptoms I had the first year that are now solved: Eye tetany, energy crashes, inconsistent morning wood.

Symptoms that persist are:
   - Very acidic urine (pH 5.5) and saliva (pH 6.5-6.8)
   - Teeth chipping, breaking, getting more translucent and more caries
   - Slightly receded gumline (0.5mm)
   - Brittle toenails (they also have fungus since I was 15)
   - Joints cracking i.e. knees when coming up from a deep squat
   - Shoulder injury/inflammation that keeps persisting
   - Burping, also when waking up in the morning
   - Very very slow wound healing, for example a fingernail-sized wound on my ancle still has some scab on after 5 weeks…
   - Diarrhea when traveling
   - Bloodshot eyes
   - Fingernails have vertical ridges (maybe normal)
   - Occasional sleep trouble
   - Occasional muscle tetany
   - Occasional erection problems and orgasms with barely any sensation (Note: This could also be related to me having 5 years of no sex nor masturbation until I stopped the fruitarianism).
   - I pick my nose a lot… Don't know if that's a symptom, but could be
   - Nail pictures:

Supplements I started using after the first year (july2019):
   - Bee pollen 2 tsp/day
   - Sea salt to taste
   - ACV/lemonjuice with meat/fish meals
   - Wheatgerm oil (A.Vogel)
   - Magnesium threonate 1500mg/day (Double Wood)
   - Magnesium oil transdermally 20 sprays/day (MgCl)
   - Iodine lugols 5% 12 drops/day (Heiltropfen)
   - Organic sulfur 2 tsp/day (Organic Sulfur 4 Health)
   - Silica gel (Orgono)
   - Young at Heart (Dragon Herbs)

My blood type is A positive.
I have done regular blood tests and hair mineral analyses, which you can see here:
I can make new tests as needed.

A day of eating varies, but on average its something like:
   - 11:00 - 400g green juice + 25g butter
   - 12:00 - 300g beef + 100g organs + 200g tomato + 75g butter
   - 14:00 - 5 eggs blended with lemonjuice + 300g berries + 50g butter
   - 16:00 - 400g green juice + 25g butter
   - 17:00 - 300g fish + 400g cucumber + 75g butter
   - 19:00 - 500g fermented milk + 50g butter
In total around 600g meat/fish, 100g organ, 800g green juice, 300g butter, 500g fermented milk, 5 eggs, 300g berries, 200g tomato, 400g cucumber.

I've recently started adding bone broth (not raw).
In the winter when traveling I've tested having less/no green juice, but that didn't seem to help, maybe the opposite.

Problems I can think of:
   - Maybe I have weak digestion so I don't absorb the nutrients.
   Maybe I have a parasite infection that steals the nutrients.
   - Maybe I lack one or more minerals that just cant be obtained from food anymore with our depleted soils. Could try shilajit, DE, epsom salt baths, bone broth, potassium, chromium, manganese, selenium etc
   - Maybe I'm eating too much animal foods compared to minerals/alkaline (acidosis)
   - Maybe I should drink more water, I rarely do, but I'm only thirsty once a month if ever. I assume I get enough from my food.
   - Maybe I've been eating too many carbs in fruit, honey, fermented milk. Since march I have removed these.
   - Maybe I should cut out raw dairy, as some people on rawpaleodietforum say that was the thing that made their teeth better.
   - Maybe I should eat 2-3 big meals instead of many small.

A piece of my molar broke off a month ago. Something is not working. I would appreciate your perspective on what it could be.


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