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Hi guys,

I've had some beef tallow in a jar in the fridge for about 16 days now. As you can imagine, it has gone off a little bit and has black mold in places. Would you eat it? I'd hate to let it go to waste. I have eaten 'high' meat in the past but never meat with mold on it. The jar hasn't really been aired either. I have some beef heart left that has also been sitting for 16 days. That hasn't really been aired either and I have been eating that with no problems. There is no mold on it though.

I have included some photos of the beef tallow.

Many thanks


I think she has been eating it on and off just because she enjoys it. Not thinking about health or anything like that. I think she eats a lot of non-organic meats too.

All of this corona virus stuff has made me think about Aajonus. Does anyone here believe what Aajonus said about virus' not being contagious and the only way to get a virus from outside the body is to be injected with it?

I can understand what he says about the body creating the virus to heal and I can imagine with the body creating many things to try and heal if living in polluted unhealthy parts of China, but I find it really difficult to believe that virus' are not contagious. He says that you cannot catch things like herpes and HIV from sex. I really want to believe him, but was he wrong about this? I can believe AIDS is man-made like he says. But not contagious?... I find it difficult.

More and more people are coming out tested positive for having it. Certain celebrities, public figures, etc. Yes they could easily be lying or even being lied to themselves. I cannot imagine a British football manager lying about it. Could this test be testing positive for something that many of us have had for years and been completely fine thinking it was just a cold?

I really want to believe Aajonus. He seemed to know what he was talking about. But when I think about things like STDs... he's saying that STDs are a myth! Seriously!? I've never had one myself but surely they're real, right!?

I've read online that when eating raw meats it's best to stick to animals like cow and lambs avoiding animals like pigs and chicken. Do any of you eat raw chicken regularly? What are your thoughts on eating raw chicken liver and heart? If you do a google search for 'chicken liver health risks raw', you find pages like this:

Beware of undercooked chicken livers

It is to do with the 'Campylobacter' bacteria.

Would you risk eating raw chicken liver and heart?

I actually eat bits of raw pork every week. I make my meat order online as there are no organic butchers in my city. I order pork bones to make bone broth and there is always some meat left on the bones that I eat. I've not felt anything bad from it.

Primal Diet / Are you sure that rotten Fish is safe to eat?
« on: July 02, 2019, 09:44:57 am »
Hey guys,

Is rotten fish definitely safe to eat? I'm quite afraid of eating a lot of it. Why is rancid fermented cod liver oil bad and rancid fish.. herring for example not bad? Why did people salt there fish when fermenting and not just leave it without?

Reading stories like these scares me:

Also seeing people say on the internet that you can die from eating rotten food.

I've attached a photo of one herring i've had in a jar for a few weeks. It completely breaks down without any stirring needed. I've also attached a few herring I've had in a jar for 9 days now. It's becoming smelly and slimy.

I'm just wondering if there is a danger in consuming too much high meat. I'm sure Aajonus Vonderplantiz said to eat a few chunks a week. I might be wrong though. And then in this video where he is on a TV show, the presenter says "In fact. The meat he eats everyday is intentionally rotted for over a year.".

When starting to eat high meat, I think it's definitely best to start with a very small piece.

Hey there,

I've been eating raw chicken eggs, duck eggs, ox liver, ox tongue and herring for a few months now and I have felt fine. I want to eventually try the 'high meat'. I've had a bit of ox liver in a standard 1 litre jar for over a month now. I've been airing it every 2-3 days. It's still the brown colour. No mould or anything. Doesn't smell bad actually.

Anyway, I want to start preparing my high meat as soon as possible so I can leave it for at least a year before eating. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a huge glass jar and put in a larger amount of meat. I managed to get some organic, grass fed ox tongue at a decent price so I bought about 6 tongues, cut them up into chunks and put them in a huge 12 litre glass jar. The reason I went for a single large jar was so less time was needed when airing. I can simply air the one huge jar instead of airing lots of smaller ones. Also, I wanted to make sure there was enough space for the air.

I have attached photos of my 12 litre jar with the ox tongue in. What do you think? When I see the meat inside all on top of one another, I become afraid of botulism. Do you think it will be alright if stirred and aired every 2 - 3 days? By the way, I am not keeping my high meat in the fridge, like Aajonus Wonderplants recommends. I am keeping it in an outdoor side cupboard in a bin / trash bag within a cardboard box with a few ice packs and some sheeps wool to keep it cool. The sheep wool came with my online meat orders to keep them cool.

In the photos I've also placed my 1 litre jar next to the 12 litre jar so you can actually see how big this thing is.

Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks alot!

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