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Primal Diet / Re: AVs charcoal brand
« on: March 16, 2021, 11:10:37 am »
Somebody on facebook group mentioned that most charcoals are full of heavy metals and AV knew about a few brands that do not contain heavy metals... I want to use a brand that doe snot contain metals so I can filter water with it

So nobody knows it?

Correct. Aajonus didn't recommend charcoals because he said they are full of heavy metal and have been heated at high temperatures. He only really recommended one clay and that was 'Terramin' Clay from California. I have some myself. I also found French green clay which is another unheated one. It is cheaper than Terramin too. Well for me it is anyway.

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: March 03, 2021, 06:23:30 am »
Just wanted to update this thread because it was about censhorship to begin with.

It looks like Asra Conlu's channel is back up, but without many of her previous videos.  Here is the link:

The oldest video on there is from 3 weeks ago from today (three weeks prior to February 28, so the beginning of February approximately).  So we could say she had been shut down for a little over a month.  As far as I can tell, there is no explanation from her regarding what happened, why her channel was shut down., the social media that is committed to free speech, is still in the process of getting back up after being shut down by it's host, Amazon.  Fyi - the word "parler" is a French word, meaning, "to speak."  In case you were wondering why they chose to name themselves that.  It's very fitting for a free-speech platform.  Hopefully it will be back up and totally functional soon.

This is actually a new channel that she has created. It was created on Feb 7, 2021 according to the "About" section. She says:

"My old channel is temporarily archived. I will reopen it after the quarantine is over and my daughter is back at boarding school.
This new channel reflects my current cooked carnivore way of eating, which I’m happy to be able to share with my family.

SUBSCRIBE again, if you’d like to see what I’m up to these days. 🎈

This channel and my new Instagram account were launched February 2021. Love and health to you all!"

She has now stopped eating raw and quit dairy - milk and butter. She talks about it in this video:

It kind of makes me sad that she has ditched eating raw meats. Her ditching dairy doesn't bother me even though I do drink raw milk, but in her previous videos she was definitely well aware of Aajonus Vonderplanitz and seemed to completely go by and believe in his teachings. Now she is promoting eating cooked meat as if it as healthy as raw meat. It'd watch the whole video, but she talks about eating cooked meat at 2:50:

"The biggest lesson we have learned is that it matters little whether the meat is cooked or raw."

So are all of Aajonus' teachings about raw meat being superior because of the enzymes, bacteria and it being unaltered (which makes complete sense) just goes out of the window? We are the only living thing on Earth that eats cooked foods unless living things are given cooked foods by humans. Other living things thrive in nature eating raw.

I don't know why her previous raw channel was removed. Did Youtube censor because of the promotion of raw eating and Aajonus? Why is she waiting until quarantine is over before opening the channel? She could easily just reopen it now. It's also strange how she says this about her new channel:

"This new channel reflects my current cooked carnivore way of eating, which I’m happy to be able to share with my family. "

Hi guys,

I've had some beef tallow in a jar in the fridge for about 16 days now. As you can imagine, it has gone off a little bit and has black mold in places. Would you eat it? I'd hate to let it go to waste. I have eaten 'high' meat in the past but never meat with mold on it. The jar hasn't really been aired either. I have some beef heart left that has also been sitting for 16 days. That hasn't really been aired either and I have been eating that with no problems. There is no mold on it though.

I have included some photos of the beef tallow.

Many thanks


I think she has been eating it on and off just because she enjoys it. Not thinking about health or anything like that. I think she eats a lot of non-organic meats too.

Hey man.. nice to hear from you. Seen you online and on the TV here in the UK ;)

Yes Aajonus really did provide some interesting info. He seemed so confident in what he said and came across as very genuine to me. He always had an answer for anything that people asked. And yeah you are right about him putting things into crude language haha. He did make things very easy to understand though.

I believe that everything is not random. I believe that aliens might have helped create us or tampered with us to shut down our spiritual senses / connection to 'God', 'Source' or whatever you want to call it. Many people seem to believe these sort of things nowadays. From my research it's obvious we are all spiritual beings.

I just had BBC news on here in the UK and our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is talking with some scientist next to him who is talking about vaccines. He said that vaccines are their focus.. i think he said they've already created something.. they hope to plan and bring something out within a year. I'm not having it if they do. I really want to believe virus' are not contagious like I said in my first post, but even more people have supposedly got corona. I try to think of the lengths the people that despise humanity will go to make everyone believe these things are real to try and make sense of what Aajonus says.

All of this corona virus stuff has made me think about Aajonus. Does anyone here believe what Aajonus said about virus' not being contagious and the only way to get a virus from outside the body is to be injected with it?

I can understand what he says about the body creating the virus to heal and I can imagine with the body creating many things to try and heal if living in polluted unhealthy parts of China, but I find it really difficult to believe that virus' are not contagious. He says that you cannot catch things like herpes and HIV from sex. I really want to believe him, but was he wrong about this? I can believe AIDS is man-made like he says. But not contagious?... I find it difficult.

More and more people are coming out tested positive for having it. Certain celebrities, public figures, etc. Yes they could easily be lying or even being lied to themselves. I cannot imagine a British football manager lying about it. Could this test be testing positive for something that many of us have had for years and been completely fine thinking it was just a cold?

I really want to believe Aajonus. He seemed to know what he was talking about. But when I think about things like STDs... he's saying that STDs are a myth! Seriously!? I've never had one myself but surely they're real, right!?

Primal Diet / Re: Are you sure that rotten Fish is safe to eat?
« on: January 17, 2020, 05:20:28 pm »
Any progress with rotten Fish since July 3, 2019?    How are you getting on Fireball?

Hey there.

I'm sorry for not keeping you updated. I eat a bit of the fish off the end of a wooden spoon a few times with no problems at all. I then ended up throwing the rest away because I left it unaired out of the fridge for over a week and didn't want to risk eating it. It would have probably been fine to eat but I didn't want to risk something bad happening.

I've stopped the high meat stuff for now because it's a bit awkward to do with the people around me. I will start doing it again when i'm in a better environment. I think high fish is definitely the smelliest. You've got to make sure there's no-one around where you're storing it because you can smell it even when the jar is sealed. It's also a real pain when leaving it out when it's hot outside because of flies. I think it's a good idea to use a fridge and much safer.

I've been eating the meat (cow and lamb heart, liver, deer) I have left that has been in the back of the fridge for a month. I think the longest i've left it unaired is around 10 days. But they are much cooler in the back of the fridge. I haven't felt like eating them on their own because it does take some effort so i've been blending them in a smoothie with raw vegetables. I know mixing meat with vegetables isn't good according to Aajonus. I'm just trying to get rid of it quickly.

I agree with you! I really didn't want to make another post but I had to. Have you tried raw chicken liver or heart though? ;)

I've read online that when eating raw meats it's best to stick to animals like cow and lambs avoiding animals like pigs and chicken. Do any of you eat raw chicken regularly? What are your thoughts on eating raw chicken liver and heart? If you do a google search for 'chicken liver health risks raw', you find pages like this:

Beware of undercooked chicken livers

It is to do with the 'Campylobacter' bacteria.

Would you risk eating raw chicken liver and heart?

I actually eat bits of raw pork every week. I make my meat order online as there are no organic butchers in my city. I order pork bones to make bone broth and there is always some meat left on the bones that I eat. I've not felt anything bad from it.

Primal Diet / Re: Are you sure that rotten Fish is safe to eat?
« on: July 03, 2019, 06:23:58 pm »
I am a fan of rotten fermented fish I made fermented tuna before keeping small diced pieces of tuna in a large glass jar outside in a shady spot during the hot summer months. I fermented it for about one month and it came out quite nicely. It looked just like the fish in your jar. The stench was horrendous and the flavor was powerful.  I aired out the jar twice a day .  The 1 time bugs did get in I just left the lid on for 3 days untill the oxygen ran out and the bugs died then I just continued airing it out as usual.
I made a video of my experience
 For making high fish I would use the best quality fish possible never frozen and prefer abbly not farmed fish. Just fresh wild fish. That fish you have their looks excellent.

Hey I saw your video a while back. Good stuff.. i like seeing people show their preparation online. I agree that the stench is horrendous. I think fish is one of the strongest. I can smell it really strong even when the jars are sealed. I agree that it's best to use fresh wild fish. I use wild herring. I also eat when it's not rotten too.

Primal Diet / Re: Are you sure that rotten Fish is safe to eat?
« on: July 03, 2019, 06:20:31 pm »
Thank you all for your replies. I have posted about this before.. mainly about meat but I also mentioned fish i think. I felt a bit silly posting again but I thought it would be better to as it is rotten fish. I feel better about eating the high fish now. I will eat some today ;)

I thought i'd let everyone know that I am using glass jars and you should too. I wouldn't use plastic. If kept out of the fridge then air it at least once a day. I've got a cooler box and add 2 or 3 ice packs changing them every day. It's not ultra cool though. The fish I use is wild herring from the sea. I've eaten it raw when not rotten and it's fine.

Primal Diet / Are you sure that rotten Fish is safe to eat?
« on: July 02, 2019, 09:44:57 am »
Hey guys,

Is rotten fish definitely safe to eat? I'm quite afraid of eating a lot of it. Why is rancid fermented cod liver oil bad and rancid fish.. herring for example not bad? Why did people salt there fish when fermenting and not just leave it without?

Reading stories like these scares me:

Also seeing people say on the internet that you can die from eating rotten food.

I've attached a photo of one herring i've had in a jar for a few weeks. It completely breaks down without any stirring needed. I've also attached a few herring I've had in a jar for 9 days now. It's becoming smelly and slimy.

Given that Green Pastures business, I now buy only that Rosita cod liver oil and ratfish oil as they claim to use only genuinely fresh, raw cod liver oil, using an ancient method.

Thanks for that. I will be buying the one you buy from now on :)

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Starting off raw meat
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:49:12 am »

Lately I been adding lots of raw vegetables into my diet again. Been trying to stay away from ones that have phytotoxins, which is nearly all of them. I have also discovered that dried Natto powder tastes pretty good and when combined with vinegar oil and spices makes a pretty good salad dressing that even makes my dogs want to eat salad. In town near my gym is an oriental market that I called on Saturday just before they closed that said they sell natto so I'm going to check it out. I never had it fresh but apparently it's pretty gross. Anyone else here ever tried natto?

I skimmed some of your posts about natto before I became a member here. Natto interests me. I bought some already made frozen natto that was shipped from Germany to over here in UK. I don't mind it. I must say though, there's no point in buying it already made when it seems so easy to make by yourself. I've got myself some organic soybeans, a small pressure cooker, and a yoghurt maker. I just need to order some of the starter powder.

Do you eat natto regularly? What do you think about it? Noticed any benefits?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Starting off raw meat
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:44:05 am »
I'd say i'm a newbie to this too as i've been doing it only a few months now. I began with a 30 day matured steak I got from the local supemarket. It's the only organic meat they had. It was scary for me when starting but once I started I was fine and I really liked the taste straight away.

I've now had ox liver, lamb liver, ox tongue and herring. The tongue and steak taste the best to me. But I mostly eat liver because it's known to be one of the best organs nutritionally. The tongue tastes great though.. but it made me feel absolutely sick when I first saw and handled it. I got used to it and it's no big deal now. I think you get used to the taste of everything the more you do it. I've even been eating some of the stuff rotten.

High fish is generally great, but you need to get used to it gradually, trying varieties of raw fish becoming progressively rotten over many weeks.    Correctly aired, and kept outside the refrigerator it will never get too rotten to enjoy, and improve with age, unless allowed to dry out.

I've had two very small pieces of the rotting fish now over 4 days. No problems. I am really liking my new method of having the lid left off the big jar and the jars with clip lids open in the cooler box. It smells more when i open the side cupboard but no flies are getting to it. I'm just glad more oxygen gets in when doing it this way. The fish (herring) turns completely slimy and mushy. It looks completely different now.

the more oily or fatty the fish is, the more oxidized oils or fats you'll be ingesting.  Fish are mostly pufa rich, which go rancid very quickly.
  I share the opinion that traditionally fish was fermented or dried as a means to stay alive when sources of food were not available.  And, yes, one can develop a taste for it in spite of the rancid fats.  But only until recently has there been an understanding of how damaging rancid pufas can be.

Oh damn. Yeah, I remember reading the controversy around Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil, which I've actually had in my fridge for a good few months along with their 'High Vitamin Butter Oil'. Are you guys sure that polyunsaturated fat rich rotten fish isn't dangerous and unhealthy? Is it worth skipping the rotten fish altogether?

"High-meat" is an acquired taste. When I first tried out various "high-meats", I found that aged fish and aged eggs  and aged muscle-meats to be absolutely revolting and could not  eat them if they were aged past a certain point. I found raw ox tongue and raw ox heart the easiest to deal with. I can, of course, handle raw aged cheese but, given the long-term effects of raw dairy on my health, I avoid that  as much as  humanly possible. I now can handle most muscle-meats as high-meat, but  still am put off by the taste of high-eggs and high seafood. I try to do things I enjoy, generally, so I am not too  worried about the lack of variety  of my high-meats.  Really, it's up to you - we all have different genes, different bodies, different health-situations, so we all have to experiment. I, for example, tend to get a nasty toxic shock in my mouth if I consume anything that is heavily salted.

Thanks alot! I tried a very tiny piece of the fish today and a bigger size of the ox tongue.

Something i've noticed when I looked at the ox tongue after keeping the lids off is that it looks more fresh or should I say 'alive' and even slightly liquidy. It now has a shiny coat whereas it was pretty dry and had a dead brown colour before when I kept the lids on. Maybe this is the result of more oxygen getting in for the bacteria.

I would advise against it. I have occasionally, in the past, eaten some "high-meat" that I had left far too long unaired, and I would always experience a very toxic taste-feeling when I put the stuff into my mouth. I took that  as a sign that I should avoid such in future.

Sorry I didn't say.. I have been airing it. I was just seeing if high fish herring was okay to eat rotten because the Swedish people usually use salt when fermenting. I know you're 99.9% going to say it's fine to eat but I just thought i'd check if high fish is okay. I don't want to die here!

Nice, thank you! Yes people definitely think you're crazy. People always seem to be afraid of something new to them.

I've got some fish (herring) in a jar. I've had it in for a few weeks now and it's pretty damn slimy. I think i'm going to try some today. The Swedish ate fermented herring called Surströmming but it was done with salt to prevent it from rotting. Do you think it will be okay for me to eat? They used salt to prevent it from rotting. It does frighten me slightly when I read things like they used salt to prevent it from rotting, because then it makes me think that not using salt and just allowing it rot is dangerous.

Check with GS, either PMing him from this board of forums or contacting him(ediwn casimeiro) on his website directly. He is the tech guru.I have had personal problems with many government websites all over the world with using the opera browser. I hate that as it is far more user-friendly than others. Beware of the flies as they are ingenious re getting their eggs under the lids of closed jars so that the eggs automatically drop into the meat as soon as you unscrew them.  I don't know if any netting can stop the eggs getting through.

Okay I will do. Thanks for that. I think i've managed to get around it by logging in using 'Incognito Mode' within Google Chrome.

Yes you're right about the flies. I totally forgot to say that probably about 2 weeks ago, I discovered fly eggs around plastic lid of the big jar. There's actually another plastic cover that's underneath the lid so they couldn't drop in. I just wiped them off and I haven't had any since. This is when I was keeping the big jar in a cardboard box and bringing it to the back doors where the flies could get it. I thought I was very careful not letting them get to it but I must have just had my eyes off it for a little bit.

Let's say if insects can't get in, is it okay to leave the jars open inside the cooler box so there's more oxygen available?  Or must the jars be completely sealed shut for the good bacteria to feed on the oxygen properly? Would having the jars open allow bad bacteria to enter making the process dangerous? Forgive me if i'm being stupid here.

Just an update on my high meat. I bought a cheapish cooler box to keep all of my high meat in with a few ice packs. I change the Ice packs every day to keep it cooler and I air the meat every two days. It's not as cold as a fridge but it's still a little bit cooler. I keep the cooler box in a locked side cupboard.

Something i've been doing for the last two days is leaving the lid off the big glass jar and the the two clip jars I have in there. I've kept the lids sealed on the normal mason jars as i the meat is more liquidy and I didn't want it to spill. Keeping the lids off the jars does make it smell a bit more when I open the cupboard, but I thought it might allow a bit more oxygen to get in. Is it okay to leave the lids off?

Something i've noticed is the smell has reduced. I don't know if it's because i'm getting used to it or if it's because the lids are off. I'll have to seal the jars again and see if they smell as bad as they used to.

I've eaten some of the tongue from the big jar. No problems. I don't think i've felt anything from it though. Maybe I need to eat a bit more.

I'm thinking about having the cooler box lid left open and maybe putting some netting along the top to stop insects. I understand that this might not stop eggs though. But flies can't get to the box because it's in a locked cupboard. I just thought maybe having the box lid open, it would allow even more oxygen in.

I would have posted more frequently on here but ever since I signed up, I've had nothing but problems submitting my messages. I usually see this error message:

"An Error Has Occurred!
CleanTalk: *** Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. ***"

I have to keep trying until it finally works. I think cleaning the browser sometimes solves it but then it appears again. It happens with other browsers too. It's really annoying.

I'm just wondering if there is a danger in consuming too much high meat. I'm sure Aajonus Vonderplantiz said to eat a few chunks a week. I might be wrong though. And then in this video where he is on a TV show, the presenter says "In fact. The meat he eats everyday is intentionally rotted for over a year.".

When starting to eat high meat, I think it's definitely best to start with a very small piece.

At first, me neither, I couldn't imagine a problem with letting ferment the high meat for longer than a year.. Since the longer one lets it sit, the further the bacteria will decompose / predigest the meat and the more bacteria will arise.

On the other side, what happens when there is no food left for tw bacteria? I don't know what biochemical processes occur then. Bacteria die-off? Toxic byproducts? Maybe that's what the man in your posted video refers to as being dangerous in to old high meat.

I have no idea! I'm actually going to start eating the high tongue from the big jar in a few weeks time instead of waiting near to a year. I'm also thinking about buying a cooler box to place the jar in. At the moment i've just got it in a cardboard box and i'm changing the Ice packs every day. It'll be much cooler in a proper box.

I am regretting using so much tongue now just because of how much it clumps together, which makes me worried about oxygen not getting to it. I should have gone with lots of liver instead because it seems to move freely.

Hmm yeah I get what you're saying. I'll be sure to air every 1-2 days. I'm going to start with the tiniest amount when I try my first piece.. especially when I try the tongue from the large jar. I must say that the tongue smells awful just after a couple of weeks. I actually don't mind the smell of the liver.

I aired and stirred it today using a long wooden spoon. Seeing and separating the sticky blocks of meat does still kind of get me worried about no oxygen getting to the pieces underneath. It becomes so glued together it makes me wonder if the pieces underneath get enough air. Even the pieces stuck between the top and bottom layers.

Maybe it would have been best for me to simply place the whole uncut tongues in the jar without cutting them? Maybe that would have been better because everything wouldn't be stuck together and would instead be free to move about and exposed to the new air. The liver moves very easily in it's own liquid. I do separate everything when stirring, but still, it's huge problem if botulism was to occur in just one little piece. I'm not sure how it works so forgive me if i'm being stupid.

Thanks for your replies. Both of the jars shown are glass. There's no way i'd use plastic. What is the longest you can store high meat for? In my mind I was thinking the longer the better. I know Aajonus had high meat that was over a year old. I just watched this video though where the guy says if left for too long it's a 'toxic jelly':

Also, are there other cultures in warmer climates that did the whole high meat thing?

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