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Exercise / Bodybuilding / Winter running
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:56:31 am »
We are having some of the most beautiful winter nights in Toronto this year  ;D
There are some nasty windy cold ones, where you want to hibernate all day.
But like tonight, there are beautiful nights full of fluffy snow flakes slowly falling down and its very still (making it quite warm if you're dressed well).
I was taking a walk and felt this was the PERFECT weather for jogging!

Do you guys run in the wintertime outside?

There is something about the quiet and magical peacefulness of winter night that makes me wanna run outside, I wish every winter night was like this.
Days can be good too but the night with fluffy snow looks the best on urban streets, and there are no humans out so youre all by yourself  :D

Last winter I tried running during the coldest times (I have no idea why I am weird sometimes) and my lungs hurt from gasping the cold air eventually  :'( also all my digits got extremely frozen.
Anyone who does this, what precautions do you take to comfortably run in the winter?

Hot Topics / Turmeric's anti-cancer and other healing properties.
« on: December 15, 2010, 03:38:01 am »

No one here mentioned Turmeric...
There is much growing research that it's potent constituent, curcumin, is a powerful fighter of cancer and other ailments.

Some info...again I am not saying its true....

"In one particular study in human blood cancer cell lines, turmeric suppressed and destroyed blood cancer cells. It has been known to suppress tumour, initiation, promotion and metastasis in further studies.

Turmeric can potentially block the activity of nuclear factor kappa-B, which appears to be connected to cancer cell growth. In addition, this ingredient has been found to inhibit growth of 19 clinical strains of Helicobacter pylori."

Also, although people in India suffer from cancers, and more recently, because of increasing popularity SAD poor diets. They have had some of the lowest cancer rates in the world, despite their "questionable" foods...they slap turmeric into everything.

I love turmeric and was thinking of eating more of it, I used to eat it a lot then forgot about it - now I miss it :P
Yes it can also be eaten raw, and you can buy whole raw turmeric roots from Indian stores, I've seen them many times.

Hot Topics / Glucomannan noodles?
« on: November 12, 2010, 06:06:22 pm »

I happened upon this site, for Miracle Noodle.
Basically these noodles have 0 carbs, 0 sugar, 0 protein, zero everything!
Only ingredients are: Water, glucomannan (soluble fiber), calcium additive.

The only thing these noodles have is fiber...
You can read about glucomannan here:

You can read about the noodle here:

Pretty weird stuff, what do you guys think.
I never tried it but it would be cool to have a noodle made only of fiber, that doesn't affect you in any way, may be fun to try it with some raw sauce or in a salad...hmmm...anyone heard anything about these?

Hot Topics / Quinoa
« on: November 05, 2010, 08:27:29 am »

My store sells organic, unprocessed red quinoa.

What are your guys opinions on quinoa?

Its not a grain, its from the goosefoot species of flowering plants, it's kernels are considered seeds.
Also it can germinate in 2-4 hours when soaked, thats very quick. It doesn't take much to sprout it.
Its got lots of minerals and a good amount of zinc.
Also you can remove all the saponins by soaking it well, or leave it in a strainer over running water...

Anyone tried it sprouted?

General Discussion / Blood - its soo good, but how good?
« on: October 20, 2010, 02:13:58 pm »
I buy stew chunks of fresh grass-finished beef in small bags and when I take the chunks out the bag has lots or dark rich blood. I pour the blood into a shot glass and drink a shot every time. The most delicious, rich, salty, amazing drink I have ever had.  >D

I know blood is nutritious and has good amount of calcium, for example wild cats get most of their calcium from fresh blood not bones (most often they leave the bones for the scavengers)...but I don't know the details, nutritional databases do not list fresh grass-fed beef blood as a food (how useless).

Anyone know the nutritional data for this? I'd love to know, from the way it tastes and makes me feel, its very super-duper.

EDIT: I also pretend I am a vampire when I do this, its fun, lol

Primal Diet / Vegetable oils and ACV
« on: October 17, 2010, 03:18:30 am »
Does anyone know why AV advocated only eating plant oils with vegetable IF you add ACV. (He stated this in his interview)

Its funny because my salad always includes like a tablespoon of flax oil and a minimum of 3 tablespoons of ACV. Never just veggies with plant oil without ACV. I always do it just because I thought it felt right but yesterday I read him say this is the better way but why exactly????

Does anyone know his complete reasoning for this? Why he says:
Salad + plant oil = BAD
but Salad + plant oil + ACV = good
Does the ACV aid in digesting the oil or prevent it from going bad in your tummy?

General Discussion / A cool way to quick-dry-age meat!
« on: October 15, 2010, 02:49:48 pm »
So lately I have lost taste for cold fresh beef out of the fridge, I like it after it has sat in the room all day, aged a little, then dried on the outside, its even better if they are aged in the fridge first in a jar and then dried, the inside becomes nice and juicy, and I share my fridge with 4 other people so I can't really hang the meat on hooks.
But now that its chillier out I got my Presto heat dish out, one of these:

And I had the bright idea (duh) of leaving small chunks of meat on top of an elevated plate so that the meat is in front of the dish.
Its like the microwave of raw meat eating, the heat is nice and gentle, very drying, and speeds up the meat aging process.
It makes the perfect dried & juicy pieces of meat I was craving, without the need to buy a dehydrator, and now I have it in my room, yummi dry-aged and perfect temperature meat within my easy reach - now I am ready for winter  :o

Display Your Culinary Creations / Raw Paleo JUNK FOOD (=
« on: October 15, 2010, 02:31:16 pm »
I made these beauties yesterday...
They are truffles made with
75% macadamians (buttered) / 25% pistachios (ground)
LOTS of raw cacao powder
Pinch of cayenne
Enough wild honey for desired sweetness level (I like mine bitter)

They are frozen for a while, taken out, and then eaten really really fast  :D

Mmmmm, what a desert, I love chocolate as much as good red meat and salmon  :P

Here's a tasty salad I had for lunch today,

its sour kraut (just rotten cabbage in water and a trace of salt)
raw nori cut up
and topped with semi-spicy pickled shiitake & olives
(which I made by pickling raw olives, shiitake, a few thin slices of jalapeno, with some allspice, cumin seeds and a tiny amount of ACV for just under 24 hours)

It came out nice and crunchy...was kinda filling for some reason too. I had a big craving for spicy, sour crunchy stuff and this took care of it  :D

Display Your Culinary Creations / Lamb organs, tasty
« on: September 30, 2010, 09:30:35 am »
Last week I had this for dinner ...finally uploaded my pics...
Its the little heart and kidneys of a lamb (aaww), with a piece of marrow from its bone.
I ate the kidneys and heart together with the marrow and had no issues mixing those, do you guys eat 2 or more organs together ever?
I could not eat beef kidney before (the one I tried was nasty tasting), but these lamb kidneys actually tasted pretty good.
Definitely liver is my fave so far though!

General Discussion / Ugh...what not do when you switched to a RAF
« on: September 30, 2010, 03:24:39 am »
Edit: this was supposed to post in OFF Topic forum but went into the General one...weird. Dunno why.

OK so last night I came home from staying at my girlfriends for a while, so there was no good raw food in my house left at all.
I had to finish work so I couldn't even have time to go buy anything worthwhile.

I was starving though so I ate a bunch of fruits (sweet ones), which didn't satisfy but made me more hungry, so I seared some eggs sunny side up because it was the cheap factory eggs with tiny yolks and I cant eat the whites raw but I wanted to be full so I could work.

For some reason I got even hungrier, so I ate the vegetable soup my gramma made which had extremely "well-done" beef in it. I hadn't had cooked meat in a long time and it made me feel even hungrier (WTF???)

So then I ate FOUR bananas! Imagine, 4 bananas lying in my stomach on top of all the crap I just ate... -v

So last night I had experienced the worst stomach ache I have had in my life, I was literally in fetal position in my bed all night whimpering in pain. Thankfully by today it has all come out the other end (semi-digested) and my stomach is fine. But I am weak and afraid to eat anything...
I am eating just raw bone marrow for today and so far thats ok.

Needless to say I have learned my lesson. It's interesting, how it was so easy for my body to switch to RAF (no digestion issues) but what a difficult time I had when I ended up eating cooked meat with fruits and other crap just once. It shows that RAF is definitely the more natural diet and the other one is NOT!  l)

General Discussion / Sand Art
« on: September 24, 2010, 01:33:30 pm »
Beautiful sand art made by the St. Lawrence in Tadoussac, Quebec...

looks like weeping faces

a forest


this is amazing to walk  on barefoot, super smooth, very packed sand

black sand generating from those lava-like rocks

cool and freaky, reminded me of a swastika

walking on this one is like a getting a nice foot massage

Display Your Culinary Creations / 'girly' Meat & Liver 'salad'
« on: September 24, 2010, 12:06:59 pm »
I had this for breakfast and really enjoyed it...
It's grassfed beef chunks, grainfed organic calf liver which tasted like chocolate, in the middle a ball of marrow (all had left today)
and 3 of my current favorite veggies, 2 of which are fruits lol...tomato, avocado and green onion.
I used no condiments as it was already perfect on its own.
Bon apetit!

Hot Topics / duck fat
« on: September 24, 2010, 11:25:37 am »
I know its not raw, but I just bought a tub of pure duck fat and it sooo goood.
Better that butter! Eggs gently fried sunny side up in lots of duck fat, of the very little cooked food i ever eat this has to be the best one.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Gogol-Mogol - chocolate style!
« on: September 22, 2010, 07:53:58 am »
So when I am on the rag I like to pamper myself with things that are sweet and chocolaty!
This is a great desert-dish if you love egg yolks, custard-type stuff and is also extremely popular with children.
In Russia these types of things are called Gogol-Mogol (lol, the name makes no sense)

Put the following in a bowl - the amounts of each item can be adjusted to your specific taste preferences:
- (optional) pinch of ground cinnamon

Mix these all with a fork until smooth and creamy...enjoy!!!
Eating this thing makes me really hyper something about the egg yolks, chocolate and sweet honey  -d

Display Your Culinary Creations / NAMEKO shroooms
« on: September 21, 2010, 04:29:58 pm »
Just finished preparing marinated Nameko mushrooms...
These are so intoxicating, taste and smell-wise, the marinade shroom soup will make an awesome sauce for raw beef and other meats!
I just have to let them sit for a while now and let the flavors mix (Note to self, next time no salt is needed - these guys produce their own  ???)

Display Your Culinary Creations / Curry-style beef bowl
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:25:10 am »
This is a thing I had for dinner today and it turned out very yummi...
Chopped steak which was extremely fatty, equal amount of cut up beef heart...

The 'sauce' was made with 2 chopped mushrooms, small teaspoon of honey, small amount of apple cider vinegar, 2 raw garlic grated, cumin powder and some cayenne pepper (nice and spicay)...I couldn't finish this because the steak had so much fat I got too full ha I am going to be picking at this throughout the evening while I work.

Display Your Culinary Creations / SALMON ADDICTION
« on: September 21, 2010, 05:33:26 am »
I loooove wild salmon....

Here I have it fresh with dill, yellow tomatoes from my garden, green onions, and a slice of Suluguni cheese (not raw paleo but I wanted a piece of cheese that day  ???), and a side of Tamari! It was such a good combo.

Here I am salting a huge portion of wild salmon, by the way I only used 2 teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt for the whole giant thing, and a bunch of dill-weed (love it)...the salmon doesn't even taste anything salty at all after its done and its freshness is nicely preserved.

Ready to wrap and enjoy in a couple of hours and for the rest of the week!

General Discussion / Brooker's in Ontario
« on: September 19, 2010, 06:31:50 am »
Anyone in Ontario tried ordering from Brooker's ( ) ?
You can order any amount you want so for me thats a good option as I have little freezer and fridge space.
It is flash frozen, anyone had it? Does it taste good?

General Discussion / kidney
« on: September 19, 2010, 04:59:04 am »
Does anyone know how much vitamins and nutrients would be lost if I were to simmer pieces of beef kidney in small amount of water for 30 seconds or so? And then after eating the kidney I would drink the water it was simmered in in case stuff leaked out.
....I got some beef heart today, steak and yummi bone marrow, ate all those raw, mmmm, feels good...but looking at the kidney I am not so sure about it even though its very fresh (as that one was from supermarket)...but I still really want it so I thought of having it lightly simmered  l)

General Discussion / good meat around downtown Toronto
« on: September 17, 2010, 01:39:22 am »
Anyone who lives in Toronto...can you tell me if you know good places to just grab some good meat.
I already found a few but I want to know if you know something I don't know lol

I am not talking about ordering meat from good farms, but something I can grab on the go! Like when I am biking around and get hungry or have run out of supplies and didn't get my pay yet so I have to just buy a small quantity like 2 steaks.
Also whats a good butcher to get organs from in Toronto?

Also ordering big quantities of meat will mean that I have to freeze it, I don't want to freeze it, I don't like frozen things, hence why I ask where to get smaller portions so I can have them 'fresh'.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Chewing gum as Nature intended
« on: September 16, 2010, 01:07:45 pm »
This is tree sap gum from Russian pine trees!
Its hard and crystal-like, bite a piece of and chew, then it becomes texture like any gum once it reacts with your saliva.
The taste is amazing, no sweetness at all, but your mouth tastes like a pine tree forest, mmmm....

After chewing for a while, you can see it looks like any other gum, but chocolaty brown in color.

In parts of Russia the old women gather this and sell this on the street.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Back-yard yumminess!
« on: September 15, 2010, 05:17:38 am »
Thought I'd share some of whats growing now in my back yard...haven't had to buy any fruits at all (=
and it's nice to eat things that are in season and growing well in my area naturally.


the little animals are attacking them but I am too lazy to bring them inside...

One of the apple trees:


Red raspberries (we've had them non-stop all summer long now fall and more still coming lol):


White raspberries (these taste like honey!!!):

I also had a bunch of other things, like blueberries, basil, chives, parsley and that's all out of season.

Do you guys grow stuff in your yard?

General Discussion / Should one supplement with cod oil?
« on: September 13, 2010, 01:18:51 pm »
From what I learned so far, grain raised animals, organic or not, have too much omega-6.
Although I do try to get grassfed sometimes I get grain-fed because it is cheaper, or that's what the store has that looks good or most appetizing.

So should I supplement with a high quality cod or krill oil when I do eat the grain-fed meat? Would that balance it out a bit?
And if so then how much oil do I take with for example an average sized grain-fed steak?

General Discussion / Deer
« on: September 11, 2010, 02:07:45 pm »
I found a store where they're gonna deliver fresh deer I am gonna run and grab some.
I have had it quite a while ago slow-cooked as stew and remember it was very delicious.
Now I am going to eat it raw so I am wondering what it will be like? How does it compare to raw cow?

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