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General Discussion / Thoughts of the Day.........
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:35:28 pm »
  In nature dogs are largely carnivorous. 

  Dogs have big sharp teeth and a shorter digestive track.  Vegans say that they can feed dogs a vegan diet and make it healthier than omnivorous or carnivorous ones. 

  Vegans even claim that they can feed cats a supplemented vegan diet and have them be extraordinarily healthy.

  Pandas have a carnivorous digestive system and teeth yet live off bamboo. 

  Chimpanzees are largely fruit eaters yet they hunt for meat and eat it. 

  You claim to turn an obligate carnivore into a healthy vegan, what makes you think you can't turn a "vegan" (human) into a healthy carnivore??? 

General Discussion / Homemade Oyster Sauce??
« on: July 16, 2011, 07:53:54 am »
  I was wondering if anyone has ever made oyster sauce with raw oysters???

  Koreans sometimes put oysters in kimchi to ferment and deliver an umami flavor.

  Fresh shucked oysters are washed thoroughly to remove bits of shell, sand and other foreign substances, and placed on baskets for draining. For low-salt fermentation, 10% table salt is added to the oysters and mixed evenly with or without spices (minced garlic, shredded green onion, red pepper powder, roasted sesame seeds and chopped ginger are commonly used as spices). The mixture is packed in a jar and aged for 3 to 10 days, depending on temperature. Those fermented without spices are seasoned by adding some spices before serving.

For high-salt fermentation, about 20% table salt is added to the oysters. After it is properly fermented, the liquid of hydrolysis that accumulates on the upper layer of the jar is collected and filtered through cloth. The filtrate is heated to interrupt the fermentation process, and then cooled. The heat-treated filtrate is put back into the jar and mixed. The jar is sealed and kept in a cool place.

  When I do cook for other people I prefer to use a medium quality fish sauce (100% anchovy, salt, sugar, water) over soy sauce.   I figured that if I am going to use an umami condiment why not make a homemade, living, highly-mineralized version??

  Every single brand of storebought oyster sauce has a bunch of crap ingredients so this is pretty much my only option. 

  Maybe there is a brave soul on here who would consider taking on the challenge of making oyster sauce??  Just think of it like high meat, except with salted oysters =p. 

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Sample of 2-day Menu?
« on: June 10, 2011, 06:55:13 am »
  Just so I can get an idea of the caloric level / types of foods people eat as well as fat/protein ratios. 

Welcoming Committee / My Story
« on: June 04, 2011, 09:18:45 am »
  Hey everyone!! I joined here a long time ago but never really posted cuz I wasn't sure if this lifestyle was aligned with what I needed to heal.  I write extensively at GITMR if anyone is familiar with that forum.
 Basically my story is around 3 years ago I had a sudden drastic worsening of my health.  In retrospect I can tell that it was very subtle chronic health problems that snowballed out of control.

  For example I've always had chronic joint pains as a child.  Everyone told me it was "growing pains".  Nope.... it's nightshade intolerance.
  Anyways my symptoms are a laundry list......... EXTREME anxiety / panic attacks (used to always be a super chill guy), debilitating sinus pressure, fatigue, body aches (clothes touching skin actually hurts), teeth aches, seizures (probably electrolyte imbalance), terrible reactive hypoglycemia, acne, fatigue, and more. 

  Part of my healing diet included fruits and veggies.  After all weren't those the healthiest foods?? 

  I've tried everything from fruitarian 80/10/10 to zero carb to experiment.  And for the record I did 80/10/10 100%.  I've done no soy/corn/wheat/grains, all glucose, all sucrose/fructose, and everything in between.

  Adequate hydration, little stress, unlimited sugary fresh fruits, sleep, little - no fat,  got all my minerals, 3000 calories sedentary.  So yah. 

  My symptoms worsened.  Increased sinus pressure, anxiety, bad adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, restlessness, reactive hypoglycemia, insomnia.  One of the worst symptoms is greatly increased urination (wake up 4x a night, have to go every hour.  Happens worst with apples and oatmeal) and bladder pressure to the point of discomfort.

  I have lots of allergies.  Celery, tomatoes, nightshades, carrots (stop my breathing), peanuts, shellfish (recently found out... I love shellfish), and a couple more I'm not thinking about. 

  I've done parasite cleanses and candida elimination diets.  None really helped. 

  Recently I carried out a little experiment on carbs.  One of the major symptoms of when I eat carbs is inner ear itching and increased sinus pressure.  I'm allergic to grass amongst other things (as a kid I thought everyone itched when they touched the grass), so just think of all the grass-like foods that we eat.  Cane sugar, rice, wheat...... oh boy.

  So what I did was get something like 10 sources of sugar.  Raw cane, refined cane, beet sugar, brown rice syrup, 3x raw honey kinds, cooked honeys, brown rice syrup, cooked agave, raw agave, etc.  That way I could identify the problem by categorizing them by family and raw/cooked (cooked foods tend to be less allergenic). 

  Turns out that maple syrup treated me the best, yet they all gave me some sort of immediate reaction.  Honey seemed to be the worst from memory (severe reactive hypoglycemia n itching). 

  I was getting really in tune with my body's reaction to food and one thing that I noticed was that meat gave me 0 reaction.  In fact nearly every fruit gave my digestive pains and enervation (most likely allergic reaction in digestive track) while meat sat perfectly.  Immediately upon eating meat I felt calm and relaxed. 

  So I said fuck it.  It doesn't make sense to do what I know isn't working.  It's time to trust in my body's wisdom and go with the flow.

  Back to nigh zero carb.

  First day I had a MASSIVE headache.  Flu like.  I was disabled in bed for the whole day.

  Day 2 felt like I've healed after a bad hangover.  Strangely my symptoms seemed better.

  Day 3 my symptoms were clearly much better.  Skin was clearing up, my lips were smooth (for years they used to go through a 2 day cycle of smooth / very chapped), hangnails are gone (have had those since early high school), sinus pressure is reduced, bowel elimination improved, and absolutely 0 anxiety.  In fact the change was so apparent that people could tell.  People could yell at me in an emotional storm and I could remain perfectly calm and centered.  Catch me on high fruit and I'm extremely irritable and emotional.  It's a beautiful feeling.

 Oh yah, I recently went to the doctor's office and for the first time in over 10+ checkups my blood pressure is normal.  It has always been very high every time, but ever since changing my diet its back to normal.  It's funny that when I was eating a "healthy" fruitarian diet of unlimited fresh juicey fruits that my blood pressure was high.  Now that I'm eating those artery-clogging fats its back to normal.  Maybe it's just a coincidence tho =p

  Even if I can't have intellectual security in what I'm doing, my body chooses what it wants.  The only way to move forward is to do what I feel is right out of faith rather than coward in fear.

  So at the moment I'm near zero carb high fat meaty diet.  Funny enough that I'm lactose intolerant, yet raw aged cheeses give me absolutely no symptoms.  In fact they treat me very well!  At the moment I'm going to set them aside for when I feel like I achieve a reasonable meaty baseline. 

  I'm just looking for a little support while venturing into the unknown.  Seems like this is the place to be.

  So here I am ^^!

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