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General Discussion / Liver and mucus?
« on: January 29, 2011, 01:31:15 am »
Have only been eating raw meat for a month now. Tried some lamb's liver last week (managed about 4 tsp) and again today (this time enjoyed it more - 8tsp). But both times I found by the second bite that I was suddenly producing a lot of mucus in my mouth, then it seemed to decrease as I continued, but was still there until I finished. Anyone else experienced this or have any comments?

Welcoming Committee / Hello - newbie raw meat gal from South Africa
« on: January 22, 2011, 02:58:06 am »
Hi - I'm new to raw meat, been trying it now for 20 days. But i don't feel new to the forum, as I have been literally 'devouring' all the different forums here for as much info as I can get and feel I actually know some of you quite well already!! A great forum ,and I have learnt HUGE amounts the last few days - a bit of overwhelm I think.

Anyway, some history...started experimenting with vegetarianism 30 years ago - mostly because I believed it would lead to even better health than I already had. Had a few years in twenties when I reverted back to eating some cooked meat (living in non-veg residence halls at Uni), but then switched back to vegetarian, to macrobiotic vegan, to raw vegan, to the 811-almost-fruitarian diet about 5 years ago. But could never actually sustain the high fruit diet for any length of time without eventually succumbing to cravings for cooked carb. Partly becuase I couldn't cope with the huge volumes of food I was trying to eat to feel satiated, so probably wasn't eating enough. And I feel it made me mentally a bit hyper, ungrounded. No particular health issues from it, but convinced that it DIDN'T actually feel like a natural way of eating to me, stuffing myself so full all the time. So started doing some deeper research towards end of last year into Natural Hygiene, long-term non-benefits of veganism/fruitarianism, conflicting issues over health benefits or not of meat/cholesterol/saturated fats etc etc. I knew about Instincto eating and decided to learn a bit more about that...came across a pic of some kids eating raw beef bones and suddenly my body was telling me EXACTLY what it was I wanted. Amazing!!
Also found Raw Paleo Forum in the process and started devouring info from here.....highly entertaining! Also entertaining switching between here and 30BAD!

Well, 20 days ago tried some raw egg yolk just to see how my system coped with raw animal - no probs, in fact just wanted more! So progressed onto raw beef (luckily I can get grassfed beef (and lamb) that's not fed routine antibiotics/hormones. Raw beef felt like heaven to my body. Only had 100g after a salad, but knew I definitely needed more than that. Have progressed from 200g every second day to now having it every day as that is what my body is telling me.
Still have lots of 'issues' to deal with - spiritual-ethical-environmental side of it....I am a yoga teacher and  have 'preached' ahimsa/non-violence for many years, so  finding that a bit of a conflict. But the weird thing is that even tho it's only been a few weeks now, I actually feel more connected to nature, more grounded, having deeper meditations and sleeping better eating this way. And I suddenly am more aware of the whole mystery of life in which LIFE gives itself in order to sustain other LIFE on all levels. and I can give thanks for that every time I eat.

Still have to figure out a way of eating that works - right now, fruit and greens mid-morning after my own yoga practice or teaching still feels good, then salad and meat late afternoon. Seems to digest easily enough before teaching. But every day discovering new things and making new changes.

Thanks for all the help and info on this forum guys!


Personals / South Africans?
« on: January 13, 2011, 08:30:24 pm »
Hi - Any South African paleos on this forum? Especially in the Gauteng / East Rand area. Just wondering where you get your meat.....

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