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General Discussion / Sashimi knife for raw meat?
« on: October 27, 2009, 06:04:08 pm »
I buy a lot of  roasts and slice them into strips or bite-sized pieces.  I've been sharpening my knives fanatically but they don't do a good job, especially when trying to cut thin, long, uniform slices for drying.

It seems to me that a sashimi knife (the kind used by chefs in Japanese restaurants) would be the perfect tool.  Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have a different recommendation?

I'm thinking in particular of getting a Masamoto KS (white steel) 30 cm yanagiba.   They cost almost $400 with shipping but since it will be practically my only kitchen implement, what the hell.  :)

Journals / Rob's journal
« on: September 26, 2009, 12:04:47 am »
I dislike starting a public journal because it implies an obligation to keep going, and for all I know, I'll lose interest tomorrow.

But here goes.

A few days ago I stumbled across this forum and was impressed by the fact that lots of people eat raw meat without getting sick.

Reading about food made me hungry, and eventually I went to the refrigerator and took out a package of Northstar bison that had been defrosting overnight.   Without much thought, I cut off three narrow strips and put them on a plate.

The idea of eating these dense cold red strips didn't seem strange.  They reminded me of tuna sashima.  Raw fish has been one of my favorite foods since I was a small boy, when my father took me to a Japanese restaurant for the first time.   That was nearly a half century ago.

It's odd how certain old memories seem vivid and completely certain.  A half century later, I can still see the simple, elegant interior of the restaurant -- at least it seems as if I can.   I remember the waitresses in their obis and spangled kimonos smiling at me in the way that women do with children.

One of the waitresses put a tray with nigiri sushi before me.   I had never seen it before.  I couldn't believe how good it tasted.  The combination of raw fish, wasabi, soy sauce and (forgive me, I'm being honest) sugary vinegared rice -- it was like nothing I had ever tasted, but fantastically good.  As good as chocolate cake, but utterly unlike chocolate cake!

So here I was two nights ago, a half century later, long past the age when pretty young women dote on me for no particular reason, looking at three narrow strips of bright red buffalo muscle, thinking it looked like sashimi and not put off in the least.

I should mention that I only started eating grass fed meat about two weeks ago.  My first reaction to grass fed beef, when I ate it cooked,  was that it tastes a bit like fish.  Maybe that's my reaction to the higher omega 3 content.

I tasted one of the raw bison strips cautiously.  It tasted quite good.   I liked it.  In fact I liked it very much.   

The meat was very lean, though, and I'm trying to stay in ketosis as much as possible because I gained a bit of abdominal fat over the summer, so I added a few small pieces of grass fed butter to the plate and ate them with the other two strips.  They didn't go well together.

I waited a few hours to see I would get sick, but I felt fine.  Later that night I ate most of the rest of the bison together with some cucumber slices.  For some reason I felt like adding salt, although I rarely do, so I did.  It was a fine meal.

All together I ate about 14 ounces of raw meat on my first day.

Until yesterday it had never occurred to me to eat raw meat.    I've always assumed it could be dangerous.  But yesterday I stumbled across this forum and read for several hours.  Lex's journal made a particularly big impression.

I noticed that there are a lot of people here eating raw meat -- even rotten raw meat -- and very little sickness.

Reading about food made me hungry, so after a while I went to the refrigerator and took out a package of Northstar ground bison which had been defrosting overnight.   I had been planning to cook it.  I sliced off three narrow strips and ate it standing at the counter.   It tasted good.   It tasted like a kind of sashimi.  Really, it tasted quite good.

A couple of hours went by and I didn't get sick, so I ate most of the rest of the package.   In all, I ate about 14 ounces of raw bison yesterday.   I ate half of it plain and the other half sandwiched on thin slices of cucumber with a little salt.  It was a nice meal.

Just now I read some more and decided to try something more adventurous, so I defrosted a package of grass-fed beef liver.  (I started buying this stuff from US Wellness two weeks ago.)

The thing is, I hate beef liver.   I bought this piece as an experiment, expecting to throw it out after I cooked it.

I sliced off a tiny piece and tasted it cautiously.   I tried to taste it as if for the first time.   It wasn't bad.   I ate the second piece.  Really, not bad at all.  But the liver was very cold, just barely defrosted, and that dulls the taste.  For a full experiment a sliced off a fairly large piece and kept it in my mouth till it warmed up and chewed thoroughly.   It really isn't bad.

I've been on a more-or-less paleo diet for about two years, but if I hadn't stumbled across this forum yesterday, I don't know if I would ever have tried raw meat.

Now I have, and I imagine I'll mostly eat it that way for the rest of my life.  It seems obvious to me that it's a good idea to try to eat foods that evolution designed us to eat, and clearly raw foods come closer to that ideal than cooked ones.

I'd like to thank everybody here and especially Lex.

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