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Primal Diet / 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 17, 2011, 06:15:18 pm »
I posted this on a PD forum 3 weeks ago, so I have been doing it now for 7 weeks:

For someone that struggled with Raw Dairy it will come as a big surprise that I have been doing an all Raw Milk (Kefir) diet for this last month, I know I’m nuts! Although I was doing pretty well I noticed after eating any kind of raw flesh or eggs I just became way too acidic (tired, dehydrated, anxious) so I wanted to look at taking a more Alkaline diet.
I came across a book written by Bernarr McFadden (1923) (available as a free download online) called the All Milk Diet. It describes how it was once a cure for all diseases so of course I had to give it a go. I knew to attempt it with Fresh Raw Milk would have been a complete disaster as I just cannot digest it. I need the lactose and Casein to be predigested to the point were its extremely sour. I have been taking plenty of Raw Honey with it and drink a little veggie juice in the morning but thats it.
Now for the effects:
Within just a few hours I noticed a difference, my pulse sped up and I felt more alert.
After 2 days I was much warmer and had lots more energy.
After 1 week I could barely feel the cold, it was like being a child again, great.
After 10 days I started sleep better and I felt ‘sleepy’ at bed time, something I hadn’t experienced in years.
It’s been 1 month and my skin looks great, I’ve practically stopped brushing my teeth (no need to) and I’ve more energy and STAMINA than I’ve had in years. Still got some distance to go but its been a big step.
I’ve put on 5 kgs of lean mass

Now for the detox:
The first week I had intense headaches (I almost quit) but I kept going then they passed.
I also had an increase in inflammation around my joints, this worried me the most but Bernarr explained very eloquintly that this could be the case as there is an increase in blood flow and has since passed, provided I don’t take too much at once.
In my 4th week I entered an intense flu detoxification, felt like I had been hit by a truck. The aches, pains and fatigue passed after a couple of days but the nasal congestion has persisted and I am still coughing up flem which is increased by taking more milk. As you fellow Primal Dieters have much more experience than I do with Raw Dairy could you comment on whether this is indeed futher detox or could it just be mucus created by taking too much Raw Kefir?
Also another interesting point worth discussing is that McFadden and other old timers like Henry Bieler advised taking skimmed milk or milk from a holstein/freisen etc as opposed to milk with a higher fat content from a Jersey/Guernsey (I found another quality source) when on an all milk diet. At first a took this as Fat Phobia but I’ve since discovered that they had a point. Obviously given both sets of animals are Grass Fed, the milk with the higher fat content will be more nutritious but when on an Exclusive Milk Diet consuming large quantities of high fat Raw Milk seems to cause problems, its very congestive and creates acidity which then requires additional Water or Veggie Juice. The Skimmed Raw Milk on the other hand is very hydrating means you don’t have to resort to other fluids, or very little of them. I think finding a balance will be the key, perhaps drink the skimmed Raw Milk when thirsty and the Jersey Raw Milk when hungry.
Look forward to getting some feedback on this one.


Primal Diet / List of A1 and A2 Milk
« on: August 14, 2011, 04:18:39 pm »
Hi Guys,

Can anyone give me a definitive list of A1 and A2 milk from cows.  I have found a local source of Organic Raw Milk but half their cows are Holstein (which I know is definitely A1 and bad shit) but the other half is Semmintal (?). After some sweet talk they're actually gonna milk a Semmintal first when ever I require it but I am wondering if it is just as bad?
Is it just Jersey and Guernsey that are A1 or are there more? Semmintal?



General Discussion / Is this Chaga? (In Northern Ireland)
« on: August 03, 2011, 11:40:35 pm »
Hi Guys,

I have been doing a little research on Medicinal Mushrooms and whether or not they grow where I live (Northern Ireland).
The most likely I thought is Chaga although there doesn't seem to be any eveidence that it grows in Britain or Ireland.
So I decided to go have a look.  After a short walk in a local forest where there are a lot of Birch Trees (Chaga grows on dying Birch Trees) I appear to have hit the Jackpot:

Can anyone with more knowledge or expertise than me confirm if this is indeed Chaga? Are ther any lookalikes that are poisonous? Would appreciate some input.

Many thanks


Primal Diet / Raw Butter by post in Uk or Ireland?
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:41:40 am »

My supply of Jersey Milk dried up some time ago so I've been unable to make any raw butter and I'd really like some.  Red123's raw butter is unavailable, can anyone help me source some in UK or Ireland?



Hot Topics / Vitalis on Raw Vegan Diet
« on: January 21, 2011, 10:17:10 pm »
Apologies if you've all seen this (I don't be on that often).  Awesome interview with Daniel Vitalis on the Raw Vegan Diet.  Personnally I think he's took cooking a little too far (with animal products) but I have been heavily influenced by him with regard to combining raw animal products with cooked plant and fungi.  If you know any sick vegans forward them this video.

Primal Diet / Raw Meat Family Video
« on: September 17, 2010, 07:51:59 pm »
Came across this video, maybe you guys have already seen it.  Thought I'd post it just in case.

This family then went on Wife Swap USA, there are a few funny videos of that on the net also.

While I lived in Australia I read this article but then forgot about it till recently, pretty cool and I wonder is he on the forum?

Primal Diet / Raw Unheated British or Irish Honey?
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:17:33 am »
I have been eating some local raw honey/honey comb and am feeling great (no sugar spike or candida flare up), it is also helping me digest my meat/fat so I am starting to put on some weight at last.  This is unlike the raw honey I had in Australia which caused major problems.
However the local bee keepers have very little honey left so I am wondering does anyone know of a true source of British or Irish raw unheated honey? 
Tyler I know you are pretty clued in when it comes to sourcing food can you help?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Foraging in The UK/Ireland
« on: August 24, 2010, 09:01:40 pm »
Two of my favourite TV programs are River Cottage (Channel 4/More 4) and Ray Mears (Dave).  These guys have really inspired me to go out and look for wild food.  This year I have picked seaweeds, nettle, dandelion, raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberriy and now rosehip.  Find it really satisfying finding food in a hedge.  I also bought the River Cotteg Hedge Row Handbook which is a good guide.  Have any of you guys been out foraging this summer and what have you found?

Hope to have a gun licence for next summer and hunt wild game, who knows some day I could be self sufficent.

Health / Soil Based Organisms to restore Digestion and Health
« on: March 24, 2010, 10:52:43 pm »
Has anyone had any joy using SBO's.  I have been reading about Jordans Rubin's incredible recovery from life threatening crohns disease using SBO's , so have started eating soil from a local pristine forest near where I live in the hope that I to can regain my health.
Would be keen to hear if anyone has had any experience using SBO's or has any pointers for me.


Health / Need help obtaining Raw Adrenals/Thyroid
« on: March 22, 2010, 10:57:08 pm »
Hi,  if possible could someone post pictures of raw adrenals when they are attached to the kidneys (bovine).  My butcher should be able to get them back from the abatoire but they will have no idea what to look for so I figure if I can provide them with a picture and instructions I should be able to get sorted.  Also if anyone can do the same for raw thyroid I would appreciate it.

Alternatively if anyone in the Uk/Ireland knows of a source of raw adrenal/thyroid that would post that would also be just as good.

I'm hoping to overcome this chronic fatigue and get my life back for the upcoming summer.



Health / Candida / Leaky gut / CFS / Electrosensitivity
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:02:11 am »
Hi, I'm a newbie to the site from Northern Ireland.  The thread below is from Allexperts where I got some excellent advice from the RPG, however he suggested I post it here also to let you lot give me some pointers in regaining my health.  I am open to all suggestions so please chime in.

Expert:  RawPalaeoGuy
Subject:  Candida / Leaky gut / CFS / ME
Question:    QUESTION: Hi RPG,

I suffer from the above plus multiple chemical sensitivity and extreme sensitivity to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields).  Six months ago I was down to 8 1/2 stone and felt I was going to die then someone told me about the Primal Diet, after just 2 days it was like wakingfrom a coma! I had strength and clarity for the first time in about two years and gained a stone in 3 monhs.  This continues for about two months then symptoms gradually returned and I am very tired again although nowhere near as bad as I was.  I had to give up raw dairy (I eat a little raw butter), raw honey, raw egg whites and minimize fruit as they all exasberrated my condition.  My diet at the momemt is basically:

Green veggie juice
Raw Meat (beef, venison, lamb, pheasant, turkey_
Raw fish (Mackeral, hering, salmon, prawns, scallops, sardines)
Raw egg yokes
Cold pressed Olive oil
Raw Butter
Avocadoes (minimal as it causes fatigue)
Cocnut Cream (minimal as it causes fatigue)

I know the return of symptoms could be detox and the body repairing it self but I'm not sure.  I struggle with constipation but regularly eat lots of high meat which helps sometimes.  Like Aajonus suggests I drink very little water as it doesn't seem to satisfy my thirst but even with the veggie juice I get extremely dehydrated especially during the night and in the morning.  I do agress with aajonus on the 'no-fibre' thing as I do much better without it, however I fear even the small amount of Carbs in the green veggie juice feeds the Candida so I'm unsure how to proceed.  While I live in Australia I drank the water of young green cocnuts which really hydrated me but having returned home (Northern Ireland I do not have access to these.  I would like to go zero carb as I feel best when eating raw meat but the thirst makes it impossible.
I am planning to purchase human hookworms and whipworms in he new year as I've they are having astonishing effects on people with ME like conditions, and this is without a proper diet like mine so their is hope.

Anyway I would like to hear you feedback and suggestions.

Other info:
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Weight: 10 st
Blood Type: O  (I do believe there's something to this)

Many Thanks


ANSWER: OK, you appear to have had some of the issues I faced pre-rawpalaeodiet. Getting rid of most raw  dairy products was a very good idea as it's notorious re causing CFS issues. But, you really need to get rid of the raw butter as well. I've heard many rawists claim that they did OK on raw butter but not on other raw dairy, but, in the end, they invariably admitted, that in the long-term their health suffered on it. Sure, raw butter contains much less lactose and less casein, but people forget that they can develop minor inflammation and other issues from even tiny amounts - while things may seem OK in the short-term, a food-intolerance to a food, even if it is very mild indeed, can disrupt the body's attempts at healing itself, thus slowing healing down considerably, perhaps to zero.In short, I would only ever recommend raw dairy if that person was fine on ALL types of raw dairy, not just raw butter.

Next issue:- Other than raw dairy, the next biggest problem Primal Dieters face is the raw veggie-juice. Numerous people have complained over the years that they would develop health-problems such as nutritional deficiencies if they drank more than a big glass of raw veggie-juice a day. So, AV's standard recommendation of 25% of the diet consisting of raw veggie-juice is a bad idea. You see, raw veg contains antinutrients - these, unlike grains, are not a problem as they are only in trace amounts in solid, raw veg - but when you juice the veg, you not only make the nutrients in the veg more bioavailable but the antinutrients as well - plus,  few rawists enjoy eating raw solid veg much, given taste issues, so they simply can never eat the vast amounts of solid, raw veggies that they would ingest via using a juicer. Now, some people claim they do fine on raw veggie-juice as long as they don't overdo the 1 glass a day practice, but, given your current health-problems and the fact that so many RVAFers have issues with it, I'd remove it from the diet to see what happens.

Re coconut cream:- I never indulged in the Primal Diet practice of eating raw coconut cream as it was so time-consuming. A recent thread on rawpaleoforum on the subject suggested that many people get serious digestive issues if they ate more than a certain amount. My own view is that it's always a bad idea to indulge in foods that have been processed, even if the food is raw(the only exception I can think of is "high-meat", but "high-meat" isn't really refined/processed as such, it's just food that's been left to age).So, my view is, ditch the coconut cream and the cold-pressed olive-oil. You're far better off consuming raw animal fats such as suet, marrow, tongue, fatty muscle-meats like raw mutton . I personally find raw marrow more suitable for me, but others swear by raw suet. Try all of these and see what works for you. Since avocadoes affect you in some way, remove them for now.

 Yes, "high-meat" often is useful re easing digestion. As for Aajonus and his recommendation to avoid water, I find that a bit dubious, myself. I mean, distilled water does indeed leach off nutrients and is to be avoided, but normal water, and mineral-water doesn't leach off nutrients to the extent Aajonus claims. 1 thought:- I've heard that putting a little salt into one's mineral-water helps retain the water in one's body.

That said, I do think the extensive thirst symptoms are a sign of something else. I don't know much re the candida issue, there are people far more experienced with this subject on the rawpaleoforum website. I gather that raw zero-carb works a treat but the transition involves issues(perhaps you could do raw VLC instead?). You would be best placed to post on rawpaleoforum about this. I also believe there are various products such as tea-tree oil(?) which are routinely recommended for candida, but you'll have to check with the ex-Candida sufferers on that board.

Re type O:- Well, multiple anecdotal evidence on rawpaleoforum and the rawpaleodiet yahoo group all indicate the opposite, IMO. We've had type Bs do very badly on any grains/dairy and so on. Besides, D'Adamo has completely changed round his diet, nowadays, and recommends in his new book something quite different now, all because of the frequent criticisms of his previous dietary theories.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Many thanks for this great info.  Will definately implement these suggestions and see how I go.

Its encouraging to know you recovered from similar issues I have.  Did this include chemical and EMF sensitivity?  Where can I read about your health issues and recovery in more detail?

Also I eat raw organic mushrooms (Portabello), what is your experince with mushrooms on the RPD?



Answer:  No, I never experienced electromagnetic radiation sensitivity, though I think I had some nasty reactions to certain chemicals over the years(for example, as a child, I would routinely feel violently ill after travelling in one of the school vans presumably because of various chemicals that were in the seats), and there were a few other times I had some chemical sensitivity, can't recall them offhand right now. I have occasionally come across a few RPDers who had gotten EMF sensitivity on SAD diets, prior to going rawpalaeo. I'm not sure if/how they cured themselves of it, as the topic is so rarely mentioned on RVAF diet forums.You'll have to ask questions on those websites.

Re mushrooms:- My experience on RPD diets was that I became more sensitive to the antinutrients found in mushrooms and nuts(I developed minor stomach-aches if I overindulged them). I did a trick where I would soak nuts for 24 hours before eating them but that only solved the problem a little. There were a few mushroom species and nuts that I didn't ahve issues with, but generally speaking, I avoid them now - besides, they're not really ideal nutrition, from my POV.

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