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RIP Aajonus, a champion for food freedom and in my opinion one of the greatest nutritional scientists ever to have lived.  Your legacy will never die.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: May 28, 2012, 10:21:05 pm »
How are you feeling on the all that milk now Brady?

Hi Dorothy,

I incorporated solid food back into my diet at Xmas; it’s now mainly Raw Fish, Raw Butter, Raw Milk, Raw Honey, Raw Eggs Fruit, a little juicing (I would like to do more).  I have also played around with some cooked starches (sweet potato, parsnip), to aid sleep.  The Raw Milk did see a considerable improvement in sleep quality as did other lifestyle changes I made.  I am still working on these (as you know) and will post in due course with my success.

Raw milk is easily the most essential part of my diet, without it I'm anxious, acidic and dehydrated. 

I am actually gearing up for a second go at The All Milk Diet,  an excess of fruit, Raw Eggs (whole) and the cooked starches, although yummy and fun, have left my gut a little out of balance.  I'm not as sharp as I was coming of the AMD so I'm going to do it again, then limit my fruit and probably eliminate eggs and starches altogether.  I just takes quite a bit of organisation ensuring I have a large enough supply to keep me going and the equipment to skim it, plus I will really miss my Mackeral and Honey!

One other thing I’d like to mention is about High Meat.  Despite everything I had read on it and the reports from people (many on this forum) I never experienced any of the feelings of elation that it gives.  Nor did it help with constipation.  This despite eating copious amounts (read my early posts).  Well around 3 weeks ago I ate around 3 tbs of ground lamb ages around 9 months and within hours I was in bliss; I can only compare it to taking Cocaine (something I haven’t done in a very long time) except without the paranoia.  I enjoyed it so much I have 4 jars brewing in the shed, and the warm weather is really moving it along!
I now understand why I got no benefit.  I was so imbalanced biochemically that the bacteria rich meat had no effect.  My body was so acidic it was too busy trying to find homeostasis to notice any benefit.  That’s were the raw milk came in, the alkaline minerals and cream was just what my body needed to regain some balance.  I’m still a little acidic, that’s why I would like to Juice more, it’s just the process of it is tedious.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:18:01 pm »

    I've seen people who could digest nothing else, subsist on raw pastured eggs.

    Brady, are you drinking milk now?

Yeah I drink about 1.5 - 2 L per day.

I would not recommend an all egg diet to anyone, need some carbs and alkaline minerals.

General Discussion / Re: Bruce Lee
« on: March 29, 2012, 04:10:27 am »
Was very into raw meats and eggs. No wonder he was so skilled.

This is awesome, I'm fascinated by Bruce Lee.  I have DVDs showing archive foootage of him training and I'm also reading a book put together giving his Philosophy; its called Striking Thoughts.

I just assumed he ate typical Chinese diet, now I love him even more!

Thanks for posting this.

Well done Zeno, fortune favours the brave!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: What's the Beef with Raw Dairy?
« on: January 29, 2012, 09:32:03 pm »
Know when to use raw dairy.

I am incompatible with raw dairy. I experimented many times. I just can't digest it without my body resorting to intense gas formation.

My 10 year old son benefited with a short stint on raw dairy for a few weeks to help heal his intestines.  After that he just went downhill with constipation and mucus formation.  End of dairy.  But his intestines and pooping to color brown normal were helped.

I agree most people have no idea how to use dairy, thats why reading such material from Bernarr McFadden and Dr Charles Porter is vital before embarking on Raw Milk.

I had severe mucus for 3 weeks, coming out my eyes, nose and throat, aches and pains, at one point the pain from coughing was so bad I though my lungs were going to come up through my throat.  But it all cleared and my airways have been clearer than at any time in my life since (approximately 4 months ago)  I can only imagine the amount of Mercury and other toxicity I got rid of during that period.  Detox isn't pretty but No pain No gain.

Raw milk is definately best done alone although since going back on some solid food (Raw Fish, a little fruit and cooked veggies) I have discovered I can drink Raw milk from breakfast throughout the day and then have solid food in the evening, just try not to mix the two.

Its been my experience that Raw Milk is without doubt the most detoxifying substance known to man.

General Discussion / Re: Red Palm Oil ?
« on: October 25, 2011, 03:53:43 am »
Does anybody here use red palm oil as a regular source of fat?

I get really good results with fresh coconut milk. After reading Bruce Fife's book on RPO I tried it two or three times but didn't feel well. Bruce Fife seems to believe that red palm oil is as good as coconut fat. One thing that makes me skeptical is the very bad w6/w3 ratio.


I have experimented with it in the past, it certainly feels very nourishing when you eat it, much more so then coconut oil but like all oils I believe they should be used in very small amounts.  Best to stick primarily some kind of animal fat.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 25, 2011, 12:33:56 am »
Yes, you're not the only because I'm also not big on the theory and have written skeptically of it both in this forum (such as here and at the Paleofood forum (though I also don't eliminate the possibility that there might be something to it), so there's no need for chemistry debate on that, I'm just trying to understand what you're talking about. Surely you can understand that your dramatic change in take on honey is bound to inspire some questions? Since this thread appears to be dedicated to the benefits of raw milk, I'll take my honey questions to your honey thread.

Yeah I understand your point about honey and I'm still trying to work it out myself.  There's no doubt Raw Honey saved my life as evident from the photos however it definately does seem to create acidity.  I think it acts more like a crutch for a broken digestive system as it is so rich in enzymes but I feel that true health should not require a crutch, especially for a vital process like digestion.  Unfortunately I am not quite there yet as I am finding that I can not give it up totally, however my daily intake is a fraction of what it was, its now 100g max as opposed to 350g.

Would be interesting to see how your experiaments with lemon and vinegar go, hope you have the stomach for it mate!

Health / Re: Child Eczema - I need all your HELP !!!
« on: October 24, 2011, 03:00:56 am »
I haven't read through the whole thread yet so forgive me if I am covering old territory.

I got oregano oil in capsules. Giving this now. Wiping under feet.

I also got olive leaf extract in capsules. Still evaluating safety and clearing with doc.

Will try to get GSE tomorrow.

I have to be honest this approach seems almost allopathic, clearly the eczema is a symtom of an internal problem.  My nephew (7months) also has eczema but it is very mild and at times very noticeable.  His diet is limited to his Mothers Milk, Raw Meat, Raw Butter and Raw Kefir.  He was born by C Section which I believe to be the problem as he missed out on picking up all that bacteria on the way out.  We also give him Kefir and some high meat (aged 2-3 weeks) as we are focusing on building up his intestinal bacteria.

Can I ask: was your son born by C section?  Would he be up for some Kefir or high meat as 'medicine'.

I will post some photos and perhaps together with help from the rest of the great folks on the forum we will get both these kids sorted!

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 23, 2011, 06:18:37 pm »

I also strongly advise you to avoid zero-carb diets as I found them devastating, they destroyed my glandular system.

I definitely agree with this point, Zero Carb almost killed me.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 22, 2011, 05:41:19 pm »
Hi guys,

I just stumbled upon this thread and thought I put in my 2 cents, speaking from my own experience with a raw (almost) all milk diet.
I was born premature and never had mothers milk. I also never had raw milk of any kind. I grew up on Ersatz milk.
Anyways, at the age of 38 I found a raw goats milk farmer that would milk it by hand and give me however much I want to fill my nutritional needs. 
At first I couldn't get enough of this stuff. When I didn't have any or ran short I started to panic, crying, whining and bitching at everyone around me. Raw milk seemed to finally fill that nutritional hole I've been trying to fill with Dark Chocolate, Nut Butters and Raw Honey. Nothing worked but the RAW milk finally did it. ALL cravings for everything else vanished. If I had a carb craving for pie or ice cream, I got myself a cup of raw milk and the cravings and headaches were gone!
I drank 2-3 gallons of whole raw goats milk per week for 1.5 years straight without a break.
I lost 20 lbs because I switched to paleo at the same time, BUT, the flab on my midsection never really got any thinner. Many, many good things happened while drinking raw milk, stronger nails and hair, clean skin, strong teeth...but I can't say 100% that all this is from the raw milk because remember, I switched to Paleo at the same time, so it might've just been the new 'diet'. I also consumed bone marrows, organ meats and bone broths.

1 year and 6 months have passed and I have to say I'm getting slightly sick of milk. I think I had my fill and whatever nutritional hole that was to be filled, is full.
I am currently for the first time of my entire life weaning myself off milk in main reason is 1. I'd like to get my body fat % down and 2. I don't want to worry about the calcium/magnesium ratio anymore.

I have cut down from 2-3 gallons of raw milk to 1/2 a gallon of raw milk over the last 2 weeks and here is what I've observed :
My clouded mental state that I used to get after drinking (this raw) milk is gone. I have no longer the feeling of wanting to take a nap after drinking this milk. It used to make me calm when being slightly angry or having anxiety over something...I don't need to be medicated with milk anymore to deal with stress. The fact that I don't feel tired and exhausted or lazy, sluggish all the time drinking raw milk has given me a boost of energy or motivation to get up and do things. I've noticed I have slightly less mood swings, I am the same character with the same mood every day and it takes a lot to get me angry. No more emotional ups and downs.
I no longer suffer from a constant bloated gut that looked like someone blew up a balloon in me. And the biggest improvement was I no longer have a horrible BAD sewer breath after drinking all this milk. My breath seems fresher and the stinky sock breath is gone. Also, my underarm sweat smells much, much cleaner. My body odour has improved a LOT since going paleo/primal but since cutting down to 1/2 a gal. of raw milk per week it's gone down even more. No more bad smell coming from my arm pits at ALL, even when sweating.

I am kind of convinced that there is something other than lactose that I am allergic to. I am not lactose intolerant, I had a test done...but something else might be going on.
After suffering 30 years from digestive problems, hard stools, constipation, cramps and severe outdoor allergies I didn't notice any of the things raw milk might do because ALL my other health problems vanished switching to primal/paleo.

Raw milk has many nutrients that are highly beneficial to us, but I gotta say there is something else going on. After all this time drinking large amounts of raw milk to fill some hole that wasn't filled after birth I am now kind of convinced that mother nature shuts off the milk cravings after about 1.5 - 2 years automatically.
I feel like a baby that finally had its mothers milk and is turning 1.6 years old and is ready for solid food. I now crave tons of fish (inland fish) and steak tartar warmed up in butter and perhaps a raw egg yolk. These would probably be the first foods a baby would eat being weaned off its mothers milk because those foods are soft.
No craving whatsoever for green things. Only soft berries like raspberries every other day or so.

As soon as the goats dry up for the winter I will cut the last remaining bit of raw milk I consume for good and go completely dairy free over fall/winter to observe the effects.

Good Luck everyone

Fascinating Waldpfad, I suspect your theory could be correct in that you just needed to fill the void. I to never got my mothers milk either (suffered bad colic) so I will certainly leave myself open to the same possiblity and if need be come off Raw Milk as you are doing.  Please keep us posted.

Health / Re: Child Eczema - I need all your HELP !!!
« on: October 22, 2011, 12:55:44 am »
Many thanks for starting this thread GS, my nephew (7 months) is also struggling with eczema. We are playing with his diet, if I have any success I will be sure to report it.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 21, 2011, 05:30:32 pm »
Not to hijack this thread, but I've been on a mostly-milk diet for more than a year now.  In the first 6 to 9 months, it was even more "mostly".  The last month or two has been less.

My mostly-milk diet consisted of drinking a half-gallon of whole raw milk from Organic Pastures Dairy.  I might have a non-milk meal of some sort at home in the evening, but it was very small.  I started as a 165-170lb adult; the milk only provided 1250 kcal/day, so I was also essentially dieting, but that was not the intent.  A year+ later, I'm at 154.  I was going to drink a gallon a day and try to live on nothing but that, but it was hard to push it all down.  I'd also develop "cravings" to chew something, didn't matter what; adding raw eggs to the diet did not satisfy the need to chew.  Sometimes I'd add extra cream (from OPD), or have a banana+milk+cream shake, but the bananas+milk can be constipating.

These days I still drink a half-gallon a day, on average, but have additional food for breakfast and/or dinner, not strictly raw.

Typically I consume the milk after letting it warm up from the fridge for several hours, and I never put it back in the fridge, but I can handle the milk cold, too.  I am unable to drink pasteurized or otherwise cooked milk.

I could talk about this at length, for those interested.  I experienced many healthy changes.

Hi-jack away my friend! Great to hear your input.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 21, 2011, 05:28:31 pm »
By acidic, do you mean acidifying foods that produce acidic ash after you digest them or foods that are acidic in your mouth and stomach when you ingest them (in other words, they have a low pH)? These are two entirely different and unrelated factors. As a matter of fact, acidic foods like raw honey tend to be alkaline, not acidifying and indeed raw honey is alkaline (ie, it produces alkaline ash):

"An alkaline-forming food, this type of honey contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits, which become alkaline in the digestive system." (see also the chart at,

"unprocessed raw honey has been classfified as an alkaline-forming food. (Processed honey is only little acidifying"

Some believe that the sugar in honey offsets the alkaline ash, producing a net acidifying effect, but even if true, I'll bet that is offset by fermentation: "Honey and raw sugars produce alkaline ash, but because of a high concentrate of sugar become acid-formers"

I don't know if this is related to your dehydration problem on your pound-of-honey-a-day diet you reported or not, but I found that unfermented raw honey dries my skin, whereas fermented raw honey clears up any dry skin on my face and reduces scalp flakes for me.

I believe (and I'm not the only one) that the theory that Acidic Foods with an 'alkaline ash' like Citrus actually make the body alkaline is a falacy.  Rather than get caught up in a chemistry debate I'll put this to you, drink the Juice from a whole squeezed Lemon of a bottle of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and see how alkaline you get?  You will be extremely acidic and not feeling too well I'd imagine. 

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 20, 2011, 06:36:21 pm »
Don't forget the Celts, Turks, Evenks and Maasai. However, those traditional peoples had some practices that modern dairy eaters don't tend to follow. Their cattle sometimes included different species than bovines (for example, the reindeer of the Evenks), and even when they were bovines they were older breeds than what are common today and were pastured, with no antibiotics or hormones, they ate their dairy mostly raw, low-cooked or dried, they fermented/cultured/aged much of it, and long ago they apparently tended to mix raw blood with the raw milk and then fermented the mixture. Yes, I came across a report that even the ancient Celts mixed in the blood, like the Maasai still do today.
Hmmm, night sweats are usually not regarded as a good sign, though they could be harmless and not sweating at all can also be a symptom of something. Is it regarded as a sign of a detox of some sort? Was the room really hot?

I had unusually low sweating in my youth myself, and also had other health problems, then in my 30s my feet started to get increasingly warm and sweaty, so that it was unpleasant to wear socks or shoes for very long, and I started gradually getting more common mild lower extremity edema. Since going Paleo, I get less of the feet sweat and other issues and seem to get more of the more-normal chest and scalp sweat.

Do you think you were getting any bad effects from the honey, or did you just decide that you wanted to try the Bernarr McFadden diet? You had looked rather good while eating plenty of honey, but I know that appearances can be deceiving, of course.

I'm pretty sure the sweating was my Adrenals starting up again as I felt so much better and more alert, libido also increased.  And sure it will be detoxing as well, when you don't sweat in 3 years your body accumulates a lot of poison.

No obvoious problems with the honey apart from the expense and now that I've stopped I realise that it was contributing to the over acidity I described.  Raw Honey is a strange thing, its obviously does aid in the digestion of animal foods given the fact it brought me back from the dead but it does seem to contribute to some health issues at the same time, I'll maybe play with it a little more.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:49:00 pm »
The question still stands, will you wean yourself of milk and introduce "adult" foods such as meat or simply continue with this all milk diet?

I'm going to continue for another while, perhaps to xmas.  Then see how I'm doing and what my body is craving, if need be I will reintroduce "Adult Foods".  At the moment I have no desire to eat Raw Meat or Eggs so just going to listen to what my body says.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:09:51 pm »
I should also mention after 3 years of near complete absence I have started to sweat again, a few nights I woke up drenched. This has excited me the most as I clearly remember with dread the day I stopped sweating, this was when my health really crashed. 

Mc Fadden and Porter both clearly mention this in their books that this is one of the key responses to the Milk Diet.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:05:48 pm »
Paleo-Phil's point and Bernarr's statement suggests that you are slightly meandering from a strictly milk diet:

It must be distinctly understood that with the exceptions mentioned here and to be further mentioned in Chapter IV, no other food than milk is to be taken while you are on the “diet.” I mention this for the reason that many have told me they have taken the milk diet without results, and upon inquiry I usually find they have taken three regular meals with whatever milk they were able to drink at and between meals, and have imagined they were on the milk diet. Such a procedure is not “dieting” but “stuffing.”

Anyway, do you intend to continue this diet or include other foods such as meat gradually?

True but I believe they said the use of various items like fruit and honey could be included for a specific function eg to keep the bowels moving.
Anyway I just take a little celery juice and raw honey first thing in morning and the rest is milk, and I am weaning my way of these also.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:02:05 pm »
Brady, I was just about to thank you for reporting your good results from raw honey after getting my own gradually increasing benefits from raw fermented honey when I read this thread title and was concerned that maybe you were getting bad results from it and had abandoned it, but apparently not? Don't mean to quibble, but if you're still eating plenty of honey as well as a little veggie juice, maybe it would be clearer what you're doing (and give me fewer heart attacks  ;) ), if you called it an all raw milk, honey & veggie juice diet or a raw Primal diet?

Fair point sorry mate!  Yeah I am weaning my way off Honey and Veggie Juice (i do very little) and on to all Milk, will keep you posted.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 19, 2011, 07:59:54 pm »
Or most probably it's because your body became accustomed and stopped to react to poisoning, just like it happens  for every noxious stuff if you consume it regularly for a sufficient long duration. In other words, the immune system, being constantly overwhelmed by an antigen, goes on strike against it because it has invaded every cell all over the body and to destroy all the cells marked with such a recognition antigen would mean destroying the whole body.

With some luck, that may remain ok until you reach a venerable age, but with bad luck some cancerous cells will happen by coincidence to be marked with the same recognition antigen the immune system is "on strike”and thus won’t be destroyed. So the end result of milk consumption may emerge by a cancer 10, 20 or 40 years later, when this forum will no longer be here.  >D

Good luck!

I think perhaps you are getting a little carried away, that sounds more like something Durian Rider would come out with rather than an open minded health advocate. 
Raw Dairy has been used by many Indigenous people world wide who did not get cancer or any other lifestyle related disease. What about the Isolated Swiss WAP studied who did a lot of Raw Milk, Cream, Cheese and Butter? Or the Mongolians who do a lot of Raw Kefir, even till this day?

Milking Horses In Mongolia

I would suggest you read some of the work by Charles Porter MD or Bernarr Mc Fadden.  These guys brought THOUSANDS of people back from the dead in their milk sanitariums or at home.

I recognise that most people on this forum thrive without the addition of Raw Dairy to their diet, and fair play to them.  I am just reporting the experiences I am having and sharing research I have discovered about an All Milk Diet.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 18, 2011, 03:50:19 pm »
    I'm wondering which animals make the lowest fat milk.  I know womens and cows' milk varies in fat by season and what they eat.  I know humans have higher fat than cows to develop our brains, and cows have more calcium for their bones.  I am seeing goat milk has higher fat than cow and human here.  I know various women say their milk is very fatty or creamy certain times depending on diet changes or just thicker than other womens.  I guess I'm really lucky I'm getting jersey milk, cause I make butter, and it looks like it's higher fat than many of the other cow milks.  Maybe that's why some people who have problems with milk can deal with jersey, with a varied diet higher milk fat helps.  With my son who is using milk to heal, the fat is so helpful to him that he puts half the skimmed outside for animals and drinks his milk with double cream.
Read more:

Thanks for this, I think if you are doing 1-2 glasses of Raw Milk per day in addittion to a balanced raw diet then Jersey or a high fat milk is best but I've found that on an exclusive all milk diet the oldtimers were correct, you need to drink skimmed milk.  Drinking large quantities of whole milk caused my metabolism to crash, skimmed milk does the opposite, it stokes the fires all day.

Primal Diet / Re: 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 18, 2011, 03:47:10 pm »
I think the mucus you're experiencing is from...too much milk.  I would cut back, and start adding some seafoods or raw meat, and  a little fruit.

Is the milk grass-fed?

The mucous has completely cleared without reducing milk taken so I suspect it was just detox.

Primal Diet / 7 weeks on an all Raw Milk Diet
« on: October 17, 2011, 06:15:18 pm »
I posted this on a PD forum 3 weeks ago, so I have been doing it now for 7 weeks:

For someone that struggled with Raw Dairy it will come as a big surprise that I have been doing an all Raw Milk (Kefir) diet for this last month, I know I’m nuts! Although I was doing pretty well I noticed after eating any kind of raw flesh or eggs I just became way too acidic (tired, dehydrated, anxious) so I wanted to look at taking a more Alkaline diet.
I came across a book written by Bernarr McFadden (1923) (available as a free download online) called the All Milk Diet. It describes how it was once a cure for all diseases so of course I had to give it a go. I knew to attempt it with Fresh Raw Milk would have been a complete disaster as I just cannot digest it. I need the lactose and Casein to be predigested to the point were its extremely sour. I have been taking plenty of Raw Honey with it and drink a little veggie juice in the morning but thats it.
Now for the effects:
Within just a few hours I noticed a difference, my pulse sped up and I felt more alert.
After 2 days I was much warmer and had lots more energy.
After 1 week I could barely feel the cold, it was like being a child again, great.
After 10 days I started sleep better and I felt ‘sleepy’ at bed time, something I hadn’t experienced in years.
It’s been 1 month and my skin looks great, I’ve practically stopped brushing my teeth (no need to) and I’ve more energy and STAMINA than I’ve had in years. Still got some distance to go but its been a big step.
I’ve put on 5 kgs of lean mass

Now for the detox:
The first week I had intense headaches (I almost quit) but I kept going then they passed.
I also had an increase in inflammation around my joints, this worried me the most but Bernarr explained very eloquintly that this could be the case as there is an increase in blood flow and has since passed, provided I don’t take too much at once.
In my 4th week I entered an intense flu detoxification, felt like I had been hit by a truck. The aches, pains and fatigue passed after a couple of days but the nasal congestion has persisted and I am still coughing up flem which is increased by taking more milk. As you fellow Primal Dieters have much more experience than I do with Raw Dairy could you comment on whether this is indeed futher detox or could it just be mucus created by taking too much Raw Kefir?
Also another interesting point worth discussing is that McFadden and other old timers like Henry Bieler advised taking skimmed milk or milk from a holstein/freisen etc as opposed to milk with a higher fat content from a Jersey/Guernsey (I found another quality source) when on an all milk diet. At first a took this as Fat Phobia but I’ve since discovered that they had a point. Obviously given both sets of animals are Grass Fed, the milk with the higher fat content will be more nutritious but when on an Exclusive Milk Diet consuming large quantities of high fat Raw Milk seems to cause problems, its very congestive and creates acidity which then requires additional Water or Veggie Juice. The Skimmed Raw Milk on the other hand is very hydrating means you don’t have to resort to other fluids, or very little of them. I think finding a balance will be the key, perhaps drink the skimmed Raw Milk when thirsty and the Jersey Raw Milk when hungry.
Look forward to getting some feedback on this one.


Primal Diet / Re: List of A1 and A2 Milk
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:58:11 pm »
There are different rates of A2 for different breeds, but to the best of my knowledge there is no breed that is 100% A2, guernsey I believe is the closest with a current rate of about 90% A2. I have raw milk customers who can digest our guernsey milk but no other raw milk that they've found.

Thanks mate, not sure if anyone near me has Guernsey Cows I'll have to look in to it.

Primal Diet / List of A1 and A2 Milk
« on: August 14, 2011, 04:18:39 pm »
Hi Guys,

Can anyone give me a definitive list of A1 and A2 milk from cows.  I have found a local source of Organic Raw Milk but half their cows are Holstein (which I know is definitely A1 and bad shit) but the other half is Semmintal (?). After some sweet talk they're actually gonna milk a Semmintal first when ever I require it but I am wondering if it is just as bad?
Is it just Jersey and Guernsey that are A1 or are there more? Semmintal?



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