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Hot Topics / Safe Sterilization
« on: November 09, 2009, 03:56:27 pm »
Heeey good folks!
So I've been thinking about something for a while now, but haven't tried it yet.  [except for squeezing lemon onto raw fish..]

First of all I need to make it clear that I don't have a bacteria / parasite paranoia, because I've eaten a lot of raw animal foods without any major serious problems. I understand problems are possible but the most serious I've ever experienced was perhaps an acute bacterial infection, which was not confirmed as being bacterial, and a couple yrs ago a bad parasite overload which I only got from eating a specific food.

Anyway, reason I'm posting today is that I'm wondering if any of you know of , or have innovated methods of sterilizing your raw meat foods. I believe some food is salted to sterilize it but I'm thinking of other methods cause I dont want to eat a lot of salt.

Reason I'd like to try this is because I do get some bad feelings / physical symptoms from eating some raw animal foods and would like to see what would happen if I actually sterilized the food. That way I wouldn't become bacteria-sick but would still get all the nutrients I want from the food.

I know maybe some of you don't agree with the idea of blending because it's not 'paleo' or whatever,  but I've been considering blending a few of my favorite top quality raw animal foods into a mixture, and mixing it with something that would sterilize it. I know lemon juice is anti-bacterial. I'm wondering if you's know of any specific foods or food grade products that I could mix with or soak  raw animal food that either would, generally sterilize it , but more importantly  aim towards specific types of bacteria IE food X has Z bacteria and Y food is proven to kill that bacteria.

Haha maybe I'm going on a wild goose chase here but hopefully something interesting will come up.

Hey ,
alright guys so. I'm wondering WHERE you get or buy your natural food.
I've been having a bit of trouble with this.
Luckily, I recently found a mennonite shop in Whitby [one of my hometowns] that sells grass fed organic beef.

Where are the best places to buy raw animal products of high quality? List them here. Country> City> location [street name if possible].

Hopefully someone on this forum is from Ontario. Right now I'm living in Peterborough Ontario and I have no clue where to buy high quality food. I'm next to a no-frills and a price chopper and don't know any specialty shops around here, in fact I'm not sure they exist.. though there are farms and farmer's market...

General Discussion / SARDINES. Check it baby!
« on: October 24, 2009, 07:28:22 am »

Suuuuper high in amino acids, b12, and I'm especially fond of them for their high omega3 content.

Question: anyone know where to get these raw? I get them in a tin with spring water , but I'm not sure if they're actually raw..

General Discussion / Raw eggs: whites and yolks.
« on: August 01, 2009, 05:51:13 am »
I just wanted to leave a quick comment on here about raw eggs. I've eaten a lot of raw eggs during certain periods. I've also read about egg white protein being barely digestible, as well as the whites containing anti nutrients such as avidin, and more if I'm not mistaken. It's also likely that a lot of people may be allergic to the whites.

I won't say what's right for you but when I've eaten eggs with the whites, my body never gave any sign of digesting them, in fact they would pretty much almost fall out of my bum at any given moment. I also found that the whites kind of made me feel sick.

But then I started eating only the yolks alone, and I find that I feel a lot better doing that. So if you're having problems with raw eggs, maybe the yolks alone will work for you too.

I'd like anyone's opinion , knowledge or experience with whites and yolks.

Journals / Protoject's journal
« on: August 08, 2008, 08:44:54 am »
For a while now I've been out of commission and wasting away on this diet. In the beginning I experienced an increase in strength and I noticed other improvements like with my vision and certain mental variables [depression and other things going away]. One week I just got really sick, I 've been going through fevers for the past weeks as well as a lot of weakness. Bubbles came up in my joints and my bones have been fucked [for example, something happened with my spine and it is making me feel debilitated while a nerve is getting pinched. I thought it was vitamin a toxicity at first but I doubt it and it might be just a part of the catabolism of detox]. There were periods of increased strength. There was also a period where I finally gained weight that I've been trying to gain and it maintained pretty well- between 125 and 130, which I havent been at in years. Right now I'm only 120 and I've been incredibly weak for the past week. I just cant do anything except lay down and sleep. For some reason I kept trying to stay up but I realized that I should give in and sleep because my body needs to recuperate. A problem came up recently, too, where I've been eating junk food (slushies from the convenience store, I've eaten candies at times, and I ate candy-like breakfast foods today).

I'm thinking that what I need to do is to be able to rest and go through the detox period, and find a circumstance where I can do this, because I don't believe my family will accomodate me for much longer. I need to eat the good foods, like steak, bone marrow and liver, and perhaps some fruit and vegetables...  and then, when I feel a detox in process I need to allow myself to rest and sleep, because I cannot do otherwise. I should also not force myself to eat, instead I should do a bit of fasting during periods where my body is accomodating the new raw animal fats/other nutrients and doing a detox.

General Discussion / Transition.
« on: August 06, 2008, 09:44:58 am »
Hello. I am wondering if any of you who have been doing the paleo diet for a long while now would be able to tell me about what you experienced transitioning into the diet, or what kinds of detox symptoms you had to go through. I am just looking for some support cause ive been going through a real rough time and i want to be able to look forward and say "it's worth it to get better". .. to be able to relate to what other people have experienced.. thanks..
**I did read Tyler_durden's experience in the sticky post..**

General Discussion / Fat/Prot Ratio in ONE food
« on: August 05, 2008, 09:02:27 am »
HEY! I came up with a cool question while I was eating some beef shoulder chop. I'm wondering if anybody here knows foods with a great fat and protein ratio, as to make eating more convenient (I'm sure there are other ways but I am looking for this way in particular). I want to be able to eat foods that, as one item will fulfill the needs for fat and protein. I'm not looking for a specific percentage ratio, for myself, but I'm wondering if any of you have any experiences or ideas on this and if you could list the ratio for each food if you have any idea.

I'll post if I find anything.

Health / Vitamin A Toxicity
« on: August 03, 2008, 07:58:24 am »
Hey there. Please check out my video about my experience with calf liver and vitamin a toxicity. I will transcribe it into text eventually.

Welcoming Committee / Hello.
« on: August 02, 2008, 08:46:38 am »
Hello there. My name is Adam. I have been doing dietary experimentation for a couple of years now [also have experience with fasting], and have ended up doing a 'raw paleo' diet. I've been vegetarian as well as fruitarian in the past and I found that these were not effective in terms of health. However, when I started eating the meat and then adding some organ meats, things started to pick up, finally, after years of being nowhere [being in a really shitty state]. Things haven't picked up TOO much; reasons which I'd love to discuss but it may be more appropriate somewhere other than the Welcome forum ;) I've read some posts on here and it's all very interesting. I'll be discussing along with you guys soon :)


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