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Raw Weston Price / 100% grass-fed cheese
« on: June 02, 2011, 04:22:26 am »
I just got a hold of some 100% grass-fed cheese. I ate it and immediately felt better! Before I never had such reaction to cheese. I wonder if I should eat 100% grass-fed cheese more often. Or maybe I got opioid high from dairy, since I've avoided it for a while. Thoughts?

Journals / Sam's Journal
« on: March 02, 2010, 02:08:47 pm »
I would like to sort though a lot of health issues both mental and physical that have being bugging me for some time now. No other diet path worked before, so I am hopping on this journey to arrive at my destination, but don't want to get my hopes up yet. Currently I am not digesting raw meat well and have horrible skin outbreaks. It is either Eczema or Psoriasis or whatever. Basically I have a red, scaly, flake, itchy, patches on my scalp, around my nose and under one of my eyes. Also chapped lips and dry skin. All of this is really frustrating. I never used to have skin disorders nor any zits for that matter. So having this is a disgrace and I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, since it only makes me more depressed. I have had this for a while now, say a couple of years, but it really got worse since on 0 carb these last 2 months. (B.T.W. I don't eat anything but red meat and fat and currently on VLC). At first I though it was cooked meat. So I started eating raw, with horrible digestion. So I though it was grass fed. So I switched to that, but failed again. Then I thought it was light boiling that I did to it so I eat everything raw, despite continuous pains in my belly. And still my condition only progressed to the point where my patches got larger and are now also burning. I want to put an end to this madness starting with this annoying symptom I am experiencing. I am going to record all of my attempts to solve this right here, and then tackle other problems. But first thing first, so let's get right to business.

I love the taste of raw fat but can't stand the taste of cooked fat. Now that I have grassfed fat I am fearless about eating it to feed my malnourished body. After my recovery from yesterday, I went on to have a slice of pure bison fat. I loved it as it was real yummy. I'd say that about 1/10 of the slice was meat. I don't know how much percent of fat that is but I bet it is more than 80/20 ratio Lex is on. I am pretty bad with numbers so if anyone can help out would be nice. I have a scale so that would be the easiest for me to reach the high fat content I want. Say I have a slice of fat and a slice of meat, how much of each I need by weight in order to get 80/20 ratio? Maybe I am just protein poisoned so I want to give this a try to see if it clears things up for me.

General Discussion / Raw fat diet
« on: March 02, 2010, 01:32:19 pm »
Anyone tried it? If so how was it and if not then why not? By raw fat diet I mean eating nothing else but scraps of high quality fat. And by high quality I mean preferably fat from grass fed large animals, and excluding chicken, pig, or fish fat.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Macadamia nuts
« on: March 02, 2010, 10:34:44 am »
Are they paleo? Due to yesterday's slankers raw ground meat consumption, I couldn't' eat anymore meat today. So I went out and got some macadamia nuts instead. After consuming half the bag (about 6 oz) I did not get a sense of fullness - I could of eaten more. I did enjoy them and even sprinkled some Celtic sea salt on top. So I don't know if they're ok on this diet or out. What is it with eating more nuts than I originally intended? I thought that with high fat content of macadamia nuts I would reach satiety sooner, but I was wrong. Once I cracked one there was no stopping me. Or is is their carb content that was so addicting? Any one can relate?

Welcoming Committee / New here but not new to raw lifestyle
« on: March 02, 2010, 03:56:50 am »
Greetings everyone!

I am a male in mid 20's with a lot of interest in uncommon nutrition. I used to think that food didn't matter. That was until my health suffered and I linked food and mood together. I've been on number of diets from raw vegan to raw carnivore. Now I think nutritional approach is vital for good health. This forum seems great to be a part of for the fact that there is no 100 % agreement on what's really healthy to eat. I seem to constantly question and shift my beliefs so it looks like a good match. Also there are a lot of intelligent posters on here that attracted my attention. My recent diet experiment was zero carb, which lasted about 2 months. I was mostly a lurker on ZIOH but also a member on some of yahoo raw groups. On ZIOH I find out about Lex and liked his style and reasoning. So I tracked him down here and read his journal. After that I was scared shitless about stones, so I shifted my zero carb approach to add some carbs back in. Currently I have a lot of digestion issues and allergies I am dealing with, so hopefully some of the veterans would help me out. Other than that I plan on sticking around here for a while.  :)

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