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Health / How to keep PTH (parathyroid hormone) low
« on: October 25, 2016, 05:30:23 am »
Hi everyone,

I posted something here a few years ago when I was very sick, but I'm better for the biggest part now.
There's been useful information here, so thanks for that. The problem I have had with eating lots of meats (with or without fats, doesn't make much difference) is that I got soft tissue calcification, my guess is this happens from higher PTH.
My question is how can you keep the parathyroid hormone low when you're eating a lot of muscle meat (phosphorus) and no dairy (calcium).
As phosphorus stimulates PTH and calcium antagonizes that effect. I know magnesium, vitamin D can lower it too, but in the presence of a lot of phosphorus, calcium seems to be needed. So my question is if anyone has researched this from a rawpaleo point of view, I'm interested in any research. I value your opinions and experiences, but I'm looking specifically for science and studies you have come across.

Sources for my claims:
Phosphate stimulates PTH in human tissue, thus causing soft tissue calcification :1,2 , Albright F, Bauer W, Claflin D, Cockrill JR. Studies in parathyroid physiology. III. The effect of phosphate ingestion in clinical hyperparathyroidism. J Clin Invest 1932;11:411-435
CrossRef | Web of Science | Medline

Broadus AE, Magee JS, Mallette LE, et al. A detailed evaluation of oral phosphate therapy in selected patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1983;56:953-961

Calcium inhibits PTH secretion in specific and non specific cases in human tissues: Euh.. I'm not allowed to post external links ? (R-568 is a calcium mimic, acts like calcium or on the same receptor)

(There's many more studies, but this information is probably not new to anyone who knows some physiology. However I can provide more studies if anyone would like that.)

Health / Not healing, health problems on raw paleo
« on: December 02, 2014, 02:30:35 am »
Hi everyone,

So I have been doing raw paleo for about 3 months now and although I have noticed some health benefits when I began, I now still experience constipation with sometimes alternating diarrhea days, I am never passing properly formed stools. I think I can best explain myself through a post someone else posted here last year.
The post was by Löwerhenz, named 'Massive health problems, Goodbye raw paleo!' in the Hot topics section. Not all symtoms but a lot seem to be similar and I too tend to feel bloated and have GI tract problems on the diet, I also experience nausea. Here's roughly what I eat:

Raw grass fed beef (maybe twice a week)
Fresh wild salmon (2-3 times a week)
Some other seafood like clams and mussels (about once a week)
Sometimes a little butter when I have no other good fat source (eliminating butter causes no changes)
A little fruit and sometimes some raw honey ( about 20-25% carbs, zero carb was a disaster)
Raw eggs (these cause no problems, already tried eleminating, no change, eggs actually seem to help, can't eat only eggs though...)

Unlike Löwerhenz I am willing to discuss what I can change on my diet though. I am certainly open to suggestions as I'm trying to heal, for now I will try some cooked foods like Löwerhenz did since that worked for him and my problems are pretty similar. Oh unlike the other guy though my meats and fish are generally NEVER FROZEN unless 2 times when I ate some frozen grass fed beef but that was a month ago. So what could be the problem ...

Welcoming Committee / Hi, new here
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:49:20 am »
I'm a 20 year old guy from Belguim. I apologise in advance for any grammar or spelling errors as English is not my first language.
Although I'm young I have already gone through some health challenges and different diets. What follows is a summary of my eating history and some questions.

The diets that harmed my health were: Lots of junk foods when we moved from the country ( I was a young healthy boy there on a Weston price-ish diet) to the city. The junk food phase lasted about 3 years and wrecked my health, espicially liver and bowel related. I noticed my health was detoriating and changed my diet back to a more typical 'healthy diet' with lots of grains and cooked meats but also some local fruit and vegetables. As I was young my health improved somwhat again but was still not great. Then I got into weightlifting for about 4 years. The overconsumption of protein did a lot of damage to my liver and overall health. I decided to try different diets to heal myself. First I did a raw vegan kind of thing with still some hard boiled eggs in it... weird I know, it only lasted 4 months as I could not digest all those raw vegetables. Then I went ayurveda style with lots of cooked grains, vegetables and nuts but no animal products. The ayurveda thing lasted about 2 years and I really damaged my body by the exclusion of animal foods but it went so gradually that I always felt like I could go on.I also never properly digested any meal. Also I did some liver flushing while doing the ayurveda diet and that actually really helped mitigate a lot of the negetaive effects from eating all that cooked food, deficiency problems etc. After 2 years I felt really bad: vit B12 deficiency , tiredness simply from taking the stairs, brain fog, social anxiety and anxiousness in general, constipation and digestion issues, fibromyalgia (which I still had from my overtraining/weightlifting times),...

Now I have been expiremting with raw foods and have found raw eggs to really help in cleansing esp. my liver and helps digestion, raw honey (even in bigger amounts, only temporarily of course) has helped my pancreas and blood sugar stability and raw milk (I'm aware of the calc:mag ratio and the hormones) has helped with my weak bones and joints and makes me more stable.

I have some questions though, I can't seem to find a good source of grass fed animal fat/organ meats. All I can find is butter and avocados, would that do ? My parents won't let me eat raw fat from the bone anyway, I don't blame them though, everyone in Belguim eats a cooked diet I'm the one doing those 'crazy things'. I don't really care what everyone eats though, I feel good on raw foods and have no doubts.
I notice liver flushing is not really mentioned a lot here although nearly everyone coming from a SAD/cooked diet has a somewhat compromised liver. Is this because a raw paleo diet heals the liver also? I'm asking because I want to do some high fat, lower carb phase because for now I feel it would really help me regarding blood sugar stability and mood etc. But for a high fat diet one needs a lot of bile and therefore a clean and well working liver.

Well this was a long post, again I apologise for any unclear sentences. After all, you can't expect a nutrient-deficient kid to write a perfect post. lol

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