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Hot Topics / Cooked meat and health
« on: July 30, 2008, 07:35:37 pm »
First, let me say that in the short time I've been reading this site, I've really enjoyed it. Some very knowledgable folks here.

Also, I'll state that I DO think that eating a raw diet is almost certainly the healthiest way of eating we have availible to us; but, being the way I am, I truly doubt that I'd ever "go raw". It's that "dietary socialisation" that the Bear talks about, I suppose  :D

Anyway, my question: how healthy do you all see a carnivorous diet with cooked meat would be? A fellow named Charles at Jimmy Moore's site is following such, and seems to enjoy excellent health, and he makes a good argument that one will still reap much benefit from a non-raw zero carb diet.

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