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Suggestion Box / Problem posting picture
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:22:16 am »
Dear Moderators This isn't for posting please! I couldn't see on the forum where to direct my query. I'm having trouble posting my pic on my profile. The browse box gets the text for the picture but it doesn;t download. Thanks.

Raw Weston Price / forager vs mammoth hunter
« on: May 07, 2010, 12:42:26 am »
I like being a forager. If I post too much do I have to leave the woods? I prefer to watch from afar you hunky boys -d taking down the beast. But I wouldn't mind being a egg stealer, I've always want to take up tree climbing more seriously. ;D Sydney

Raw Weston Price / Introduction new member part2
« on: May 07, 2010, 12:30:33 am »
Back again to finish. I also try to take clay which I think is a great thing. The thing is its recommended to take it away from food so it gets forgotten too often. I am interested in anything anyone has to say about clay. I find it a fascinating subject.
The reason for the regime is to eat regularly. I'm sure for many eating irregularly is beneficial, I'm intrigued by paleo views on the subject. But for me I just am running on empty too much of the time. Maybe its about insulin/motabolism?
I am in good health so for me about maintaining health with optimal nutrition but also to fit my lifestyle as a single person. Sydney ;D

Raw Weston Price / Introduction new member
« on: May 07, 2010, 12:16:30 am »
 ;D Hi everybody! I am single 61f following wap for 1 1/2 yr. I have just been able to access raw milk so able to individualise the diet. The reason I am on this site is that most wap sites are for families and gormands. But I want to simplify my diet like in the paleo mode. I respect and have learned alot from the paleos but am not convinced about some bottom line things. Maybe I'll write more about that later. Don't want to get flamed for my intro -X
I noticed that in alot of tradition diets, the people don't have alot of variety in their diet. I wanna go with that for its anti-consumerist content. How wonderful is it to not have to cruise the aisles? For sure. I find the simple and small amount of cooking I do effortless so am not out, at least in the short-term, to eliminate cooking.
I am a vata type(if you believe such things-not sure I do). EG naturally slender, don't care about eating, can go long periods without eating, hunger doesn't bother me.
Heres the outline of my eating plan. I want to give it a couple months to see how it goes.   
To be eaten  within 1 hour of awakening and prepared the night before (so minimum effort in am when don't feel like eating). Milk shake with 2 raw egg yolks and small amout of berries(like about a dozen). Within a maximum of 3 hours have supplement meal. Evening meal, Either: liver pate, cheese, bought packaged(but I have investigated the bakery)sourdough bread with liberal slashing of butter ,one slice max., seafood (am inland the fish is old yuk) and raw tomato (thank you Mark Sisson's for the tomato) with olive oil. 1 cup raw milk with yolk. Or: meat and veg dish made with bone broth or soup same. Late evening drink of 80% chocolate made with water topped with a couple tblsp x2 cream.
The supplement meal is 1/4 tsp molasses,1tsp cod liver oil, 2 big gulps kefir,1/2tsp high vitamin butter oil and spirillina(which I just leave in the fridge to hydrate so don't have to mix it up daily
I have to end post a I'm not being allowto stay at the bottom of the page.Sydney

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