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My daughter was born with insulin resistance and later developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which we 'cured' with only a low-carb and mostly Paleo diet. After a few years we both underwent enormous amounts of stress and trauma and I got cancer. After just three months of chemo and holistic treatments, I'm in remission and have adopted the Paleo diet that leans more towards high-fat and is primarily ketogenic as well. (Whole9life's version is the most simple, no BS format that I've found!) I've known about Aajonus for many years but never seriously looked into his diet and work until now. I agree that supplements are useless and that the 'true' vitamins and 'superfoods' are raw organ meats from grass-fed pastured or wild animals. What I am specifically wanting to know is if there are instructions and/or care/protocol for a child with these health issues. She, like most American children, is very much 'addicted' to sugar; specifically the sugar in breads and pasta. We are making the radical leap of relocating to Hawaii where I hope to start both my Wellness Coaching practice, lomi lomi massage and selling my artwork locally. Any and all resources, info, etc. is greatly appreciated - would love to hear from parents who have children that have the same problems as my daughter! Many thanks-

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