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Welcoming Committee / Renewing raw
« on: August 25, 2015, 03:54:20 am »
Hello.  I thought I would introduce myself.  I was "Satya" on this forum back when it started, but I got just a wee bit sidetracked on a carnivorous diet eventually.  That "identity" overshadowed the raw component of my diet, and when I started the forum dirtycarnivore (now long gone) devoted to eating high on the hog, after fiddling with ZIOH forum, I was somewhat consumed by all that.  I ended up feeling that such a high proportion of animal foods did not fit me so well after several years, and so I let it all decline.  And I got my life back. 

So I am not new to traditional eating, which does indeed have at least a good portion of foods eaten raw, universally.  And of course, all foods were eaten raw by humans historically.  I do know that I feel best eating a large amount of my foods in the raw and sometimes wriggling state.  I have some bone stocks and some cooked foods at least for now.  I guess in some ways I am starting over by embracing more and more raw foods.  So I know a lot but I am also starting over and have a lot I can learn.

I do believe that restricting plant foods did have bad results for me LONG TERM.  I never totally gave up on plants either.  I had herbs, greens, seaweeds, etc.  But eventually it did not work so well.  I do believe I suffered from mucous deficiency after over 4 years vlc which eventually resulted in some full blown food allergies.  Yes, I always had "issues" with nightshades, but I believe the long term vlc diet resulted in hives which manifested themselves 1.5 years ago.  Still I have allergic reactions to all nightshades now, much worse than ever.  The good news is that I seem to be in pretty good health otherwise, and can tolerate most paleo foods.

I look forward to relearning and learning more and sharing what I can.  I thank GS and Tyler for saving my user name for me and having me back.  ;)  Cheers!

Raw Weston Price / Green Pastures FCLO could be sham
« on: August 24, 2015, 07:47:07 pm »
Hi, it's me.  Been awhile.  I have been off all forums for some time as I have been busy.  I am eating some raw, and have been thinking lately how it always makes me feel best to eat mostly rvaf... and have visited here, but did not get off my intentions to come back until now.  This is important.

A good friend of mine forwarded this apparently damning information about Green Pastures as well as WAPF's apparent desire to suppress the facts in order to not hurt the owner of Green Pastures.  The article is from Dr. Kaayla Daniel, a long time WAPF contributor and (maybe former?) VP of WAPF.  She had independent labs test the oil and found that the oil is not even from cod, and it only gets worse.  I realize that some here would not flinch at eating rotting flesh, so maybe that part of the report won't be such a big deal.  But when a product is advertised as one thing to people...well, people have the right to know what they are buying. 

I guess I cannot post links since I am new.  Go to drkaayladaniel dot com and find the pdf file she has on site.  You may have to give first name and email to get it.  It is an orange image with a fish in a bottle entitled Hook, Line and Stinker!...

I bought 2-3 bottles of this Blue Ice fclo over the years, and I never did get through half of it any one time before throwing it out.  It never sat right with me as it is processed and made me feel burpy and gross for some hours afterwards.  Glad I followed my gut and intuition.  I know some people are force feeding this on their kids, and I know of one person who may have been adversely affected by taking it long term.  Let the buyer beware.

Thanks for having me back and I shall look forward to positive contributions over time.  Peace.

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